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So, I've owned it since it came out, and always play it regularly enough. Today was an awful day on Route One Island. First my cousin and Cilan had fallen in love with Serena and Dawn respectively (Pokemon if you didn't know) and they got rejected. They both tried again, but Cilan just waited on the beach to no avail and my cousin (who's 3 IRL) was informed by Pokey (Earthbound, aka Porky) that Serena was going out with him. Right, a few rejections happened, no big deal? Well I checked up on my aunt's husband and a witch who was the daughter of Luigi and Jessie, and my uncle-in-law said "I want to break up." I hit "think about it!" but the councellor failed, and the two divorced. My first divorce, and I've had TL 18 months. :(

On happier terms, my island has a Quality of Life of 38 with 63 residents. I'm nearing 2,000 problems solved, and have ten-still intact wedded couples. They are as follows: (asterisk denotes incest, beastialty, etc...)

MarioxMum (Causes some weirdness down the line.)

LuigixJessie (Chance is a strange thing.)

WarioxAunt 1 (Why not?)

GrandadxAunt 2* (AGE GAP!)

MexPeach (Sorry Mario.)

DKxGranny* (Monkeys and humans. This game.)

PikachuxMisty* (Semi-happy shippers?)

AshxMay (sorry other followers, but this is how things panned out!)

Uncle-in-lawxWitch (rip)

MaxxIris (she can call a little kid a little kid. xD)

IwataxSamus (no rigging needed. The Direct had its way.)

If anyone else wants to share their info, feel free! Quick fact: Peach is currently most popular. I'm tied for 21st with Bowser and Ash. Jigglypuff is at the bottom.

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