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Tamanoir tries Galaxy Robo : Front Emblem (now featuring Roboliwood)

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So, my last LP ended up boring me, but this one seems fun.

At least it's new and exciting, and I'm nearly sure it was never done before at least here).


Galaxy Robo is a Strategy RPG on Super NIntendo. It was recently translated, and why it may not look like much, it has some interresting maps (from what I saw so far.).

And the scenario is classic, but have some interresting parts, which you'll see at some later point




Our story unfold on a star system called Farleus

on its three inhabited planet

named Rohan, Altomira and Luxia

As time have passed, these words have developped

unique cultures and governments which each attempting

to influence and hold sway over the others


This created a tipping point, and disputes concerning

the overwhelming power of these mysterious mechanical relics

led to armed aggression

Though many perished, the warfare ended

with the creation of machine similar in power

to Ancient Robo Fighters - called "Mobile Soldiers"

However, an undiscovered secret lies

buried within the Ancient Robo Fighter


This game will be played semi-blind. I went up to the 8th Map. EVerything after is a complete mystery.

The game is constituted of chapters, each having 3 Scenario (AKA Map).

So, now, how do you think a large scale conflcit involving multiple planets and ancient secret begins ?

Thats, right : a bandit chapter !

[spoiler=Chapter 1 Scenario 1 : Game Intro]


Each Scenario start with this. Here it's a route mission



With the isolated incident of a sneak attack on his hometown, our story begins.


Zoran : A group of mechanized bandits is raiding our town!


Fatis : After all, we're the only one capable of operating the Mobile Soldiers!

Coming, Dad?


Gasch : Fatis, as of now, I want you to start piloting Freet.

Fatis : B-But... That's your precious Ancient Robo Fighter!

Do you really think I've got what it takes?

Gasch : There's little doubts in my mind that you're ready, son.

Just remember what I've taught you

Fatis : All right, Father... I'll certainly do my best. C'mon, let's get moving!



Frank : Even though our job is done, technically... No matter... Let's blow'em away anyway!



Leia : I WILL have my vengeance for what you did to Claire!

Phew... we can now start.

First, let's take a look at the map. It won't be too long.


As I told you...

Don't worry (or maybe we should worry...), this seems to be an exception.

We'll have lots of large map later.

Now, for a FE player, the color code may be confusing, so let's detail what we have here.
The blue units are the ennemies. The one higher up with a slightly different design is Frank, this chapter Boss.

The Red unit is our Lord, Fatis (or more exactly his Ancient Robo Fighter (shorten ARB from now on)), Freet. I suppose it comes from Ifreet, and have nothing to do with Fleet

Leia is the green... hingy you can vaguely see in the forest.

Gasch and Zohan are at the bottom of the screen.

The battle is separated between Ally and Ennemy phase.

You gain Exp for damaging ennemies and for being damaged.

Units cannnot counterrattack.

Well, let's take a closer look at our units :



The left stats are the Robo(t?)'s, the right one the character's stats.

SHIELD is HP, and the other stats seems pretty obvious.

Freet is amazing. One of the best unit in this chapter. High Movement, and great power.
His only drawback is that it doesn't have any ranged attack.



However, it's fitted with few armaments, so it's combat ability is low.

Leia is the healer. She can Refill units, given them a few SHIELD back, and restoring all ammo for all attack. Refill doesn't give any Exp, so we'll try to makes her earn a few levels in this chapter.

PulseLaser is 1-2 Range



The Early Game Archer equivalent.

Not the best, but far from the worse.

Vulcan is 1-2 Range, and Cannon is 3-4 Range.



It was previously deployed by the Rohan Knight

Punch is 1-Range, and Tackle 1-2 Range.

His attacks will nearly destroy basic Imp, letting your unit get the kill.

He's max level, so it shouldn't be used too much.

And now our ennemies :




I have no idea what the "some models" is referring too, because so far, they're the worst RF (Robo Fighters) I've seen. They're 1-shotted by Fatis and 2-shotted by the others.



He have great stats, but his machine is quite bad.

I'll detail him more during the battle.

Well, this is already quite a lot.

I'll show the 2 first Scenario a little later.

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OK, let's start playing :

[spoiler=Chapter 1 Scenario 1 : ThePunk Bandits and the Cowardly Bastard]


The map, in case you forgot.
Pretty straightforward.


We're outnumbered, so Fatis will remedy to this.


Nearly every unit have something to say before attacking.

It's a nice little attention.


It's quite hard to capture the animations, but the sword makes a red arc while attacking the ennemy.

Btw, I have no idea how the calculations works here.

There sems to be some kind of damage variation by 1-2 point. (Here it's not important because Fatis one-shot the ennemy...)

It also seems that units can crit, but there's no indication...


Shots fired.

Actually, I think he hitted the units to the right.

I accidentally restarted this map a few time because I confused savestats and savestats loading, so I'm not quite sure.



Leia finished the one that Zoran weakened, I guess, but I have no screenshot of this.

Leia don't say anything when she first attack for some reason.


Man, those words hurt, you know.


Your attacks ? Not so much.


I actually haven't taken any images of him attacking.

I took some on Scenario 3.


Frank run at the edge of the screen, and flee if he's the only unit staying, so we'll attack him first.


Frank can't be killed here. He stay with one HP no matter what. I think Fatis crit him here, but I can't say.

He gains a level I show next scenario.


Zoran : Shuanna's gone missing, and it looks like she's been kidnapped!


Leia : I'm out to settle a score for what that guy did to my little sister

Since we're both heading in the same direction, I hope you don't mind if I tag along.

I don't know exactly what he did to her little sister, but I'm not sure I want to actually know...

[spoiler=Chapter 1 Scenario 2 : Shoot!]


Retreat is for Frank.

I told you he was (one of) this Chapter Boss. We'll beat him next time, though)


Without wasting any time, he and the others move out in pursuit of the bandit leader.


Cain : I fail to see the difficulty in capturing a girl or two. What's your problem?

Frank : I believe a few villagers are following me, trying to rescue the one I grabbed!

I order you to remain there and stop them from getting through as I head back to the base.


Cain : the park

Frank : In that case, I'll leave it all in your capable hands.


Algol : Prepare yourselves, foul brigands!


Leia : Definitely seems to be the case.

So, let's look at those new units :


This unit is quite popular with neophyte pilote because of its user-friendly controls!

The Dallos is pretty cool, but Algol absolutely sucks. His base stats are atrocious, and his level up gain are also extremely bad, so I doubt he'll surpass the ither units any time soon. (Stats gain are enturely randomized, but he only gain 1-3 in each stats, while others gain 2-5)

Then being this bad is quite suspect, so I continue to use him just in case he somehow turns out absolutely awesome ut of nowhere.


He looks qite dangerous indeed.

I'll talk more about him later.


That should give you a basic idea of how the map looks like. The Shot Imp just in front of Algol is Frank.

He's fleeing the battle, but you can try to inflcits some damage to him before he goes.

That's what Algol will tries to do here, actually.

This is actually better to complete this map ASAP.


Fatis level from last chapter.

I didn't rigged his level up, but he's turning nicely.

Algol blocks Frank's path, leading to all the ennemy ganging up on him :


Algol : know that's not really necessary!

I took the screenshot too early.


Leia gains a level. while we advance our units to the front.

I continue to advance everyone, and have Algol hit Frank.

He got destroyed on the ennemy phase, I think.

And then on Turn 3 :


So that's the reason why we have to hurry up.

Every 2 turns on the player phase (starting turn 4) starting next turn the cannon will fire on a +-shaped seemingly random part of the map, inflicting massive damage to everyone hurted by it (ennemies and allies alike.)


So, not only did I missed the shot, but I also missed the special message. You'll have it next time.

So, that's our situation.

Having Fatis charging the ennemies ahead was a bad idea in restrospect.


Some cleansing, using the Trees protection


Leading to some level up.

I didn't noticed Fatis' was that bad.


That's where I played badly. Fatis was near death, so I had to use Gasch to destroy an ennemy unit.


Leia finish the last ennemy.


Leia : What kind of logic is that ?


Leia : It's not every day you run into your kind of crazy...





And done!

Next time will be the final map of chapter 1, with its share of twists and turns.

I'll either post it later today or tomorrow

Edited by Tamanoir

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Whoa this game seems neat, I haven't really heard of it before, but it looks really cool.

I'm gonna keep up with this.

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Whoa this game seems neat, I haven't really heard of it before, but it looks really cool.

I'm gonna keep up with this.

It was only translated in English at the end of July.

There's an English Patch here. (I guess this is OK to link to it.)

I'm glad you enjoy it.

The map are honnestly all pretty interresting in some way until now (except the first, obviously.)

There's even a pretty cool defence map a little later.

There's absolutely no English data on it, so I'm really playing it blind.

So, first a few things I forgot to screen :


If Leia got damaged in Scenario 1.


After the Cannon shot for the first time in Scenario 2

And now, it's time for the final Chapter 1 chapter. This time I took more battle pics, so this should be easier to follow.

[spoiler=Chaper 1 Scenario 3 : The Valley of Death]



The bandit gang's stronghold is situated in an area ominously referred to as "Death Valley"

As you'll soon discover, it's quite a fitting name.

A carefull observer may actually already see what I mean.


Cain : We'll ambush them here. Just leave it to me, and it's as good as done!

Frank : All right, handle it however you wish, but eliminate those pests for good!


Bandit : A little while ago, I overheard Cain on the comm with the one who's piloting the Cargo unit.

Do you think he could be double-crossing us?

Frank : You belive he's a spy, huh?


Frank : Let's keep an eye on Cain and crush him into the ground if he does indeed betray us!


Burnes : Remember it's your duty to vet and oversee those working for us.

Frank : Please leave it to me, Boss, and I apologize if I caused you any undo concern

Burnes : Don't worry about it...

However, that red Mobile Soldier... Is it possibly an Ancient Robo Fighter?



Leia : I gotta hand it to you. You may not be that strong, but you certainly have guts!

Yeah, charging the fleeing ennemy leader under the assault of all his henchmen...

He's fearless, if not peerless.


Fatis : Glad you're here Algol! Let's keep giving it our best!

Leia : That's the Spirit! I'm so used to being on my own...

I'd forgotten what it's like to have this many allies at my side!


Fatis : Come on! Let's go!



That should gives you an idea of what the map looks like.

Let's see the new ennemies :


The other chapter boss. He actually have less defence than Frank...

I'm not gonna post Frank's stats again. They're in the Opening Post and haven't changed since then.

Another thing I wanted to talk about is the little robot picture in the right corner of the portrait.

You may also have seen it in some of our unit and wondered what it means.

Actually, at some times, you may see the legs or arms go Yellow or Red, which means the following pat is disabled.

If the legs are dsabled, the unit can't move, if the arms are disabled they can't attack. This is repaired with Refill.

I have no idea of how it's detrmined, but it generally happens to units that are badly wounded


I'm not quite sure how far they can reach.

They're the main reason whe'l remain cautious in our aproach.


I haven't shown you Golem's animation yet.


Animation showcase number 2.


...Resulting on a level up.


I thought I took a pic of Algol attacking, but apprently not.


Fatis looking awesome.


Ennemy animation showcase


Attack with the Bazooka.


Second Turn.


Tackle animation. It took a few tries to get the "Shield Force"-thingy on the second pick, since it disappears as soon as Golem collides with the ennemy...


Algol attacking with the Rifle.

Zoran attacking with the Cannon


Turn 3.


Seriously, this is quite a stupid plan.


Leia : Huh...?! No, not until I hear what you're doing! Why are you with these bandits!?

Cain : you're my friend, right? So, let drop the mistrust!

Leia : I'm seriously growing weary of your stalling!

Cain : I reallize those guys were your sister'sennemy and...

Well, I intended to take my revenge in my own way, for what they did, but...

I never expected to see you! Please, you MUST trust me...!

Move close to the mountain and let me prove myself!

Leia : What is your plan?

Cain : Never mind just hurry!

And then a few turns later :


Cain : It's quite a show, right!?


Leia : You're as crafty as ever...

Cain : Who, me...? Whatever do you mean!?

That's actually a pic for another playthrough, since first time, Frank and his henchmen ended up flooded entirely.

This is a fitting ending for these bastards, but I wanted to farm exp.

However, this got me thinking about how a LTC run of this map would be like.

A LTC of this whole game could be interresting actually, I think.


New Level Up. Algol's is particularily bad.


Waiting for the ennemies to come.


Algol using the Tonfa. I knew I had taken a screenshot of it...


Some more cleansing.


This is a variation of Cain's recruitment scene if she didn't got attacked long enough.

It continues exactly like the precedent one.


Fatis have a quote when he attacks Frank, but I don't continue with this action.


The Shot Imp's Cannon Attack, I think.


Since we never seen the Cannons in action...

RIP in pieces...


Finally, I gave Frank's kill to Leia. It seemed fitting.


Leia can move freely on water, why the others' movement is greatly reduced (2 for Fatis, 1 for the rest.).

I don't bring Gasch here.



Cain do some chip damage.


I don't know why it's Zoran who have the boss quote here...


That's an OK level for him, I guess...


Wow, that was a shitty level up...

I should pay more attention to them.

I gave the kill to Leia again here...

The conclusion is pretty long, and I don't know if I have enough pics left for it, so it will be in next post.

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Here it is!

[spoiler=Chapter 1 : Conclusion.]









Since the rest is just text, I'll quote it below, since it should be somewhat easier to read it this way.

Along the way, Gasch recounts the story of Fatis' birth...

He speaks of the country of Lucia that prospered on Luxia until ten years ago...

He explains how that fair kingdom fell and later arose the Galcian Empire...

That he is the sole survivor of Lucia's royal family!

Finally, Gasch tells Fatis the details surrounding the Ancient Robo Fighter...


And VoilĂ !

Next time, Chapter 2, with new characters, including a new Lord, and new ennemies.

And this start with a Desert Map...

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How drastically does the desert affect the mechs?

Also whoa things are picking up quite early.

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How drastically does the desert affect the mechs?

Also whoa things are picking up quite early.

I wanted to post the episode to answer the question, but I probably won't be able to do it tonight...

Movement is greatly reduced (everyone can only move 2 tile, except the hero wh can move 3 thanks to his base 7 move.), but one of our unit is a flyer.

But that's not the main issue with this map.

There's a little gimmick that slow us and (especially) the ennemy army even more.

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And here comes Christmas Eve update!

:Santhos:Ho Ho Ho !

...It have absolutely nothing to do with Christmas, though..

Here comes the most awaited... Desert Map! :

[spoiler=Chapter 2 Scenario 4 : Introduction]


There's no real title screen, so it will do...


We talked about them last update if you remember (or you can check just above.)

The empire is ruled by the hands of Empress Rien and her aide, Cabinet Minister Bazel

Emperess Rien has two children, Imperial Prince Leon and his younger sister Princess Celia


Leon : Mother commands that I am to seize position of Altomiria's Ancient Robo Fighter.

Celia : But we already have Fein. Even if we stole another one for some country, w-



Bazel : I'm the one who proposed confiscating the Ancient Robot Fighter for Her Majesty

I wish only for the enternal prosperity of Galcia and Lady Celia's happiness.



Leon : Well, since my opinion matters so little anymore, I may now take my leave of both of you.

Bazel : Don't be absurd, Imperial Prince. You are a keen fighter who has ben trained by the best!

I pray for your good battle on the battlefield, and I'm sure you will return victorious.

Celia : Please be carefull, Brother...



Leon : Then, we should withdraw expeditiously without engaging in superfluous combat.

This may helps us reduce inflicting and sustaining unnecessary casualties.


Doug : I'm sure we'll have this all wrapped up in no time


I think he meant Doug here...




Next post comming...

Edited by Tamanoir

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...right now!

[spoiler=Chapter 2 Scenario 4 : Dyne of the Dunes :]




There miss a few part on the bottom, and on the top, but that's basically it.


Bottom and top. I'm insisting about the map, for a good reason, actually.

But first, let's see the new units :


However those improvemnt sacrificed his ability of flight.

He has great move and avoid, but low Def and somewhat low Attack.

He reminds me of a Lyn Lord somehow...

Sword is 1 Range.

Vulcan is 1-2 Range.


That description is totally exact.

He have basically no weakness (except maybe his move...).

Rapier is 1 move.

Grenade is 2-3 Range


Gargoyle doesn't feels that much like an improvement over Cain's Mech, honnestly.

It's slightly more deffensive, with a little less offense and evade, and especiallly a drastichit in... well, Hit.

Gaddie often have trouble hitting ennemies.

He'll hit them as much as the ennemy hit him.

But he's our flyer on a Desert Map, so if you want to finish this map quckly, he's essential

(that's not our goal, so he won't see much use...)


If you remember, they were mentioned in Dallos' description.

Gun Knife is 1 Range.

Rifle is 2-3 Range.

They won't see much use this chapter, but they're pretty good Mobile Soldier.


It has no weapons and is, therefore, unsuitable to Combat.

Somewhat like FE1's (and Partia II)'s healer.

They're pretty essential because they're our only way to get some health and ammo back.

Here, they're just a little bonus


Dyne isn't that impressive (he would be if he had a better RF), but I mentioned him for the pun.

The most dangerous ennemy on this map.


There's also Shoot Imp, but I didn't take pics. Next time.
They're 1-shot by our main unit (except Gaddie who sometimes let them with few HP)


Our move this map. all the other can only move 2 move like Doug.


Leon : You had better make hast and yield! It is for your own good.

Quote not in the exact order, I guess you understood this.


As you can see, it's Roboliwood.

How cool is that?


Gaddie : That way neither of us needs to take any more damage than necessary.


We advance our Suppliers.

Doug and Gaddie get rid of the ennemies on the left.
Leon charge ahead.


Leon : I have a bad feeling about this...

Everyone, let us settle this as quickly as we can.

This event randomly happens between turn 2 and( at least) 4, and triggers an event next turn.


You can't really see, but the map is moving to the left.


So, that's this map's gimmick :

Every 3 turns starting now, the map will switch between the two models.

You'd better remember both, if you don't want to get stuck.



New map, barring a few lines above and beyond, but this is just desert tiles.


Progress is made...


The map moves again to the left.



The map changes again.


And then the ennemy got stuck, which waste a few turn.


Not sure of the exact context, but it's Vulcan animation.



Sadly, he didn't lasted long...


And final cleansing.

Next time : we invade a country

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