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LEGO IDEAS Based on Fates


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For those of you who don't know, a while back Lego created LEGO Ideas, a website where people can submit their ideas for potential LEGO products. If the project receives 10,000 supporters and LEGO agrees to make it, it will be made into a LEGO product!

At the start of November, I made a project based on the Premonition chapter of Awakening. Today, I have made a project based on the scene in Fates where Corrin (Kamui) and Azura (Aqua) meet. It has already received two supports (not a lot, but it's some). Please support this Lego idea based on Fire Emblem Fates. To get to the site, click on the link below:


To support, you will need a LEGO account but it is relatively easy and free to make one. Another project is on its way based on the Golems in Fates.

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