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Yang Kai(Yangfly)

(FE8) Linking Palettes to characters?

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Hello guys, I've been having a problem with linking Charas Palettes to the characters.

In FE7 there were some bytes in the character module, that you set what was his palette for his normal class, abd his promoted class.

However, there's no such bytes in Fe8's character module.

What I want to do is this?

I've replaced Gillian with Batta, replaced his Knight Palette index with Batta's Brigand palette, I loaded Batta as a Brigand, however:


He uses the Default Generic Color :(

(Same happens with all other characters, whose corresponding characters in Vanilla, weren't the same as the new)

I've assumed that the game uses the palette if the character is the class, that's why(I think) there's no palette byte in the character modules.

So, my question is:

How do I link palettes to characters?

I know it must be possible, since Alfred's hack and Blademaster's hack have characters with custom palettes.

I hope I've been as much informative as possible.

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There are two nightmare modules for palettes. You need to use both of them, one for which palette they use and the other for their class. If you are already using both and are still running into an issue, check to see that the index in the palette modules you are using are correct for each unit.

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I've all the modules I downloaded from FEShrine and I see only "Custom Battle Animation Editor" module in the animations folder.

(I've also looked into the other folders as well, and no other palette module.)

Downloaded the modules from Arch post on this forum and found the modules I'm looking for.

Thanks BladeMaster!

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