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Peter The Cool

best Supports for every one

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Story-wise or stat-wise? Stat-wise, I can't tell you much, all I really know is that supporting the Earth affinity together, like Ike and Oscar, for example, is awesome.

Story-wise though, I like Ike/Elincia, Ike/Ranulf, Rolf/Mist, Kieran/Marcia, Kieran/Oscar, Kieran/Rhys (Kieran is hilarious and awesome lol), Rhys/Titania, Rhys/Mia, Jill/Lethe, and really, a lot of supports in this game are awesome and well-written!

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I don't know much about stat wise but I do know A-rank Ike/Oscar support offers +45% in Avoid iirc.

And yeah, the supports are fun to read in this game.

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Oscar with B or A with Ike and B or A with Tanith gives him +50% evasion.

Also I always do an A-support Ike x Soren and B-support Ike x Oscar, which gives Ike massive evasion too.

In general gameplaywise I like to support units, who have the exact same affinity to get maddive boost in 1-2 stat(s). However is kinda to find two units with the same affinity in FE9.
It's way easier in 10 where you can support anyone with anyone.

I do know A-rank Ike/Oscar support offers +45% in Avoid iirc.

It's in FE10.

In 9 Ike x Oscar gives them up to 30% evasion.

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Generally Avoid supports (Earth, Dark, Thunder, Wind) trump attack supports (Dark, Water, Thunder, Fire) trump DEF supports (Water, Thunder, Light) trump hit supports (Wind, Fire, Light, Heaven) with supports that have a match-up between Attack, Defense, and avoid trumping all. Avoid supports that take way too long/don't join until very late (like Ranulf).

So, in a nutshell...









Wind gets put below fire because the AVO boost it gives isn't enough to overcome the ATT boost fire gives unless it gets matched up with another avoid support.

I can post the 'ideal' supports later on, though do you want it on a pure support basis or gameplay/team basis?

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I might start playing Path of Radiance soon for the first time to try and complete it before Fates is released.

Any suggestions for which supports are particularly good story wise? Especially for Ike. I'm more interested in which supports are the most interesting in terms of story and character development (rather than stats), and unfortunately as far as I know this game only limits you to 5 supports per character per file (boo, I wish it was like Awakening where you could see all or most of supports in one playthrough).

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Alright. Here is probably the best list for character supports. I am ranking these as best for the supportee, not on team comp or what the supporter will get in return; though I will note any major issues.

Ike: Oscar, Soren, Titania, Lethe, Reyson, Ranulf, Elincia. Lethe trumps Reyson due to join time and that the difference will be 1 ATT at B-level which isn't going to be a big thing at all for Ike.

Titania: Rhys, Mist, Ike (B), Boyd, Ike (A). An A Ike takes 26 chapters to complete and only gives Titania a bit more AVO (2.5) than if she just took the B. Even then the Rhys support offers Titania +1 attack which, when compared to the 5 avoid... isn't much. Holding out for Mist is a better choice.

Oscar: Ike, Kieran, Tanith >= Janaff. Janaff, while faster on the support, only finishes one chapter behind and the extra 5 AVO is worth-while on an avoid-heavy unit with solid defenses already.

Boyd: Mist, Brom (B), Ulki, Brom (A), Titania. A Titania support just is outclassed by the +3 ATT the other supports offer.

Rhys: Mia > All the rest. The only support that, arguably, helps Rhys out is Mia's since it can give his attacks a bit more oomph when he promotes. If this should be a common thing or rarity is up to the player, but the other supports simply don't address his real problem, SPD. He's not likely to dodge and his DEF is low enough for the extra point to likely not matter.

Shinon: Janaff >=< Rolf, Gatrie. Who wins in Rolf vs. Janaff will depend on how willing you are to keep the hawk close to a sniper. If you are Janaff and the DEF boost he'll give is better. If not Rolf and his speed and AVO boost trump.

Gatrie: Ilyana, Astrid = Marcia, Shinon. While the extra DEF is nice, as a general, Gatrie's problem lies in his AS. He's not likely to double rendering the attack moot, doesn't have defensive problems, and so-forth. Ilyana will give him an early +3 DEF... and the other two are pretty much pointless with Shinon and his lateness coming in last.

Soren: Ike > Stefan. Well... yea.

Mia: Rhys > Ilyana > Largo. Largo, while technically better from a statistical standpoint, simply joins too late and the ATT boost from Rhys and +1 ATT/DEF from Ilyana that won't wait till super-late simply trumps the avoid given by Largo.

Ilyana: Mordi > Gatrie > Zihark > Mia > Lucia. Lucia just joins too late. Don't be fooled though. Pretty much all of Ilyana's supports are middling and which ones you pick should depend more on how you want to build her and who else you're using than a simple priority list. None suck or really stand out beyond a potential Mordi/Gatrie double.

Marcia: Keiran >= Rolf >= Tanith >= Gatire. All of Marcia's supports are meh and don't give her much. Kieran wins because he's easier to keep close, Rolf gives her AVO and is fast on the support, Tanith gives MORE AVO and will be close but joins late, and Gatrie joins early but doesn't give her much. Better for her just to snap up leftovers.

Mist: Mordi > Jill > Titania = Boyd > Rolf. Rolf just doesn't mesh with water while Mordi gives +3 ATT/DEF at A and Jill gives some nice DEF and avoid. Titania vs. Boyd depends on if you want to focus on attack or defense.

Rolf: Mist > Rhys > Marcia > Shinon > Tauro

Lethe: Jill > Ike > Muarim > Ranulf. All give AVO, which is nice, with Ike giving more AVO and Jill/Muarim giving DEF. Ranulf just joins too late.

Mordi: Mist > Ilyana > Ulki > Stefan > Ranulf. Mist has a perfect synergy and Ilyana gives good DEF. Ulki gives some great bonuses but might be too late. Stefan just gives hit which he doesn't need and Ranulf doesn't mesh and joins too late.

Volke: Bastion.

Kieran: Oscar > Marcia > Rhys. Marcia might take longer but she'll be easier to keep close.

Brom: Boyd, Neph=Zihark. Brom's not dodging much, so the ATT boost from Boyd wins out.

Nephenee: Brom > Devdan > Calill. Calill just joins too late.

Zihark: Muarim > Brom > Ilyana.

Sothe: Astrid > Tormod. Sothe should not be deployed since he can't promote. Astrid at least meshes with him for double avoid though.

Jill: Mist > Lethe > Haar. Haar joins too late.

Astrid: Malalov > Gatrie > Sothe. Even though Sothe is better Sothe's low stats and limited use is pretty much the only spot on this list where a unit not being deployed will matter. At least Gatrie will be on the map.

Makalov: Astrid > Haar > Bastion

Stefan: Soren > Mordi

Tormod: Devdan = Reyson > Calill > Sothe. Waiting for Calill gives an ATT boost.

Muarim: Zihark > Lethe > Largo

Devdan: Tormod > Nephenee > Largo

Reyson: Ike > Tanith > Tormod. Reyson won't ever attack.

Ulki: Mordi > Boyd > Rhys

Janaff: Oscar > Shinon > Lucia

Tanith: Oscar > Marcia > Reyson

Calill: Tormod > Nephenee > Geoffry

Tauro: Rolf = Largo.

Ranulf: Ike > Mordi > Lethe

Haar: Jill > Makalov

Lucia: Janaff > Bastion > Ilyana

Bastion: Lucia > Makalov > Volke

Geoffry: Calill > Elincia

Largo: Muarim > Tauro > Mia = Devdan

Elincia: Ike >= Geoffry. Aside from RNG abuse Elincia is unlikely to be strong enough for the ATT to matter. Neither should come into play more than once though.

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The person above is more concerned with story though, Snowy... But you do have a good, well thought out list there! :o

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