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FE Fates Playthrough: Covering the English Translation Patch on YouTube

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Hello people,

So... the English FE Fates comes out in about a month already. I thought I'd support what the translation team has been through in the making of the whole project, because we both know that people around here have been between a rock and a hard place- the release of Fates in Japan, while not receiving a release date confirmation in the US ourselves until October and that it has caused... impatience, alongside other feelings.

But straight to the point- if that's something that's bound to interest you as well as others, I'm covering FE Fates right now WITH the translation patch installed on my YouTube channel, since I got everything to work on my newly-purchased capture card 3DS. I was able to run the Invisible Kingdom and DLC as well- in fact, I'm highly considering to cover the third path (despite it being in something of a revision state) because it's my favorite of the three, as well as to get some early coverage of it with my own combination of quality, gameplay and commentary. I've taken a peek at other playthroughs of that path, and I felt something was lacking one way or the other. Not saying I'm gonna sound any better to you, stressful as it is already to record a game like this IMO, but heck if I won't try to entertain some die-hard fans while having fun myself, doing something I thought I would never have pulled off. And even when the game releases in English, I'll probably just continue playing the patch (not that I'll have much of a choice when I'll be farther in the game, lol). Also censorship. That's a thing too.

Anyway, regardless of the path(s) covered, I'm gonna be playing on Lunatic/Classic without grinding. Subject to change depending on my situation (IRL or not), but that's the plan I'm willing to stick with.

Here is the link to the playlist, some parts are up already:


P.S.: Read the channel rules. I take them very seriously.

I hope you guys will enjoy!

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