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Kamui/Corrin Buddy sealing and Inheritance.

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Hello all,

I am trying to decide what class I want to choose as my secondary for my Nohr playthrough but I need clarification on how buddy seals work when Kamui uses them.

My plan is to pick Ninja for copy-cat so I can pass it down through inheritance. What I am wondering is what would happen if I used a buddy seal on Kaze. His secondary class is Samurai so would I get samurai or nothing? I want to be a Weapon master but I want to pass down ninja.

Also, If Kamui marries Azura, does Kanna get ninja, dark prince and peg knight and would Shigure get the same?

Anyone know?

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Kanna gets Nohr Princess, Ninja, and Pegasus Warrior. Shigure gets Peg Warrior, Nohr Prince, and Rod Knight.

Kaze would get Cavalier, Corrin gets nothing. There's not really a point in choosing Ninja since Kaze joins in all routes and you can just Buddy with him.

Here's how buddying/marriage sealing works:

If they share the same base class, they gain each other's secondary (HinokaxSubaki: Hinoka gains Samurai, Subski gains Lancer.)

If one has their spouse's/buddy's primary as a secondary, they gain nothing (HinataxRinkah: Rinkah gains Samurai, Hinata gains nothing)

If they have different base classes, they gain each others primary (XanderxCharlotte: Xander gains Fighter, Charlotte gains Cavalier)

In special cases (Singer, Garou, Villager, etc) they give the secondary class if the spouse's/buddy's primary does not match their secondary (SilasxMozume: Silas gains Bowman, Mozume gains Cavalier)

In these special cases, some characters give a special, hidden tertiary class (that they cannot reclass into) if the spouse's/buddy's primary matches the special character's secondary (Arthur and Flannel: Arthur gains Outlaw, Flannel gains nothing)

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The Avatar can use the Buddy Seal or Marriage Seal to reclass into the base class of any unit that they achieve an A-Support or S-Support respectively, except for Azura, Mozu, Nishiki, Flannel, Kinu, and Velour, in which they adopt their secondary class.

I found this on the fire emblem wikia after a google search.

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