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Peter The Cool

New Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War

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I was going to make a FE:7 hack, but every one does that so why not make a FE4 hack! (Hopeful It will not be as bad as my FE8 hack) lol

Change log


-you can sell and buy Holy Weapons



Iron Sword
Steel Lance
This is because he gets a sliver sword in the prologue , so the steel sword really does not do anything after then.
Sliver Lance
Cuan really does not get a good lance for a long time. This should help.
Defender Sword
Because lolz
Arden Class-General
Hp:80 Mag:20 skill:25 Speed:30 luck:15 def:50 res:5
-10 +15 +15 +10 +5 +10
He now gets miner ulir and blagi blood to make him a damn good dad.
Critical (To give him some real man power )
Elite he does fight too much so when he does he get some exp to help
I removed Vantage because he his hp does not get low anyway most of the time.
Hp:80 Mag:35! str:30 skill:30 Speed:40 luck:20 def:30 res:25
+30! -10 +10 -10 +5
Base luck 0
Base mag 4
miner holsety blood
He now has high, and mag holsety blood to make him a good mage dad, and a good wind sword user.
Hp:70 Mag:5 str:30 skill:40 Speed:40 luck:50 def:35 res:5
(Note add the new class bass to get the real bases)
Speed 6 (+2) luck 6(-2)
Bridget and Adean now have Pursuit as Personal skill.
A rank bows
A rank axes
6 move
They suck, so lets make them less suck
Lord Knight
B sword (Becasue lolz)
A Lance
B rank staff
Female Paladin
B rank staff
B rank Lance
7 base mag
22 max mag
Male Paladin
A rank Lance
7 base mag
22 max mag
B rank Lance
5 base mag
20 max mag
Lance Kingt
A rank Lance
A rank swords
Duke Knight
12 base spd
skill Pursuit
ya cuan is good when leif stays the same!
Also you better be care full! There is a few Duke Knights IIRC
15 base str 12 base skill 15 base spd
30 max str 27 max skil 30 max spd
skills Pursuit, and continue
Master Knight
12 base mag
27 max mag
6 move
Fire Magae
6 move
Wind Mage
6 move
Fire Mage
6 move
6 move
Hight Priest/Priest
6 move
Earth sword 50 uses, but cost more. 16power 80 hit
Brave axe weight 10
Prayersword can now be used with men
Prayersword now has Critical
Prayersword now has Pursuit
Prayersword 15 power
All A rank staffs are now b rank

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