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Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones Redone


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Hello, since some time I had the idea to edit FE8, but not just some simple edits I thought about doing it from scratch on a FE7 Rom.

I haven't really done much work or don't know if I should continue with this, but the reason why I post this is because I wanne know:

1) Do you think it would be a good idea?

2) Is it really worth because the normal FE8 Rom got all the extra stuff like monsters, splitted promotions... ?

but otherwise FE7 hacking is so much easier and it's much more explored.

3) Is editing the normal FE8 Rom enough to make it a brand new experience?


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Is it really worth it? I don't see any upsides to using FE7, so no, if you want to make a FE8 hack, make it in FE8.

FE8 is the better engine, and it's documented almost as well as FE7 at this point. Not to mention the pointlessness of the whole endeavour.

If anything, it'd probably be better to remake FE6 or 7 in FE8

Well I guess you're right, thank you.

Also remaking FE6 would be a Good idea too, even If there was already someone who did it.

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There have been countless attempts to make "the definitive FE6 remake and not once has one both been completed and met its goal. So it's not really something that's been done before, though less for technical reasons and more because nobody can agree on what would make a FE6 remake better than the original.

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