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About this section (Please read, especially participants!)

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Threads without names

These threads were not given names by their owners, and will require they PM me with a title they would like to use for the submission, if they would like to use one. Chances are I've already PMed you asking (if I haven't then I forgot), so simply reply! I've given basic descriptive names for submissions that I could think to, just so they wouldn't be stuck with "untitled". If you want them changed, send me a PM too!


Submissions will be displayed the way you've sent them to me!

If you've sent me a story using google docs, that link will be used because I assume that it's how you'd prefer it displayed. If you send me a story written in PM, then I'll paste it exactly as you have sent it. If you don't like the way it looks, make sure you tell me and submit a change in formatting before voting opens.


I don't see my submission and wasn't told it was rejected!

Look for your submission as soon as you see the section!

If you can't find it, then I've made an oversight and you should contact me ASAP, or you should check your PMs to see why it may not have been posted yet. If there is something preventing me from posting it (for example, if you've made a mistake setting its viewing permissions), I'll have sent you a PM. If you don't see it, believe it was accepted, and I haven't sent you a PM letting you know why, then it was definitely a mistake and you should make sure to tell me.


Can I change my submission's name or title?

Yup, just PM me what you want it to be, if you've changed your mind on what you wanted to name it.



All threads are sorted alphabetically. This is different from how our other sections work, where threads are sorted by the most recent post made.


Can I post in these threads?

Yup, feel free to leave a post in any of the threads to share what you think/feel about a submission. Just don't be negative in tone, offensive, or try to rally votes for a submission. Chat it up if you feel so inclined!


Why was my thread edited by eclipse?

I asked Eclipse to go through the written submissions and fix any spacing or formatting issues there were. She didn't do anything but tidy up the post, no worries!

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