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Opinions on the DLC Portraits


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Anyway I guess my full opinion

Marth - Simple, but effective. The art's solid, as expected of Senri Kita. No complaints here.

Alm - I like the design, though there's a bit of anatomical wonkiness and his face looks very young.

Celica - that is not a real shirt and she looks 5. The artist is very skilled, but I can't say I like the interpretation.

Seliph - I can see the reason for SM, though in that case they should've picked Eliwood or Hector for FE7 so it's not double SM. The design is a little odd but I guess I can accept it.

Leif - I'm a big fan of Sachiko Wada's coloring style. The foot is a little weird, but I have no complaints about it overall. Leif palette is good.

Roy - Like the design and coloring. His hair really bulges up at the back though like something is wrong with the cranium. If the artist is going for flowy hair they didn't do a good job there.

Lyn - I think this is one of the best jobs done in terms of old-new design integration--though Lyn's design matching up to SM well helps a lot to start with. It has the patterns and colors right and it just feels Lyn.

Ephraim - The best one, IMO. Beautiful art, good design-very heavily customized to suit Ephraim.

Eirika - the dress is nicely designed, but it does not suit Eirika, and certainly not with a staff as her default in the portrait. At least put up a lance or something.

Elincia - I'm not a fan of the art, but I can see the artist tried with the design, and at the very least it has Elincia's palette on it. The leg merging's kinda lazy, though my least favorite thing about this design is definitely a fault of the Falcoknight class base than anything else.

Ike - WTF

Micaiah - NO
Est - The art's alright, it's not terrible but it's not really my tastes either. I do think it's the best of the whitewings-I think it shows her personality, for what it's worth.

Catria - Design's alright, but her pose feels boring and expression vacant. Doesn't really have much character to it.

Palla - pantyshot really

Katarina - the art's very good and I don't expect less out of Kozaki, but I'm a little bummed that it offers virtually no differentiation to standard Grandmaster. I guess GM isn't really a class that gets customized much but considering all the artists I know make custom Robins...

So for my tastes I'd rank them as
Ephraim > Lyn > Leif > Marth > Alm > Katarina > Roy > Eirika > Seliph > Est > Elincia > Catria > Palla > Celica > Ike > Micaiah

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Ok lets see here....

Alm: Ok i like it because im a big fan of that codpiece. Yep. It also looks really bamf.

Catria: I got no problems here.

Celica: only beef is that she looks five years old.

Eirika: Art is nice, but i dont like what shes wearing much. (doesnt fit her character)

Elincia: Her face looks a bit off here and her bottom half is designed oddly. But not really terrible image.

Ephraim: I think this this legit the best DLC art.

Est: Other than the derp face, no complaints.

Ike: This one does not understand proportions. What the hell is going on with his arm. This is legit bad art.

Katarina: No complaints here.

Leif: Niiiiice. Love the colors.

Lyn: I like the fur lined get up here. Her feet look too small, but other than, bamf.

Marth: Yep thats Marth.

Micaiah: tumblr_n250fvKdeg1sf795yo1_250.gif

Palla: Has some weirdness in her leg and thigh areas, but other than that, shes fine.

Roy: 3edgy5me. I prefer his smash get up.

Seliph: /shrug Not how i would design this guy but hes not hideous.

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I'd say Ephraim and Alm are tied for my favorite, with Roy taking second place. Alm looks almost exactly how I imagine he would look in a hypothetical Gaiden remake, the design feels like his old design updated to a similar aesthetic to that of FE11/12, which had the best armor designs in the series imo. Meanwhile Ephraim looks how I imagine Great Lord Ephraim would have looked more or less if Great Lord Ephraim had gotten more than just a tiny sprite. If there's ever a SS remake, I hope his Lord outfit remains the same, while he gets his Awakening design upon promoting.

Roy doesn't really have any of that going for him, but it's still a great design with great art.

All the others range from just fine to bad, and aren't worth me giving actual rankings.

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What really irks me about the DLC characters is how most of them don't even resemble the artwork. Not even the DLC-only Dread Fighter class! This is fine in Ike's case, I guess. But I wanted to see Roy's model when I got him, or maybe Ephraim's. Some are based off the class itself, like Micaiah or Lyn, whereas others are recolors, like Leif. I know they were worried about space issues, but still, seems kinda lazy to me...

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Can I vent about The Pegasus Sisters' artwork? I really don't like all three. Palla expression makes it look like you're trying to rape her. Est looks psychotic and the her face is the stuff of nightmares. And Catria's just sort of floating. It's weird.

A few other complaints: Celica would be fine if wasn't for her shirt and the fact that her mouth's so open, someone could throw a fish in there. I would like Alm's more if he didn't look eight. Elincia need a new pair of pants. And Micaiah is so "forced sexy pose", it hurts (also her head seems photoshopped in).

The best is probably Ephraim. It's just perfect. Leif's good too, but don't care for the Trickster's design all that much. I prefer the picture of Julian that Wada did. I'm a fan of the designs of the Genealogy/Thracia games, so naturally I like Eldigan, but I'm intrigued what he would've ended up looking like. Lastly, I must be the only person who actually likes Ike.

I find it amazing that many of the artists who contributed some rather ho-hum artwork to Awakening would also contribute to Cipher and give such wonderful work.

Rco Wada who illustrated Micaiah would give us this wonderful Flora card.

Douji Shiki would take another crack at Elincia and deliver with this.

Homare would go from Palla to this badass Kagero.

Rika Suzuki would illustrate the breathtaking Reyson/Leanne after doing Seliph.

Not that you were giving them to me or anything, but thanks for those links. I've been trying to find a good database to look at the cipher cards, and the one you linked to takes the cake. Thanks.

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My opinions:

Marth - Meh. Decent. Not bad, but not good either.

Roy - Your Smash renditions were better.

Micaiah - Her clothing aside, I find her face in this one makes her a lot cuter.

Leif - I like it. Makes him look like a genuine Norse hero (and not a white armored Marth clone).

Alm - Okay, question: why the fuck was that armor not the actual garb for Dread Fighters in FE:A? Because that shit looks fucking badass - he's wearing Godslayer's Light Platemail, and I like it.

Seliph - While I enjoy the fact that this rendition fixes the biggest complaint that I have with Seliph (that he looks too much like a Marth clone for my liking in his original art), the art style is atrocious and unbearable to look at. One of my least favorite DLC arts.

Elincia - Oh hello, Not-Palutena's sister. I didn't see you there (seriously, she looks like a relative of Palutena in this, as opposed to looking like a Mikoto clone in RD and a Nyna clone in her casual PoR dress).

Eirika - As nice as your art style is, girl, I have only one thing to say here: you weren't my type before this artwork, and you most definitely aren't with it. So take a hike, wench. I've got saucier waifus to wed.

Lyn - Lyndis, my love... what have they DONE to you?! At the very least, your original artwork made you somewhat lovely (even if your spritework portrait and personality was what made me fall in love with you in the first place). But this? This is atrocious - a woman like you is not suited for 7th Dragon/Etrian Odyssey-class escapades.

Ephraim - .... You've got my attention, sir.

Celica - The sons o' bitches loli-fied an old veteran. Not sure whether I should be sending her to a nearby junior high school, or to an idol studio to get training in the idol arts.

Ike - He looks like an anime version of Matthew Perry AKA Chandler Bing. Which would be fine if he didn't look all cyborg-ed out.

Est - She looks like a Sailor Moon reject. Next!

Catria - Not bad. She's actually passable.

Palla - Okay, how in the seven hells did Imari from Bible Black get into this game? No, seriously, she looks like Imari dyed her hair green and decided to do Falcon Knight cosplay. And somehow was trying to turn us on in the process - which is a job she MAY or may not have succeeded in... but that's an argument for a different time and place. *ahem* Moving along....

Katarina - She could easily pass as a secret character in the actual game and I wouldn't have bothered to question it. She looks like she belongs in Ylisse. Like she could've been Morgan's REAL mother or something. But yeah, she looks natural as all get out.

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Leif - I like it. Makes him look like a genuine Norse hero (and not a white armored Marth clone).

Hey now, Leif defied four previous games to become the first FE lord who lacked blue hair. Exactly what does it take to not be a Marth clone, if he doesn't fit the bill?

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I've never been a fan of the Ike DLC drawing, but I do really like the idea of having Ike be Optimus Prime. I've actually called him Iketimus Prime before even hearing it used as a criticism of the DLC.

Now I'm really wishing for SSB4 mod of Ike being Optimus Prime.

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To be fair about Micaiah, they made all of the characters look like the classes they were in, so that was a natural consequence of their decision to turn all light magic users into dark magic users.

...Including Oliver.

Thank the gods we never got a portrait of him.

I agree, Dark Mage Oliver would be too hot for the world to handle.


Ike: WHAT THE HELL DID THIS ARTIST DO TO MY FAVORITE LORD?? This is one of the WORST of the bunch to me! Ike's sword arm looks stupid and like the sword is attached to his arm and he's way too short and scrawny. Where are his muscles?! His face looks dumb too. This piece is a disgrace to Ike's heroic name!

I guess they went for his POR appearance instead of the RD one. I still agree with you, though.

Roy: He looks cool. I like how it manages to make a character like Roy look like a badass.

Leif/Leaf: I like it. It's done by the same person who did the FE8 artwork and FE9 portraits and he looks cool in the artwork. Overall one of my favourite DLC artworks.

Alm: I love it. Gaiden's artwork isn't exactly eye-pleasing so it's nice to see a good piece of artwork of Alm. It really fits his personality. His outfit looks great, as well as his pose. One of my favourites.

Lyn: She looks pretty good, but I think the legs look pretty bad.

Eirika: Not a fan of it. Why is she wearing a wedding dress in the first place, other than fanservice? It's very unfitting. She's not even wielding a sword, she's wielding a staff, which she never uses in FE8. What's next? Ephraim the Groom?

I agree with these sentiments.

I think Eirika as a bride is an in-joke on how almost every male had the hots for her in the Sacred Stones. Poor girl...

Marth: He is as epic looking as epic can be. I like how he matches his appearance in New Mystery almost to a T. This is the same person that designed PoR and RD's characters, right? The style is the same (and visually the most appealing to me).

Seliph: Since I'm not really fond of the artystyle of the older games until 6, I'd say this one passes. His pose is badass, but I agree with the sentiment that his face looks... off.

Micaiah: The Dark Mage class fits Micaiah well in my opinion considering how her affinity was Dark in RD and how Nosferatu is a Dark tome now. As for the art itself... what the heck were they going for? That kind of pose along with the outfit is usually something you might see in hentai or visual novels and it makes her post-battle dialogue sound slightly suggestive. I guess they wanted to sway her haters into liking her by depicting her with a "sexy" pose and outfit? As far as I am concerned, I don't think it fits Micaiah's character well.

Celica: Looks admittedly pretty. Again, this is from someone who doesn't like the artstyle of the older FE games. Even if she was drawn by a porn artist, it doesn't really show. I had originally thought Micaiah was drawn by the porn artist instead.

Katarina: She looks like Morgan with purple hair. It's weird, but not ugly by any means.

Palla, Catria, Est: Put them on a poster together, write a catchy title in a snazzy font and you have an anime about three superhero girls. That's the vibe I get from all three of them.

Ephraim: He looks badass, even though I prefer his regular Einherjar art.

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Marth: Kita's art is really cool. He? never dissapoints me.

Roy: A little bit older of the expected, but works nicely and its really cool art itself (I love how the Smash 4 mixed this design with the original design to create the perfect Roy)

Micaiah: Ummm... I guess Wada it hadn't any experience dealing with this type of games and characters.

I would lie if I said I dislike the Dark Mage outfit; I like them whatever is the version, and I'm actually complete okay with Micaiah wearing it (I'm weird person... I know...)... But, the art itself has some details.

- The pose is weird, not impossible, but only capable for some people like it was previously explained.

- The face is cute, but it looks so fetishized, it reminds me the other Wada's art, but here looks weirder (at least he understand that he can Fire Emblem Characters like that), the lack of nose is probably the biggest problem in her face, if at least she had a nose, she would looks incrediblely better even if her face still sexual suggestive.

- The appareance of her boobs (Micaiah doesn't have a flat chest, that is obviously, in fact, she has nice a pair... But Wada exaggerate a little bit)

- And the last but not least; the outfit like any special trait that could work as a nice reference outside of the Blue ribbon. She would have the Scarf, some extra magenta clothes, etc.)

Leif: Nicely done, I don't have anything else to say.

Alm: That armor is so cool, Alm did a nice transition from his 80s-like art to this awesome art.

Seliph: The outfit is weird (many outfits are weird in Awakening anyway), otherwise looks decent.

Elincia: Its a magic design, something I expect from a Magic Girls show or Saint Seiya XD

Eirika: Weird decision but I understand the reference XD

Lyndis: This outfit fit more with with her.

Celica: I like the style, it looks lolisque, but looks nice.

Ephraim: And the winner of the best designed DLC art! Fitting face, beautiful drawn, amazing armor. Perfection

Ike: Oh my goodness! XDDDD. Ike looks so silly XD

Est: Cheerful and cute, nice.

Catria: The best of the trio in my opinion, a solid design.

Palla: Well... It looks fanservice-y and the face is weird. Not bad otherwise.

Katarina: A Kozaki design. Nothing special, solid and nice anyway.

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