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Round 1: Draws! Read post first! (Multiple choice)

Scribbles 2015 Draws Elimination Round  

123 members have voted

  1. 1. Choose the entries you liked the most.

    • A Lion's Resolve
    • A Pulse in the Dark
    • Alluring Blossoms
    • Apotheosis - Climactic Battle
    • Arms and Armor
    • Awakening
    • Awakening Harken
    • Battle of Barhara
    • Battlefield
    • Behind Her Mask
    • Blazing Sword
    • Branches of Fate
    • But You Didn't
    • Change of Fate
    • Charlotte
    • Cordelia Painting
    • Corrin
    • Dark Mage Lucina
    • Dark Mage Thoron
    • Dolph and Maccellan
    • Eirika
    • Eirika Squid
    • Ephidel
    • Every Morning
    • Fated Games
    • Fates Brought Us Together
    • FE3 Divine Dragon Pixel Thing
    • Fire Emblem
    • Fire Emblem Fates - Make Your Choice
    • Fire Emblem Uprising
    • Gallery of Lords
    • Grima is Back
    • Happy Sakura
    • Harem
    • Hawk King vs Wolf Queen
    • Heroines
    • Hoshido Family
    • Ike vs Black Knight
    • Into Peril
    • Kamui and Aqua
    • Last Kiss
    • Learning the Reinforcements Mechanic... on Classic
    • Light Inheritor
    • Loony and Meaningless Stories with Mia
    • Lords of Lycia
    • Lucina's Custom Armor
    • Meteor Strike
    • Mural of Choice
    • Nailah
    • Navarre Portrait
    • Of Swords and Lords
    • One of Many (But Clearly the Best)
    • Our Fate
    • Pencil Roy
    • Procrastination
    • Reincarnation
    • Respect and Protect
    • Roy, the Young Lion!
    • Shadow of the Black Knight
    • Swordsman of the Plains
    • The Black Knight
    • The Branching Point of Fate
    • The Devoted
    • The Inevitable Future
    • The Mystery Behind Roy's Growths
    • Tsubaki and Cordelia
    • Two Sided
    • Underappreciated Lords
    • Untitled Sprites
    • Untitled Submission #1
    • Weapons
    • Which Side Wouldst Though Choose?
    • You're What I Believe

Recommended Posts

Hi! Welcome to the first round of voting for the Scribbles event. The top 25 of this poll will move on to the final round to determine the top 10.

Find all of the Draws submissions in the Draws section of the Scribbles forum!






- Users registered after February 5th, 2PM PST will have their votes removed from the final tally. While this might seem extreme, it's the best way to prevent any antics from messing with the event results. If a submission were to win because a bunch of people signed up and spammed votes for it, there would always be suspicion among other participants. If you're new, feel free to post in the submissions' thread to show your support for the artists, writers and craftsmen regardless.

- In this first round of voting, you'll be able to vote for as many submissions as you would like to see move on.

- Make sure you vote for the first option when casting your vote, as it will allow us to tally the votes much easier for this round.

- Submission name changes will no longer be accepted.

- This voting phase will last until the 10th of February. Don't feel obligated to vote right away, if you need more time to check out the submissions.

- No voting for yourself.

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I cast my votes. I told myself I'd only vote for 10, but I ended up with 11. Didn't have the heart to axe one more from my list. Went through the submissions several times and chose from a combination of what I thought was good conceptually, pieces that seemed like they had a lot of effort put into them, pieces that might have flown under people's radars (judging from page views), and of course quality pieces with a style that appealed to me.

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Great entries from everyone!

It was great to see everyone's drawings in its entirety! I feel really grateful that I got to showcase my work alongside other extremely talented artists!

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im really glad to see that some people liked what i submitted ;_; i haven't looked at the most of the submissions yet BUT I SAW A COUPLE GREAT ONES everyone did super super well on their piece

i am very happy to say that i was a participant of this even though i was anxious about it at first ٩(

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Whoa I ended up voting for 25 pieces. There's just so much good content! I'm glad a couple of people liked my silly drawing.

Again, thank you Tangerine for making this event! It motivated me to draw again, and it been pleasure to see the creations from the SF community. :^_^:

In the meantime, I still need to read all the written works!

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Telling people to vote for you is cheating :P:

Also, you probably didn't need the tally, tbh. It says how many people voted at the top next to the poll title.

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