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Dakota's War Journal (Semiblind Fire Emblem Fates RP/LP) (Send me your castles!)

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    • Only cover the ones relevant to Dakota or that you feel you can do something interesting with
    • Don't cover any of them
  2. 2. What should I be able to edit about my character in Conquest/Revealtion?

    • Boon/Bane, but not Talent
    • Talent, but not Boon/Bane
    • Both
    • Neither
    • Do what you like
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Whew, this entry was a doozy! Really good though, especially with that end bit. Can't wait for the next one!

...Also, I know you already have my Birthright castle, but if you want, here's my Conquest one. It might be interesting to find the exact same person in two different dimensions, with the only difference being the side they joined...or maybe you just want some cabbage and rubies. (12788-66911 17347-22245)

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THis is really good. Did you plan this plat twist when writing the Hoshido entries? If so, great job on the planning. If not, great job on the improvising.

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THis is really good. Did you plan this plat twist when writing the Hoshido entries? If so, great job on the planning. If not, great job on the improvising.

I planned that being Laslow and Azura's A support for a while, but the choice to put that ending thing in there, that I only got the idea of doing while working on Conquest.

Anyway, I've got a new entry ready. Back to the usual schedule!

Entry 16

...I'm not in a good place right now, War Journal. I'm not even going to try to pretend that I am. I haven't slept a wink tonight, I spent the whole night reading through the entirety of the previous timeline's version of you, codenamed “Operation Birthright”.

I regretted every page I read and yet I couldn't stop reading. It was so painful to read about my past self acting in callous, blissful ignorance of what I was about to lose. I've... never felt like this before. I've never felt so... empty... so gross... so inadequate.

Words cannot describe the terrible things I felt upon seeing Azura and Laslow walking around in public after the mission and really having fun together. I couldn't get myself to accept that she's not my wife anymore, and watching her develop feelings for somebody else... and knowing full well that I'm the one who set them up together...

My strategic mind wound up absentmindedly coming up with a dozen plans to murder Laslow without anybody knowing thanks to the unstable time energies that caused my own son to forget me. It just sort of happened. I wanted something and my mind just came up with crazy plans on how to get it. For a brief second I even entertained it.

...And then I heard Keaton snoring behind me, and that somehow made it even worse.

...I'm not going to do it, War Journal, there are at least a dozen reasons not to.

First of all, what would that even accomplish? Azura's not into women, and I am one now, and I will continue to be unless I double-cross my siblings again by killing Garon and then go back in time.

Secondly, I've invested far too much in Laslow to simply get rid of him this late in our mission.



...Do I even want to have Azura back?

Gods damn it all... why did I have to remember!? I just got married to Keaton, we had two beautiful children, I would've been perfectly happy with him, and now here I am, all these emotions and memories rushing back to me, and I actually just entertained killing one of Keaton's friends to abandon him and go back in time to get back with an ex I never really appreciated the first time around and who may very well be impossible to keep alive to the end of our mission and OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME!?

...Gods, I can't even talk about this with him, what with me having the conflicted emotional state of a cheating lover and what with the fact that he doesn't even know I was a man in the last timeline, and I don't want to drop that particular bombshell on him, well, ever, least of all right now.

...What am I supposed to do?

...I know the answer to that question, don't I?

...Yes. I do.

...I have to suck it up. If I can't talk to Keaton about it, I can't keep moping around either, that's not fair to him, especially not right after our marriage; knowing him he'll probably think he did something wrong. I have to let Laslow and Azura continue to fall in love. I've invested too much of this army's future, my family's future, in that pairing. And I can't let my emotional issues consume my thoughts right when things are really starting to get serious.

I just have to do my best to pretend like nothing's wrong.

...As if it will be anywhere near that simple.

But I have to try.

...Good night, War Journal.

...Okay, quick update: I'm feeling... a little better...


...almost entirely due to the therapeutic powers of drowning one's sorrows in fuzzy Keaton tummy.

Of course no amount of fluffy wolfskin cuddling can take my pain away completely, but it definitely helps, if just a little.

I guess I might as well go over the usual stuff:



Our resources, the hot spring, and the fire orb are all now level 3. You may also notice some caltrops I added. I honestly wasn't sure what to do with them, they couldn't be used to completely cover any path to the throne, so I mostly just put them there to protect the most exposed building.


Peri and I have finally reached the point where I can train as a great knight.

Also, I found out who used my money and resources to forge a bow. It was little miss “I'm picking bow knight” herself, Selena. She went behind my back, she won't say when so as to avoid implicating her accomplices on shop duty, and forged a +3 bronze bow she calls “For Nohr”. I demanded to know why she did it, and she said she “[has] her reasons”. Of course she does. That's why I asked. I wanted to know them.

Damn that cryptic little bitch. Incidentally, after re-reading “Operation Birthright”, I now remember that's not even her real name! Apparently she's really called “Severa”. I can see why he changed it, what the fuck kind of name is “Severa”? I was going to discipline her, but Xander vouched for her and promised that she was sorrier than she was letting on.

Gods damn it. Fine. I suppose the bow can't be unforged, might as well use it. At least it's a powerful beginner bow, we have a lot of beginner bow users right now.


In my current state I appear to have offended one of my trade partners by giving her a bath towel for an accessory. She challenged me to a battle in the middle of her castle, her army versus mine.


...Some battle. Nobody seems to be exhibiting any strategy at all, or even the capacity to move. ...Move... ...they're moving really oddly... like puppets on strings... almost as if...

...Oh no.

Oh no.




...It would appear that one of my trade partners has... lost control... of their reality's Rhajat. They're all being controlled by dark magic, and they're begging me to help.

...This won't do. Can't lose a valuable trade partner, now can I?


I switch to great knight in preparation for learning Luna.


It seems Rhajat doesn't have full control of them yet and so Rhajat can't force them to attack us unless we get really close. This should be fairly straightforward then.


Extremely straightforward in fact. So straightforward that we basically learn nothing of value from these battles. But it's still a good social exercise. ...Which means it's probably for the best that I get this over with now.


We incapacitate Clear, much to her gratitude.


This is mostly how things go, with Laslow and Keaton sniping everyone while rallied and aura'd up. It's barely worth mentioning the details. Laslow and Keaton fight, Azura sings Laslow, relationships... blossom...


Dakota: Fuck it, why don't you finish Rhajat off, Selena? Use that “For Nohr” of yours for something useful, why don't you?

Selena: Understood.

Dakota: What's that? No sass? No whining? No complaining that the weapon triangle is unfavorable?

Selena: No. ...And thank you.

Dakota: ...The hell?


Rhajat: Damn it all, I was so close! I was having so much fun! Why did you have to go and break all of my toys!? You! Bitch on a horse! Why do you look so familiar!? Why are you looking at me like that!? WHY ARE YOU SMILING!? DAMN YOU! ANSWER WHEN THE BLOOD AND THE THUNDER ADDRESS YOU, MORTAL WENCH!

Selena: ...What I do now... I do on orders from Lady Dakota...


Selena: ...With extreme satisfaction.


...Well... that was... a thing... and it... happened... I guess?


And then Flora decided to join us. Not sure why. But despite my desire to get her the first time around... At this late stage in our campaign I can't really care. She can't socialize with anybody but Felicia and me, so whatever merit she has, she joined too late.


And speaking of socializing...


...Let's get this nightmare over with, War Journal.

...So... Laslow has access to falcon knight now. He can get Rally Speed. I paired my support unit up with another support unit, eliminating the loss in support bonuses from mixing combat and support units that... happened... when I married her.

...I'm just trying to focus on the positives, War Journal.

...It's not like she's ever going to be mine again.


Xander's getting married too. To Selena.

...While I was working towards that, I honestly... never really expected it to happen. It just seemed too weird. I... I guess I'm happy for him.

Selena's like a completely different person right now. I'm not sure why, but she's much more pleasant today. I suppose it could just be the fact that she's married, I guess.

They both came to me and explained to me that they talked it over together, and they both feel very strongly about not having any children right now. At least not until this war is over and the time-warping magic is out of their system.

Xander because whoever their child is will be the next in line to be ruler of Nohr after him once Garon's overthrown, and he doesn't want his heir to be warp-born in case anybody doubts his legitimacy.

Selena because she wants to give her kids a better childhood than the one she got and wants to be there for them for all of it.

...She refused to elaborate on this matter.

Well anyway, I guess that means I can make Xander a hero now.

...Later. When I'm less strapped for resources. Maybe when the shop upgrades.

Let's just move on to the next location. I'm not going to feel any better staying around here. Maybe a good battle will take my mind off of things.


...Or better yet, a lovely and relaxing visit to Kitsune Hamlet, Kaden's home! Kaden trusted us before, so surely we'll be able to win their trust, especially with Garon having no reason to frame us again like that other awful time!



The world hates me, War Journal.

The Purple Ones got to them first and spread all sorts of horrible rumors about us. Negotiation is impossible. Violence is inevitable.

...At the very least I won't actually have to kill them. I am going to give Leo the biggest hug in the world next chance I get.

But that's far from the only problem here. This is an extremely inconvenient battle.


Dare I battle these foes, some of which are covered in this weird, leaf-symbol-aura that my dragon vision's picking up, and which I can't identify the effect of until I get irreversibly closer?


Dare I fight this foe that specializes in taking down beast-type foes?


...Which due to some horribly timed relcasses and a misbehaving redhead, now comprises sixty fucking percent of my active army...


...All the while dealing with a vast array of dangerous skills supplied by the Purple Ones, just after having to watch the woman I love marry somebody else?




Until. Next. Time. War. Journal.

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I liked the emotion this entry had. Well done!

Also, I take it that you won't be focusing on getting child units this runthrough as well? Or are you postponing them?

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I liked the emotion this entry had. Well done!

Also, I take it that you won't be focusing on getting child units this runthrough as well? Or are you postponing them?

Glad you enjoyed it!

Basically I didn't consider it in-character for that particular couple to leap on the warp childbirth wagon, for the reasons they stated, so for the sake of storytelling, I'll be doing that particular paralogue offscreen and not acknowledging the child's existence after that. However, I'm still using children, at least if they turn out to be useful. But frankly I feel a few of the children might be more valuable if left to the end so that my units can powerlevel on enemies with ridiculously overinflated levels if it's anything like birthright. I'm just trying to work out which ones might be a pain if left to the end. Ones that start out neutral and surrounded by enemies too close to be recruited in time will probably get picked up soon before the whole "stuck at 20 until they offspring seal" starts making them in greater danger from the level scaling enemies.

Also, whether I use them or not, I'll do it offscreen unless the child is relevant in some way to the narrative.

Edited by Alastor15243

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Due to a combination of a few surprises preventing me from doing a map today and the fact that what I have planned for this actually works better this way, I'm posting a very short pre-map mini-entry, and tomorrow you'll get the actual map entry. Hope you enjoy!

Entry 17

Dear War Journal,

One day at a time. Another day, another battle, another session of Keaton cuddling...


...Slowly the wounds will heal.

Let's try to think positive today, shall we? Happy thoughts! Focus on the good news!

And thankfully there's a lot of good news to focus on today!

So remember how I had a bit of a breakdown at the end of last part because I had waaaaay too many mounted and beastkind units at the time? The past few days I've been taking steps to remedy that.


Firstly, Camilla and Jakob got married, and thankfully the uncontrollable power of Camilla's sexiness managed to pierce Jakob's South-Nohrian stuffiness and they bred pretty much immediately, resulting in a son named Dwyer. Only... one thing...

...It would appear that marrying a butler to a member of the royal family has had some rather... unforeseen consequences.


Jakob: My word, Dwyer, you cannot just go barging into Lady Dakota's private quarters unannounced! I'm afraid I cannot let you pass!

Dwyer: Dakota tricked me, Dad! She handed me this funny seal and there was this bright light and then my pony was gone! And now I'm wearing this stupid outfit!

Jakob: S-Stupid!? Now see here, Son, that stupid outfit you are wearing is the official uniform of the Nohrian butler, a sophisticated and noble profession that my family has taken on for generations! And now it is your turn to-

Dwyer: Fuck you, Dad! I am not a butler! I am a princess!

Jakob: ...Prince.

Dwyer: Whatever! I'm going to find my pony, I'm going to get back on my pony, and I'm going to ride around twirling my sparkly baton and healing wounds just like Auntie Elise, and nobody is going to stop me!


...I'm so very, very sorry, Dwyer, but that is not happening. You've inherited quite a bit of your mother's terrifying strength, and damn it, you're going to make use of it. Anyway, meet Jakob's replacement. He inherited Rally Defense and Inspiration, and his stats are quite good, especially compared to the other maids and butlers I've encountered. Sadly, he's not quite proficient at throwing knives or shuriken yet, but he'll get there, and then I'll give him my second flame shuriken so that he can make use of his roughly equivalent attack stats. Choosing to pass down Inspiration is a choice I'm happy with, but it does mean that unless I drag Jakob along, I'm going to be without Rally Resistance until Elise gains a few more levels. But that's fine.


While picking him up, I gained quite a few good levels...


...allowing me to get my hands on Luna like I wanted to and return to my usual fabulous wardrobe, just the thing I need to boost my confidence. I could have gone straight to Basara, but this gives me a head start on the first of the Nohr Noble skills, which might be useful even before the awesome Nohrian Trust. Not only that, but it also gives me a chance to gain at least a D rank in tomes before being locked to two E ranks rather than one, which would basically render my special technique stacking meaningless. I'll switch to Basara at level 11 so I can learn Quixotic as soon as possible.


Arthur too has completed his great knight training and is back in the sniper class, now with his newly-usable Justice Beam killer bow. Look at that crit rate. Look at it. That's not even counting gamble! Or the fact that basically all enemies have virtually no way to reduce that crit rate. Combined with Luna he's absolutely deadly now. If only he had a bit more speed... but hopefully now that he's back in the speedy sniper class he'll be able to get some lucky speed levels. He pretty much has it made everywhere else (besides luck of course).


Laslow's fully befriended Keaton and can now reclass to berserker...


...once he's done with falcon knight and learns Rally Speed at level 8. My hope is to get him out of falcon knight in the next battle so that we can eliminate one more beastfoe weakness on my team. Not only that, but having access to Rally Speed, which would bring his dancing speed buff up to 5, would be a huge help against the fast kitsune we're going to be fighting soon.

As for what the next battle is... I'm not sure.

However, while we're at it, now that I've learned Luna and can teach it to my children, I think it's time to pick them up. Realizing the problems that arise when children are not raised together, along with the simple fact that they'd be less lonely when we're not visiting, Keaton and I decided to put both of our children in the same deeprealm this time. Having my own children with me will probably be just the thing I need to help cheer up.

Plus, Kana informed me in his last letter that he's finally figured out how to dual-wield formstones and transform into an honest-to-goodness wyrmwolf! I cannot wait to see this!

We set out to pick the two of them up first thing in the morning, War Journal!

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Dear Diary,

Today is shaping up to be super awesome! Nanny made white chocolate pancakes this morning, my favorite! Vel and I can't have real chocolate. It makes us sick. But apparently white chocolate isn't real chocolate. Live and learn! Anyway, Nanny tripped and sprained her ankle, so she has to stay in bed all day. Which means we're on our own for lunch. Which means it's hunting time! And this time, Vel says I can come along! YAY! I can't wait, Diary! I'll keep you posted when we get to the forest!

Velouria: Hm... so... what're you in the mood for, Kana?

Kana: Um... Which one has bacon in it?

Velouria: ...That would be pigs and boars. You don't find pigs in forests. Boars, kind of, but not this one.

Kana: Aw... bacon is tasty!

Velouria: Indeed it is, Kana, indeed it is... Sniff Sniff...Hm... but that deer over there is looking veeeeery tasty too.

Kana: ...Nah, what's he done to anyone?

Velouria: He is criminally delicious, and the sentence is death.

Kana: But he's got those cool dragon antlers! Represent!

Velouria: ...Do you even know what that means?

Kana: Not a clue! Why don't we hunt a bear instead?

Velouria: Ugh. Bear meat. I've had enough of that stuff for a lifetime. And besides, you're not supposed to hunt predators.

Kana: Why not? I wanna hunt something that can fight back! ...OOH! Let's hunt a lion! Or a tiger! Either way, epic clash of fur and fang against the mortal enemies of one of our kinds!

Velouria: You're not supposed to meddle with the food chain like that! Daddy says prey animals will make too many of themselves and destroy the forest if predators don't keep them in check!

Kana: And Mama said “we don't fight noncombatants”! And then she told me that means people who can't fight!

Velouria: She was talking about people, not animals!

Kana: What's the matter, afraid to lose to a bear?

Velouria: N-no! But that's not the po-

Kana: Yay! There's one right now! Hey! BEAR!

Bear: Rwrar?

Kana: Um... Uh... Psst! Vel!

Velouria: ...What.

Kana: ...Help me out with my one-liner, will you?

Velouria: Oh for the love of all the gods...

Kana: See, I'm trying to take the fact that it's a bear and it likes to eat things and then bring that over to “taste my steel”, but I can't think of a good way to do it without implying that I also find the bunny he's chasing tasty, and that's not very heroic-


Kana: Aw, fine! HYA!

...Aw, drat. I got blood all over my lucky bandana! The one Mama gave me for my birthday! Maybe if I wear it inside out...

Velouria: Sigh. ...Good job, by the way. I don't have a clue about swordfighting, but you didn't get hit at all, so I guess you're improving.

Kana: Thanks! I wish I knew some more tricks though...

Velouria: Ooh! That reminds me! Guess who's coming over to teach us Luna and then bring us home with them!

Kana: ...Mama and Papa?

Velouria: Yep! The letter came this morning! They'll be here in a couple of hours!

Kana: O-oh... That's... that's great! Yay! We're going home!

Velouria: ...Is something wrong, Kana?

Kana: N-no! No, everything's fine, Vel!

Velouria: ...Well, you're obviously lying. Lemme know when you wanna talk about it!

Kana: W-will do!

...This is a problem, Diary.

You see, last time I wrote to Mama, I may have kinda, sorta... completely told a bald-faced lie to her.

...I told her I figured out how to use both a beaststone and a dragonstone at once to turn into a huge mega ultra awesome hybrid monster. Aaaaand I haven't. At all.

B-but I figured if I worked out how to do it by the time she came home from the war, it wouldn't be a lie, and she'd never have to know! But... if she's coming back today...

...Oh no, I've gotta figure out how to do it now, Diary, or I'm gonna be in big trouble!

Um... okay... got my beaststone here... and my dragonstone here... all I have to do is...


...The... The DRACO DOGGY!

...The three-horned super awesomebeast?


Power up!

...Abra kadabra?



...Ugh! It's... it's not working, Diary. ...I'm not even sure if it's possible.

...No! It has to be! It's too awesome for the world to not allow it! I just have to keep trying harder!





Kana: I-I'm warning you! I-I'm, like, four different kinds of hybrid! I could t-totally kick all your butts! And then I-I could eat you! And it would only be cannibalism a little bit!


They're not answering, Diary! I think these are those guys Mama talked about! The Purple Ones! Oh no, if they're here, that means...

Kana: G-gotta fight back... Or they'll hurt people! Can't let Mama down! YAAAAAAA!


Kana: Owww! They got me! Ouch, it stings... Oh no, they're closing in on me!



Kana: Vel! You're here!

Velouria: Come on, Kana, these guys are no match for us! Let's do this!

Kana: Right!

Velouria: YAAAAAAA!


...Quick update, Diary...

...They were a match for us.

Vel's in bad shape. One of them got her good in the leg, she can't move anymore.

Velouria: Ha! Who needs legs to fight!? Have you seen these arms? I can punch you from across the river! OWWWWW! Uh, I mean... AWOOOOOOO!

Kana: Vel! Hurry! Shift back so I can carry you! We gotta run away!

Velouria: No! What if they ambush Mama and Daddy!? They're coming any minute! We've gotta take down as many as we can or they could get hurt! You! Take this! HAAA! HYAAAA! GAH... HYAAAAA!



Kana: Vel!

Velouria: I... I can still fight...



Kana: MY SWORD! NO! ...No...

Entry 18

Oh, it's the craziest thing, War Journal...



Dakota: Silas! Get Velouria to safety!

Silas: I'm on it!

Dakota: Jakob! Do what you can to stabilize that wound!

Jakob: At once, milady!

Rue and despair, those who dared to touch Kana Moonshine Vendelgate of West Dakota.

Weep and beg, those who dared to hurt Velouria Draco Vendelgate of West Dakota.

Void thy bowels in abject terror, all you possessed of the suicidal madness required to strike them both!

For Dakota Waterstone Vendelgate of Nohr is here now.


Kana: Mama! You made it!

Dakota: Kana! Sweetie! Are you alright? Which ones hurt you!?

Kana: I'm fine, Mama, but Vel, she's-

Dakota: Being taken care of. We can handle this, you follow Silas and Jakob! Mama's gotta let off some steam.

Kana: No! I can still fight! I want to help!

Dakota: Baby, that's really sweet, but... wait... actually... yes! That's perfect! Alright, listen up, Kana. Promise to do exactly as Mama says and you can fight with us, okay?

Kana: I promise!

Dakota: Good! Now shift into wyrmwolf form for me!

Kana: Uh...

Dakota: What's wrong?

Kana: Uh... Nothing! Nothing, Mama! One second! HNNNNNNNNG!

Dakota: ...Sweetheart?



...Just to be clear, War Journal... that is not a Wyrmwolf. Damn it all, I think he over-exerted himself, and now he's in a confused frenzy. I'll have to have Azura sing him back to normal once this is over. But for now, at least he's on our side.


This is really familiar, War Journal. And yet I don't have the same army, so the same strategy doesn't really apply. Hm... Also, the enemies are significantly stronger than last time. No matter. This should be quite straightforward.


First off, I have Dwyer use Rally Defense on both Laslow and me.


Next, Laslow goes in to bait these two un-highlighted Falcon Knights.


Then I prepare to use these snipers as tome practice.


Peri and Kaze prepare to deal with these onmyoji...


...And everyone else gathers in the center to deal with the stragglers.


Peri and Kaze route the onmyoji like expected. Unfortunately, I do one less damage to the snipers than I thought, so they all live, except for the one Kana rushes in and kills. And it was the one the priestess chose to heal too! Good boy! The rest of the falcon knights rush us, but nobody else does.




The falcon knights are dealt with, and I make sure Laslow's the one who gets fed two kills. I'm hoping to get him out of falcon knight by the end of this battle. Look at Arthur's battle specs.


That was from a dual strike.


And then Camilla gets Savage Blow, which might come in handy later.


I clear out the snipers, and Kaze and Peri return to the main group. All that remains is one priestess, some swordmasters, a group of spear masters, and the small group of enemies to the south.


Thanks to some rallies and dual guards, Laslow routs all but one of the spear masters, and finishes that surviving leader off next round.


The swordmasters are on the move, so we back up a bit to deal with them.




After Kaze fires off Kaze's needle and boosts the speed of basically all of my units...




...The slaughter commences! Yes, I wound up using almost none of the units whose speed was boosted, but I need to get rid of a lot of E ranks and unfortunate classes. Speaking of...


...Oh yes.





Laslow, I could kiss you if you weren't fucking my wife!


Let's have Dwyer start off with these remaining enemies.



They all advance, so I use the bridge to bottleneck them and join Dwyer in taking them down.


Step 26 on my path to greatness...


...And this magnificent skill! Though for it to be effective it would have to mean I'm not an unstoppable killing machine, but if I intentionally cripple myself with a fire tome and set myself loose against a bunch of enemies, this skill would really help train my other troops!


Now to pick off this sniper and that priestess I left back there due to inconvenient samurai placement, and...


...Um... What?

...They appear to want to catch Kana to have as a pet.

...Yeah. Needless to say that's not happening.


Dakota: Hey Arthur! Look! Slavers!




Dwyer gained a level from killing that priestess. I must say, Dwyer's coming along quite nicely, albeit kicking and screaming the whole way.


Sadly, that was not the end of the reinforcements.


Arthur gained another level, one that included strength skill and most importantly speed, and he got this ability...


...Which basically means that no amount of bad luck will ever allow him to miss anything ever again.


Step 27 on my path to greatness.


Damn it! They keep coming! I know I wanted the training opportunity, but I don't know how much longer Kana can take the stress, and I have no idea how Velouria's faring! Right, better hurry up. I'll step in to take care of the southern half, I need the tome training anyway.


As for the northern forces... this is extreme overkill.


Finally, freedom from E rank!


And after a long, nerve-wrackingly tedious struggle...


Finally we achieve victory!

We managed to pacify Kana and brought him and Velouria back home to West Dakota. Thankfully Velouria's going to make it, but...

Keaton: ...How are you feeling, Sunshine?

Velouria: Ow! ...I've seen better days. ...How bad is it?

Dakota: Pretty bad. You'll make a full recovery, but not right away.

Elise: That's right! You'll need to stay off that foot for a while, young lady!

Velouria: Heh... “young lady”... that's rich, coming from you...

Elise: Hey! I'm way older than you in actual years, missy! Hmph! ...Anyway, there's only so much that healing staves can do to heal a wound. We managed to heal it enough that it'll fix itself on its own, but you'll have to get lots of rest until it heals.

Velouria: How long will that be?

Elise: Who knows! You're a double hybrid, I have no idea how quickly you'll heal from stuff like this. It could be anywhere from a month to a couple of days, but you'll have to stay in bed until you're healed at any rate!

Velouria: Is she a qualified doctor?

Dakota: She's a healing prodigy, don't worry.

Velouria: If you say so...

Keaton: Kana tells me you got that injury protecting your brother. That was really brave, Vel, I'm very proud of you.

Dakota: ...But only because you survived, understand? If you got yourself killed for any reason at all, we'd be very mad! That goes for you too, Kana, got it? Don't you dare die on us for any reason! Don't even give your lives to save each other, promise? We're not playing favorites, and neither should you!

Kana: Got it!

Velouria: ...Got it.

Dakota: Kana, sweetie, let's let Velouria rest, okay? Come with me outside.

Kana: Okay...

Dakota: …

Kana: ...I guess you figured it out, huh?

Dakota: Hm?

Kana: ...That I can't turn into a wyrmwolf. I don't have the first clue.

Dakota: ...Yeah, I gathered as much.

Kana: Am I in trouble?

Dakota: No, why would you be in trouble?

Kana: I lied to you! Aren't you mad?

Dakota: No, just really confused. Why would you lie about something like that?

Kana: I... I thought it would make you happy.

Dakota: Kana, I am happy!

Kana: It didn't look like it last time I saw you. You were barely listening to me when I was telling you about all the cool stuff I did, and you kept staring off into the distance too!

Oh gods. Was it that obvious? I thought I had kept on a good poker face this whole time... could even a child tell I've been upset?

Kana: And then I remembered how excited you had been about the fact that Vel and I were hybrids... I thought maybe hearing that I could do awesome hybrid stuff would cheer you up... and I figured I'd be able to do it by the time the war was over... I'm sorry, Mama!

Dakota: Sweetie, don't get upset. Mama's just been acting really stupid these past few days.


...I have to get over this, War Journal.

I have a wonderful family of my very own, and it's not fair to any of them if I keep obsessing over the past. I have to focus on the future. Because let's face it, the past was far from perfect.


I have to focus on being a better wife than I was a husband, and a better mother than I was a father.


Time to make peace with things.

Dakota: Hello, Laslow.

Laslow: Lady Dakota! What a pleasant surprise! What can I do for you?

Dakota: We don't have any prisoners, you know.

Laslow: ...Oh! That explains why I haven't heard any noise.

Dakota: ...I was wondering... Keaton says he gave you a flying disk with a hole in it?

Laslow: Oh! Yes! Ah, that was fun.

Dakota: I was wondering if I could borrow it so I could play with my son.

Laslow: Oh! Of course! If he's anything like his father, I'm sure he'll love it!

Dakota: Awesome. Thanks, Laslow.

Laslow: Hold on a minute!

Dakota: Hm?

Laslow: Look, I... I wanted to thank you.

Dakota: ...What for?

Laslow: I can't really go into the details, but... look, for as long as I can remember I've always wanted to be a great dancer, like my mother. Her dancing has this... certain quality to it... it's almost like a sort of magic, and it inspires people to do great things. I've always wanted to be able to dance like that, to be an inspiration to others and actually have it impact their lives. I wanted to be something more meaningful than a cheap diversion. So I always practiced as much as I could... but there were lots of complications... I had various other priorities... and I could never get as good as mother. I had almost given up on it ever being anything more than a hobby.

Dakota: ...Oh.

Laslow: But now look at me! Under your command, I've learned so much, and I've been able to incorporate it into my dancing! I can't make people do the work of two like Mother and Azura can, but still! I wanted to inspire people to greatness with my dancing, and now I am! You have no idea how much this means to me!

Dakota: ...You're right. ...I didn't.

Aaaand he's hugging me. Uh...

Laslow: Sorry... I just got a little emotional... But seriously, thank you so much.

Dakota: ...Don't thank me just yet. There's still a few more things for you to learn, and then you'll be good enough that you can basically start dancing full time.

Laslow: Are you serious!?

Dakota: Completely.

Laslow: Thank you so much!

Aaaaaand he's hugging me again. ...Wow this is weird. ...But not as unpleasant as I thought it would be.

...To think, the man I've basically hated with a flaming passion for the past few days... has actually had nothing but gratitude and admiration for me.

...Wow I feel like an ass.

...But that's behind me now. Hopefully.

...Right. Glad that drama's over.

Now all that's left for me to do is pretend to be the loyal dog of an evil overlord and fake the overthrow of the peace-loving utopian society my mother and father loved with all of their hearts so I can trick Garon into sitting on a magic chair.

Whew! Sounds like a cakewalk.

Farewell, War Journal.

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Entry 19

Dear War Journal,


Gods look at him isn't he just the cutest!? He's wearing my outfit and he looks so good in it!

Kana: Mama, why does mine have pants?

Dakota: Because you're 12, Kana. If you still want to go pantsless when you're 18, be my guest. Until then, the pants stay on, mister.


Here he is. Looking quite good, isn't he? Realizing I had four iron swords lying around I made a sibling blade to the Mahnkschtall for him (it's pronounced “swa-rah”, but with that weird Hoshidan “r”.)

One slight complication: While it seemed like he was learning Luna from me during the previous battle, for some reason when we got back to camp he had mastered Draconic Hex instead, so it seems he's permanently lost the opportunity to learn Luna unless I buddy him up with a male cavalier, or have him marry a female one (yeah, not happening).

That's fine though, this actually makes no difference in the long term. He's still inherited diviner and thus basara from me, so all this means is that instead of having him equip Quixotic, Nohrian Trust, Luna and Rend Heaven and then pairing up with a “bond unit” with Dragon Fang and Astra, now I just need him to switch out Luna for Dragon Fang and then make a bond unit with both Luna and Astra.


And thankfully I'm starting to get some ideas as to how bond unit skills work, so now I'll just put Luna in the last spot on my skill list and hope whoever I run into and accidentally a living being with has Astra at the end of theirs.


Here's a quick comparison of mother and son stats. I put away Grim Yato and unequipped horse spirit to show you our raw values. He's certainly tougher than expected, which is definitely welcome. Also note that I've used a couple of stat bonus items, namely that dragon herb from the beginning, a dracoshield, a talisman, and two things of spirit dust. So for natural stats these are quite nice. Let's just hope his growths turn out to be good this time. But even if they aren't, he still has a valuable niche in this army:

Being my son.


Selena asked for an accessory, and since she's the future queen of Nohr, I suppose she should start wearing a crown. I also gave her that weird emblem shield that showed up in the accessory shop out of nowhere, and for whatever reason she had this to say:




Oh this is absolutely adorable! Looks like Kana and Keaton are getting into a contest to see who can make me the happiest!

...Oh dear, sweet, innocent Kana.

You have no idea what kind of handicap you're playing with.


I quickly checked up on my trade partners, particularly Clear, who is still incredibly grateful for my assistance the other day. She tells me their Rhajat problem is under control now, so that's good. Haven't gotten any new viable skill caddies though.

...Right. What was it we were going to do again?


Oh. Yeah. This.


We need speed boosts. Lots of speed boosts.


That's basically useless here, but the desired outcome has been achieved.


Kaden: ...So then he says: “What the heck is ketchup?!”

(Kitsune all laugh)

Kaden: Oh! You're back! I was hoping you were gone for good! You still planning on making this difficult?

Dakota: Uh... we really really need to get through here. And you're, like, really cute, all of you, so... uh... any chance we can just pass through? Pretty please? I really, really don't want to have to fight you!


Sigh. That's a “no”, War Journal. Damn it. Well, again, at least this time they're not actually dying. We'll be able to laugh about this later. That is, assuming we succeed. And on that subject...


Those leaf symbols are really making me nervous, War Journal. There's absolutely no way to tell what the hell they do until it's too late to retreat. So really, I have to prepare for the worst and minimize the danger. Which means as few beast-type units as possible. Keaton's sitting this one out, he's too vulnerable. Kana, however, is not. He would be really bummed out to miss out on the first opportunity for a real battle.

The last time Robin deigned to come out of his little hiding spot and actually speak to me at risk of being sighted by the mysterious trio, he told me that it's highly probable Kana has inherited Keaton's weakness to beast slaying weapons. However, unlike Keaton, Kana can actually engage them at range, albeit not overly effectively. If he turns out to be weak to the kitsune with beastfoe, I'll have him hang back and just use Draconic Hex to help out. I'm also bringing Xander, Elise and Selena despite their beast weaknesses, but all three have ranged attacks, Elise is basically indispensable for that aura of hers, and on top of that, Xander's built like a brick house and can use the beast killer I bought to train up that lance rank so he can finally ascend to mega tanklord supreme with the guard naginata.

We have two healers with plenty of uses on their heal staves, two defense ralliers, all of our defensive auras, our dancer with tons of new tricks up his sleeve, beast killing weapons, and as few beast-type units as possible.


I guess that's really all I can do to prepare for the worst.




...So basically these guys can render themselves invincible temporarily, and it's not until after I act that it'll switch? And the first enemy in my range is currently in invincible mode?

And I can't even figure out the pattern without waiting, so I need to move on with my plans anyway or else risk being horribly rushed?

Meaning that player-phase assaults will perpetually be stymied by invincible units inside of advancing groups who will be capable of attacking me as soon as I'm done, and defensive formations will be in the face of enemies with high crit rates and ludicrous offensive bonuses!?

How can such adorable fluffy creatures be capable of such vile, despicable evil!?


...At least the first enemy doesn't have any real tricks up his sleeve. I have everyone capable of defending against crit rates surround him and then I have myself prepare to take on a few of the northern enemies.

Let's hope fate doesn't fuck me too much.


...It's not as bad as I initially feared, but anything could happen to go horribly wrong. The illusion pattern could change. Enemy reinforcements could appear out of nowhere. Hell, even if it stays totally the same, fate could still fuck me over. I wasn't able to fully negate the enemy's crit rates when fighting those northern kitsune, so I danced with a 3% chance of death with literally every blow.


...That and the promoted ones are obscene dodgemasters who are nigh impossible to get reliable hit rates on. Oh whatever am I to do?


Oh Arthur...


Look how far you've come.


Just a few enemies away from clearing out a safe corner of the map to work with.


It would appear Robin was correct. A side-effect of being an awesome hybrid is that Kana is permanently weak to beast-effective attacks, as well as dragon-effective ones. Right, best keep him out of danger.


The investment put into Arthur continues to pay off handsomely, as does the investment into Laslow's dancing, as the increased speed and skill is a godssend against these quick enemies.


Kana makes me proud.


Xander uses his freakish defense and a beast killer to deal with three upcoming kitsune and feed his lance rank, despite two of them having beastbane. Elise spots him with Demoiselle just in case the stronger ones can crit him, but using Lily's Poise as well would make the weaker one chicken out. This is why rallies and auras are so important. It allows you to modify your defense score at will to deal with whatever the current challenge requires.


...Sadly apparently effective damage is only x2 for beastbane, and I forgot that the weakest one had even-handed, not odd-shaped, so none of them attack at all. No big deal though, I can remedy that now.


If any reinforcements are coming, they're probably lying in wait for an ambush, because I've been here a while and not much has happened. Anyway, time to bait these guys with Xander. Not all of them can touch him, but the ones that can't should approach anyway. And I have all of my allies grouped up around Laslow to prepare for an all-out assault once that happens.


Ooh! One of them was carrying a talisman!


Arthur continues to be amazing...


...And Dwyer keeps patching up even the most trivial of injuries and imperfections to train up that staff rank in case we find the S rank staff and it turns out to be good.


So this last big batch of kitsune is entirely made up of illusion weavers. Everyone pictured above who does not have a leaf icon will have one next round. They've got plenty of nasty skills, so it's time to work this out.


Shockingly, Xander makes it fairly straightforward. I find an isolated spot for him to stand and I have him lure three of them just as they phase out of their illusion.


Repeat process until Xander smashes everything.


Alright. Last ones. Check skills, check stats, rally up, pick the right weapon...


Kaden, I am so sorry about this. You'll understand the minute you wake up, I promise!


...They're not taking the bait. Damn it, Kaden, why do you have to draw this out!? Looks like I'll have to leap in, take out Kaden, and then take out the others when their illusions fizzle.


I'm strong enough to do that since Kaden's defense is so weak.


Nope nope nope, not a good idea. That hit rate sucks, and poor winds of fortune could doom me.


Alright, new plan: I leap into the fray to bait when the two weaker ones phase in, then deal with Kaden when he's all alone.


...They're still not moving. This could be very good or very bad.


Sigh... I guess I just need to swing and hope for the best.


The best happens, thanks to Luna and a dodge. Now to see how he responds.


Kaden fights valiantly and adorably...


...But in the end I prevail.


I will use this well, Kaden...


...and I'll return it when you wake up, I promise.

Xander: Dakota, are you okay?

Dakota: Hm? Oh, Xander! I'm fine, thank you.

Xander: I'm surprised you had it in you to attack so many of them yourself. I know how much you love anything with a tail... It can't have been easy.

Dakota: It wasn't. Their leader... he fought alongside me in the last timeline.

Xander: I'm so sorry.

Dakota: It's fine. It's not like he's dead. Last time... it was a lot worse. I'm just glad it wasn't as difficult as it appeared from the start. What's on the other side of this mountain?

Xander: That would be the wind tribe village.

Dakota: Hm...

Xander: Is something wrong?

Dakota: Not if I'm remembering correctly, no. This should work out well. Alright. Let's return to West Dakota and rest.

Xander: I'll let the others know.

Well... I've beaten up a bunch of puppies and watched somebody else marry my wife.

I think it's safe to say the worst is over, War Journal.

Whatever fate has in store for me next...

I say bring it on.

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Sorry, no update tonight. The next chapter's going to need to be majorly off the rails from the actual game's plot so I need another day to work it out.

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Entry 20

Dakota: Here you go, Velouria, your favorite, venison stew.

Velouria: Awesome, you're the best, Mom!

Dakota: Hope you get better soon. How've you been feeling?

Velouria: Terrible. It's been three days and my calves already feel like they're made of jelly. By the time I'm “healed” they'll probably have retracted into my kneecaps.

Dakota: Oh don't be such a baby.

Velouria: Hey, I'm barely a month old, cut me some slack! ...So how's the big war coming?

Dakota: Well, nobody's died yet.

Velouria: Always a plus. I really wish I could help, Mom. At the very least I hope Kana's not getting in the way.

Dakota: Oh don't worry, he isn't. He's very well-behaved, does exactly what I say. ...Where is he, anyway? He's usually here around this time to say hi to you.

Velouria: He came a bit early today. Said he was going to go to the time pod room.

Dakota: ...Odd... why would he want to go there?

Velouria: Not sure. I guess you could ask him.

Dakota: Alright, little miss smarty pants, maybe I will. And in the meantime... I've got a surprise for you.


Dakota: Velouria, no, I've told you already, even sitting in a saddle would be too much for your leg.

Velouria: …

Dakota: But anyway, I know there's not a lot to do in bed besides reading.

Velouria: And playing chess. That's always fun. Though sometimes I wish I had better opponents than Daddy. Hehehe... he's terrible at it, Mom.

Dakota: Well anyway, I brought a friend of mine to put on a show for you.

Velouria: A show?

Azura: Hello there, Velouria.

Velouria: Azura! Hey! Ooh! Are you going to sing for me, Azura?

Azura: ...Yes... my husband's tagged along too, by the way.

Laslow: Greetings, young lady! Any requests?

Velouria: OOH! How about Dusk Falls!?

Azura: ...The Nohrian propaganda piece? I don't know...

Laslow: Oh don't be such a wet blanket, sweetheart, it's a great song!

Azura: ...Very well, if you insist...

Dakota: Have fun, Velouria!

Elise: ...Sigh...

Kana: Hey Elise!

Elise: Ah! Oh! Kana! Hiya!

Kana: What're you doing here?

Elise: I could ask you the same thing!

Kana: You could... but I asked first.

Elise: ...Phooey! Alright, fine... I'm... I'm just here to remind myself that I haven't killed anyone.

Kana: ...Oh.

Elise: I mean, the whole plan is perfect, there's nothing wrong with it at all. We're going to stop Father from hurting everyone, we're going to end the war, and we're going to do it without anyone having to die. I know that... it's just...

Kana: ...Kinda hard to remember when we're actually out there fighting, right?

Elise: Huh? Oh! I get it! We're here for the same reason!

Kana: Kind of. Mostly I wanted to see it, it seemed like really cool magic! ...Now that I'm looking at it it's a little creepy... but still cool!

Elise: ...I'm glad Leo can do something like this... but I hope this never needs to be used again.

Kana: Why not? It makes fighting safer!

Elise: Yeah, but I think it would be better if people just stopped fighting.

Kana: ...That sounds... kinda boring. And besides, how do you stop the bad guys without fighting?

Elise: It's not as simple as good guys and bad guys, Kana!

Kana: ...It is sometimes. I mean I know the Hoshidans aren't bad even though we're fighting them... but bad guys are real, and fighting's the only way to stop them.

Elise: ...Yeah... I guess... but maybe it won't be forever. Maybe I'm just young and stupid, but I just hope that someday we find a way to solve everything without fighting.

Kana: …

Elise: …

Kana: …

Elise: …

Kana: ...You're pretty.

Elise: H-huh?

Kana: Wanna go play knights and outlaws!?

Elise: Uh-

Kana: C'mon, I'll race you outside! WHEEEEEEE!

...Well... that transpired, War Journal. And it was adorable.


...Right, I suppose I should give a quick update: First off, Camilla came over to me the other day saying she had a present for me.

What she actually had was an old friend.


So yeah, I can now reclass to a malig knight or wyvern lord whenever I want, War Journal! That'll be good to keep in mind.


The lottery shop and mess hall have both been upgraded to tier 3. Oh tidings of merriment and jubilation! Now I can get even better mediocre prizes! Whoo! But in all seriousness, the tier 3 mess hall is quite good, because now the bonuses will apply to all of my units, not just half of them, meaning no more repeat dishes to get the correct units boosted.


Case in point: This is absolutely excellent. Basically, everyone gets their own Grim Yato for the next battle. And I get two of them!


Trade partners also provided me with a very interesting shuriken weapon with some positively brutal debuffs. That should be extremely handy in emergencies, but due to the dangers of wielding it, I shouldn't rely on it.

Right then, I suppose that's everything, time to head out on our next mission.

...Well that was unexpected, War Journal. Literally moments after reaching the bottom of the kitsune mountain, we are greeted by messengers from Hoshido, informing us that the Hoshidan royal family wishes to negotiate a possible... peace treaty.

...This is going to be interesting, War Journal. On one hand, it would be great if the war could end right now. That would be just wonderful. Sadly, we live in reality, a reality where Garon sits on the throne. I seriously doubt this will end well. ...And even if, by some miracle, it did, the fact remains that the war will have to appear to continue until the very end if Garon is going to be stopped once and for all. So no matter what the Hoshidans say, we're going to have to turn them down, possibly even, gods forbid, try to goad Garon into war again.

...What I'm trying to get at is that this is going to be one hell of an acting exercise for the more softhearted of my siblings.


...Because all of them must be in attendance. The Hoshidans have requested that all of the Nohrian royals be present. Kana, bless his heart, almost blurted out to the nearby Hoshidan messenger that that included him, and I had to take him aside to make it very clear to him that he is not to mention his royal blood when outside of camp, because his existence in that context cannot be explained without revealing the existence of West Dakota, a place that I've tried very hard to keep Garon from finding out about. The cover story is that Keaton and I have resorted to adoption because we're too far apart to produce viable offspring. Dwyer has also been ordered (much to his extreme chagrin) to pretend that he isn't royalty too.


In addition to all of the royals, I've also been permitted to bring eight soldiers of my own, a small personal guard, as have the Hoshidans, in a mutual assurance that neither side is planning to take advantage of the the other while defenseless. I choose Kana, Keaton, Dwyer, Laslow, Arthur, Kaze, Selena and Felicia.


The peace conference will be held at the nearby neutral territory of the Wind Tribe, in their castle of Reppu. The 14 of us are setting out for it now.


...We've arrived, War Journal. There's a man at the gates greeting us... Hm... I think I remember him... oh yes! That's Fuga, isn't it? Oh I remember last time he was quite the amiable soul-

Fuga: …

...Apparently things have changed.

Elise: Um... ...Hi there?

Fuga: ...

Xander: Greetings. We are the Nohrian royal family. We have been told the Hoshidans wished to meet us inside.

Fuga: ...Welcome to my humble village, children of darkness. You have heard correctly. I am Fuga, chieftain of the wind tribe.

His words are of hospitality, his tone is calm, but there is a brutal coldness in his voice all the same, made no less unnerving by the fact that it's entirely expected.

Fuga: Ah, I see that you father has joined you.

...That, however, wasn't expected, though perhaps it should have been.

I turn around and look up, and what should I see but an absolutely massive wyvern that looks like it could carry two or three elephants quite comfortably. But it's not carrying any elephants, War Journal. That's Malvalven, Garon's personal great wyvern, carrying Garon himself.

There's no way he got here from Krakenburg, or even Cyrkensia, this quickly. Hell, there's no way the messengers got to him this quickly. There's only one explanation:

He's been following us, War Journal.

...Judging our performance.

...For who knows how long.

Deep breaths, Dakota. Play it cool.

Garon: Dakota. You made it. Good.

Dakota: Yes, father, I came as soon as I heard.

Garon: I have been tracking your progress, my children. I am pleased with your work thus far. ...I am proud of all of you. It seems that it was wise to put Dakota in charge of this after all.

Dakota: Your praise is music to my ears, Father.

Garon: Very well. Let us enter and see what these Hoshidans have to say.

Dakota: As you say, Father.

...Of course Garon is here. How could any treaty go underway without the express approval of the king? Why did I not expect this?

...No... it's not that I found that unexpected...

...It's that I'm shocked he even decided to give this conference the time of day.

I refuse to believe that Garon is even entertaining the notion of agreeing a to peace treaty. There has to be some other reason that he decided to come.

...Whatever the reason is, he hasn't seen fit to tell us.

On our way in, suddenly Sakura walks up to me, staring at me nervously, but... smiling... for some reason. This is... odd. Surely she's heard about my apparent methods by now, surely she-

...And she's hugging me. This is... so weird, War Journal. After all she must think I've done, after all I actually have done... why the hell...?

Sakura: Dakota...

Dakota: Sakura, what the hell are you-

Sakura: I-It's okay, big sister! Everything's going to be okay! You don't have to... to do this anymore...

My Nohrian siblings do not like this at all, but they don't suspect Sakura of being even physically capable of setting a trap, and they don't want to provoke unneeded hostility by threatening a sixteen year old princess.

Sakura: C-come on, everyone's waiting in the throne room! You won't b-believe what we have planned!

We've made it to the central throne room of the castle. It's disgustingly understated, to the point that I would barely call it a “castle” at all, but that's not even remotely important right now. There are far too many people in this room that I can't even begin to guess at the motives of, and that makes me extremely nervous, War Journal. The tension in the room is so unbelievably thick that you could cut it with a knife... no, it's so thick it could stop a knife. All of my siblings are even more nervous than I am, though everyone but Elise seems to be doing a good job of hiding it.

There's something resembling a throne, and a rather... “humble” version of the traditional red carpet leading to it, in the center of the room. The carpet serves as a dividing line separating the Hoshidan representatives from the Nohrian ones. There's Sakura, joining up with the others... she's still smiling... Takumi's scowling as usual... as for Hinoka and Ryoma... their expressions... it's hard to tell from this distance.

...Wait a second... they didn't bring any soldiers. The terms of the meeting said they were allowed to... and their obsession with honor surely doesn't extend so far into stupidity that they would simply trust Nohr not to exploit this again, right?


Ryoma: King Garon. Dakota. ...Azura. ...Thank you for coming on such short notice.

Garon: Hmph.

Xander: I understand you wish to make peace with us.

Ryoma: That is correct. I believe I owe you an apology, prince Xander of Nohr. You will have to forgive my behavior when we last met. I was wrapped up in base and irrational anger at seeing... the company Dakota had chosen to keep... and thus did not process the day's information like I should have. The offer I am about to make is one I should have made that day in Izumo. And yet all of us acted like petty children and squandered a precious opportunity.

Garon: Explain.

Ryoma: I don't presume to know why you would fight so hard to keep this information from us, King Garon, but regardless, we now know of your country's food shortage. Your youngest son revealed as much at dinner with the man who we thought was Izana. In light of this information, I can only presume that your country's long history of... conquest... is the only thing that has kept it alive.

Sakura: Th-that's why you sided with Nohr, right, Dakota? Y-you didn't want to watch the country you grew up in starve! That's all, right?

Hinoka: You should have said something, Dakota! Seriously, what the hell!? Do you have any idea how much grief you could have saved us all if you had just told us from the beginning!?

Ryoma: Peace, Hinoka! ...Honestly, we really should have suspected this, given your country's lack of sunlight and general landscape, but that is not the point. The point is we are more than willing to help. We have no quarrel whatsoever with the common people of your country, and on my honor as a master samurai and high prince of Hoshido, I will not stoke the flames of a conflict that could be solved by something as simple as sharing our country's bountiful harvest. Here. This is our offer. Xander, please, take this to your father.

Xander: …

Ryoma: …

Garon: Well, what are you waiting for, son? Bring it here.

Xander: Of course. ...Father, their terms are... shockingly generous. The amount of food they're offering... it should be enough to solve our problems singlehandedly! And... there are barely any conditions on our side at all. Aside from the obvious condition of withdrawing our troops and calling off the war, all they ask is that they be allowed to deliver the food personally.

Garon: ...Is that so...?

Sakura: Y-Yes! See, Dakota? Everything's going to be fine! We don't have to fight anymore!

Ryoma: Quiet, Sakura.

Xander: Here, see for yourself, Father.

Ryoma: Whatever our countries' pasts, King Garon, I do not desire victory, only peace.

Garon: …

Camilla: Well, Father?

Garon: ...Heh.

Ryoma: Hm?

Garon: Hehehehehe...

Camilla: Father?

Garon: Hehehehehehahahahahaha...

Takumi: Gods damn it...


Sakura: Oh... oh no please... Please no...


Ryoma: Petty...!?

Garon: Ask yourselves, Children of Light: What could I possibly stand to gain from agreeing to this? What possible reason could I have to do as you say, and retreat like a coward, and abandon the single greatest undertaking anyone has ever set out on!? Have you really gone so far as to delude yourselves into believing that there is anything you can give to me that I cannot simply take!?

Ryoma: You...

Garon: Your bountiful fields... your rich seas... your vibrant trees... surely you must see by now that all of these things will be mine in a matter of days! As will your throne, your castle, your people, and your lives!

Ryoma: How dare you!?

Garon: How dare I!? This entire foolish get-together is a farce! How dare I indeed! Better question: how dare you!? Walking up to me and attempting to parley with me on equal terms! To even allow the mad notion that we could possibly be equals to so much as enter your wretched mongrel skull! Equals!? Me!? To a man who has crawled through the mud and conversed with the worms for so long he's forgotten what he even is anymore!? And you dare speak of honor!? You have no concept of what that word even means, boy! The only honor you are worthy of is the honor of decorating my holy axe with your tainted blood!

Oh he wouldn't dare...

Ryoma: Everyone, disengage!


Garon just swung his axe at the Hoshidan royal family and blasted them with a fiery shockwave! Ryoma dodged, but the other three got hit dead on! Shit shit shit shit shit! This will ruin everything! Quick! I have to “kill” them myself if they're still clinging to life or else they'll die for real, and then-



Seems those Hoshidan devils are more clever than I gave them credit for.

These aren't Takumi, Hinoka and Sakura.

They're puppets.

Absurdly lifelike ones, almost assuredly the work of “Kaizo-Kotomi”. Sakura's got right up next to me and I didn't even notice then. They look... so real... the eyes, the skin...

...The look of abject despair on Sakura's face.

Dakota: Seems like the Hoshidans are still alive. That is if they disengaged in time. Otherwise-

Kaze: They did, milady. Look. If the puppets were still tied to their controllers, they would have bled their controllers' blood.

Dakota: ...Very well.

Oh dear, looks like Ryoma's fighting Garon. This can't end well.


Garon: No, you fool, as I just finished explaining to you, I am not! And much as you may refuse to admit it, neither are you!

Ryoma: We offered you the chance to save your people without further bloodshed! Do you care nothing for them!?

Garon: YES! I care nothing for them, and I owe nothing to them! The peasants exist to serve the gods, not the other way around, you sentimental fool! Perhaps I will feed them... once I have conquered your land... yes, perhaps... if they beg me. If they serve me loyally. If not, well... what good are they to me?

Ryoma: Your words are nothing but bile, you aging relic of darkness! Treaty or not, this war ends today!


Ryoma: ...No... NO!

Dakota: I cannot let you do that, Ryoma.

Ryoma: Dakota, what are you doing!? You heard every word to come out of that monster's mouth... How can those siblings of yours... how can Azura... how can you still fight for this man!?

Dakota: I would not expect somebody like you to even begin to understand, Ryoma. Can you truly not understand the greatness we must live up to? Father's glorious dream must come to fruition. Whatever it takes, whatever the cost... Father must sit on the throne of Hoshido!

Ryoma: Dakota, what have they done to you!? How can you have changed so much from the little sister I knew!?

Dakota: You knew a six year old girl, Ryoma! Open your eyes! You knew nothing of my heart or my destiny! I was never one of you! This is who I am! This is who I was always meant to be!

Garon: Daughter, stand aside.

Dakota: Father?

Garon: If he wishes to fight me, let him. I welcome it. Come, I'll even give you the first strike. Hehehehehe...

Ryoma: …

Garon: What's the matter, boy? What happened to all of that bravado about fighting me? I'm giving you a perfect opening! WHY DO YOU HESITATE, CHILD!?

Ryoma: Urgh... HAAAAAAAAA!


Ryoma: No... impossible... the legendary Raijinto... The shock alone should have brought you to your knees...

Dakota: So you see, Ryoma? Victory was never even on the table. This whole time, Garon has simply been toying with you. Whatever outcome this war will have, it will not see you victorious. Run back to your little castle full of pink flowers and wait for the inevitable.

Ryoma: ...Never.

Dakota: Do you think you can do the impossible, Ryoma?

Ryoma: It would appear I have gravely misjudged you, Dakota. It is as you said. You were never one of us. If you were... you would know it is not about what is possible... it's about what is right!


Garon: Finally, the obnoxious prattle ends.

Dakota: They're not dead, father. They were replicas.

Garon: I know that, Dakota! I knew of their contingency plan from the very beginning! Have you any idea of how many spies I have!?

Fuga: Nowhere near enough.

Garon: Hm?



Sweet mother of all the gods, War Journal, everything is exploding! The ceiling is collapsing, the floor is collapsing, the walls are collapsing, what the hell is going on!?

Dakota: Keaton! Kana! This way!

Kana: Aaaaaaah!

Felicia: Waaaa!

Leo: Felicia! On my horse! Take my hand!

Felicia: Whoa!

Camilla: Dwyer! Hurry!

Wait, the way the rocks are falling... if we time this just right...






Whew! We made it, War Journal. Good gods, the entire castle... it looked run down before... it's been reduced to dust, rubble and scaffolding like it was destroyed in an earthquake a century ago!

Elise: Where's father?

Xander: His section of floor was the first to give way. He fell. All the way to the deepest basement levels, I presume. I think this was the Hoshidans' plan to begin with, Dakota.

Fuga: They had no part in this, child of darkness. Even if their ranks hadn't been compromised, I would never ask them to take part in something like this.

Dakota: Fuga! What is the meaning of this!?

Fuga: So you are all still alive. I was not expecting that, but I suppose in the long run it makes no difference. Today shall still be Garon's death.

Dakota: If you honestly think that fall was enough to kill my father-

Fuga: That was merely to keep him from interfering. I am well aware of Garon's magic armor, Dakota. I know of its powers. And yet still... today he shall die.

Leo: And how do you plan to kill the unkillable?

Fuga: Ah, the clever young man who has all of the right answers but asks none of the right questions. Life and death are nothing like you envision them. The concept of killing is an illusion, child, for life is not something owned, to be defended or taken. Life is something borrowed, something given to you every moment of every day by the grace of the world around you. It is given to you through the food that you eat, it is given to you through the water that you drink...

Fuga: ...and it is given to you through the air that you breathe.

What the hell is this man on about...?

Fuga: Garon's armor may deflect every strike, every blow... his body may reject every poison and venom... but nothing, no one, no force on heaven or earth can save you when the air itself chooses to forsake you!

Dakota: ...No...


What the hell...

...I have no idea what the hell is happening, War Journal, but even a child could tell you it's bad news. The sky... it's swirling uncontrollably... no, not the sky... it's like the entire castle, or what's left of it, and all the land for miles around, is encased in a vast dome made out of the wind itself! The wind's blowing so hard that' it's...

Fuga: Is it getting hard to breathe, children of darkness? ...That is to be expected. That is the point.

Come on, Dakota, think...

Xander: What is this madness!?


Fuga: The madness that will kill Mad King Garon once and for all, Xander! In a scant seven minutes, the breath of life that you have for so long taken for granted will be nowhere to be found for miles around! The whole of the wind tribe's territory will be lethal to every creature that crawls upon the land, including your father!


Xander: You would sacrifice your own people to kill one man!?


Fuga: My people do not fear death, Xander, though I would not expect an outsider to understand that! Suffice to say that for one of the wind tribe, death is but a minor setback!


Dakota: Everyone, the dragon veins! They'll interfere with the winds and send air towards the castle! They'll buy us time! And the one at the throne... If we can trigger that one, we can stop this completely! Everyone! MOVE!

Fuga: ...So you seek to stop this. Very well! Come! Face the bravest, mightiest, and last soldiers you will ever face! Selfishly scramble for your lives! Not one of us shall falter!



I think it's reached the point where even an inanimate object such as yourself can tell that the situation is bad...

So allow me to instead explain how it is even worse.


There's absolutely no time whatsoever to arrange my troops or prepare in any way. Who I brought and what they came with are all I have to work with, and I have to work with them wherever they landed.



Here's what we're dealing with. Those massive air currents, in addition to sucking all of the breathable air out of the entire sovereign territory, will blow us around like mad. And triggering the dragon veins will simply make it worse and blow us around even more.

Unfortunately, we have to trigger those dragon veins, or else we'll all die in six rounds of combat. Each of the dragon veins we trigger will buy us an extra round, but we can only trigger one per round. So basically, we have to make sure we're triggering one of these every round or we're going to die really quickly.


Nearly every enemy here is trained in a stat-sealing skill. None of them are fighting to win. They're all fighting to stall. To keep us weak long enough that we'll fail to reach the throne and call off the winds in time.

To think, all of my efforts to stop father, and now I have to save myself, my army and my family from an effort that could actually succeed.


...We have to split up to cover more ground and trigger more dragon veins. Keaton, Kaze, Dwyer, Arthur, Azura and Camilla are with me, and we take the western half. Everyone else goes to the east. But first...


...There. With the speed boost, Kaze can double with his steel shuriken and take out all of these onmyoji in a single round.

...But in my hurry I've fucked up already. I should've taken the dragon vein first. Now Azura is in the path of the winds and I don't want to risk sending her straight into enemy range.


I set up a formation with Camilla and Keaton to take out these onmyoji here before they become a problem.


Meanwhile, team B takes up this formation. If I do my math right, the spear masters probably won't attack, but it's worth it just in case, considering how tough Xander is and how strapped we are for time. If they do attack, they'll die, almost guaranteed.


Everything goes according to plan and/or better, except for this mediocre level up. But that's a small price to pay if we get out of here alive.


The winds bellow.

Round 2.

Death at round 7.

Dakota: Fuga you magnificent psychotic bastard! Mass asphyxiation! Fucking brilliant! I could devote my entire life to figuring out how to kill father and never come up with something that batshit insane! Father never saw it coming! As a fellow tactical genius, I salute you! Too bad it's not in the stars.

Fuga: Isn't it now? And you are wrong, fallen child of light. Oh, Garon didn't see this coming, perhaps, but he knew he could be killed this way. That is why he refuses to ever travel over open water. The theatre in Cyrkensia is the closest he ever dares get. I tracked his travel here, Princess Dakota. He never once dared so much as fly over open water. For all of his talk about his mastery over the fear of death... it would appear nobody fears death more than Garon.


Time limit has been increased from 6 rounds to 7.


Kana is going to be very brave for me and take on these nasty spear masters while rallied and aura'd up. He'll survive, as long as the worst case scenario doesn't happen, that being that neither Elise nor Camilla can boost his dodge, and two less than 4% chance criticals happen both on main attack and on dual strike.


Elise is going to freeze one of them because gambling with my son's life scares the shit out of me.


Xander is going to take out this onmyoji with counter before I forget that he's an onmyoji with counter.


And I advance further with Keaton by my side, offing a spear master in the process.


Kana does well.


I get silenced.


The winds bellow.

Round 3.

Death at round 8.

Xander: Fuga, please, stop this madness! Whatever your grievances against my father, it cannot possibly be worth the genocide of your own people! You're killing the entire wind tribe!

Fuga: You cannot kill the wind tribe, Xander of Nohr, any more than you can kill the wind! Bleed us dry all you like, but the wind that makes our souls will simply find a new host! We are a tribe bound not by blood, but by destiny! Each of us has been touched by the wind spirits, and blessed with the knowledge that there is no death, and that though our bodies and memories will die, we ourselves will not! The winds will die, and the winds will return, as they always do! My people will rebuild!




Talking is obviously pointless. Let's hurry up.


Damn these winds, making it impossible to safely replenish our air! I hope there's a good opening next round.



The winds bellow.

Round 4.

Death at round 8.

...And shit has officially hit the tornado, War Journal.

Reinforcements have started moving, and I was so distracted by the air that I completely forgot about the currents, and my forces, particularly my western ones, are in total disarray. And to top it off, reinforcements arrived at the exact same time.


I am in two different unpleasant situations right now, War Journal...


...And one horrible situation. A princess, a wolfssegner, A mechanist and a butler surrounded on all sides by incoming fliers and reinforcements. I can deal with exactly one of them, and it has to be the priestess with lunge, or else the situation will be even worse. I need to find a place to put Kaze and Dwyer where they're guaranteed to, or at least capable of, surviving the next onslaught, or I'm losing one of them. And that's to say nothing of what's going to happen next turn if I don't keep the winds in mind again. And don't even get me started about that onmyoji with luna, vantage, darting blow and...


Dakota: HAYATO!?

Hayato: I see my reputation precedes me.


Hayato: Of course I am! If you think for one second I'm not going to fight, think again! You will not reach my father, you will not stop the winds, and you will not doom this world! FACE THE WRATH OF A MAN READY TO DIE FOR THIS WORLD! Prepare yourself!

...War Journal...

...I think I need a moment.


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Well that chapter almost blew me away, but besides my horrible puns, I think it is safe to call this Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest Director's Cut because of the story.

Can't wait to see the rest!

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Glad everyone's enjoying it so much! I'm gonna do my best to get the thrilling conclusion out tonight, but not at the expense of not thinking my moves out, since I've made a conquest map even harder on myself, and I don't want to lose anyone. It might be delayed until tomorrow.

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If the chapter's too hard, you can literally skip it with Camilla carrying MU anyways.

Oh no I think I can manage it, it's just really time-consuming to plan out each move, and I've also been busy too.

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Entry 21



Round 4.

Death at round 8.

Fuga: Hayato...

Hayato: Don't worry, Father, I won't let these monsters get anywhere near you!

Fuga: I know you won't, Son... forgive me for getting you involved in this...

Hayato: Don't you dare! I told you, I'm not a child anymore, I can make my own decisions! And I choose to make my stand here with you!

Fuga: ...Words cannot express how proud I am to have you as my son, Hayato.

Hayato: Father... I want you to know...

Fuga: No, Son. There is nothing you could tell me that my heart does not already know. Save your breath, Hayato. You'll need it. We all will.

Camilla: …“Son”...?

Fuga: Ah, the purple-haired one deigns to speak.

Camilla: ...You contemptible clockwork doll. I don't claim to understand your past, or your culture. And I do not care. No matter the context, no matter the motive, no matter the intention... anyone who would sacrifice their own family to achieve their goals IS NOT HUMAN!

Fuga: AND WHAT WOULD YOU KNOW OF FAMILY, SHE-DEVIL!? HAVE YOU ANY CONCEPT OF HOW MANY FAMILIES YOUR AXE HAS TORN APART!? You would not speak in such naive absolutes if you had but an inkling of what is to come should you prevail on this day!

...So yeah, War Journal, things are just as shitty as they were when I left off. I've learned a valuable, if situational lesson: use the winds before they use you. Excellent.

...Now to see if I can actually live long enough to apply it.

I need to find out how to take these four different groups and make sure all of them survive, and not just in the short term, I need to put them in a position to deal with whatever else may come our way, and I need to figure out how to use the winds at the same time without screwing up...


...Maybe using the winds is the way to make sure all of my teams survive!

Come on, Dakota, think...


Alright, first I need to get everyone who's in the winds out of them.


So first, I have Xander clear out the second counter onmyoji before I forget that he's a second counter onmyoji, simultaneously preventing Xander from being blown from his current position straight into Fuga's lair...


...For right now I can't ask for much more, Xander. Well done.


Next, relocate Kana, Leo and Felicia and then have Elise trigger the dragon vein, prolonging death until round 9.

This does several important things, War Journal.


First, it puts Kana in the perfect position to hex and weaken this kinshi knight without putting him in any more danger than that, on top of moving the great masters out of the way so that Camilla, Laslow, Felicia and Elise can focus on regrouping with Kana and Leo...


Second, it halves the number of Onmyoji that Arthur and Azura have to deal with...


And third, it blows away the reinforcement falcon knights so that Dwyer, Kaze, Keaton and I have a bit more breathing room to escape eastward. Also, and in the grand scheme of things this is definitely the least important but still nice, it blows the spear master with the chest key right next to a chest so that we might be able to snag some treasure if, and this is a big if, we have time.


Next, Laslow and Camilla separate just to expand our options...


Kaze borrows “For Noire” from Selena under dire warning not to break it...


...And I prepare to hold my ground against the incoming falcon knights and try to take as many as possible out before they become an extreme danger. I should be strong enough to take all of them out and survive all of their hits unless I get unlucky with my accuracy.


Finally, Arthur and Azura take care of the remaining onmyoji as I weigh my options for what exactly I'm going to do to get that pair towards some support.


...At least he's getting good levels, including some direly-needed speed.


Oh we could all use that right now, Keaton.


The winds bellow.

Round 5.

Death at round 9.


Ah, the important question I must tackle here: Do I activate this dragon vein...


...Or this one? If I trigger the former, I'll be prolonging the time in which two of my most fragile units are separated from the other groups. If I trigger the latter and send Arthur and Azura towards the main force, I may never get a practical chance to use that first dragon vein again.



...Focus, Dakota.






There is always a way.

...Alas, due to the direction and position of the currents I have to waste another one of my precious veinless rounds of combat. But on the bright side, those incoming falcon knights will likely ignore the slow but nigh-indestructible Xander in favor of the slightly more destructible but much more agile and one-round-capable me, meaning they'll probably be all but gone next round.


The winds bellow.

Round 6.

Death at round 9.

Fuga: It would appear Garon has not seen fit to use his dragon form in this dire hour. A pity. I had hoped he would be so foolish. That would merely have used up the air faster.

Dakota: What makes you think my father can turn into a dragon?

Fuga: I do not think, I know, and I know a great many things, Dakota. The things I have seen... they would chill your blood and make you finally see this invisible death as the mercy it is. Enough with these games, surrender and accept it!

Dakota: Never! You will pay for trying to kill my family and my father!

Fuga: ...Child... if you only knew how those words would break Sumeragi's heart.

Low blow, Fuga.

Now this wind pattern is a relatively straightforward one, no way I can pass this one up.


Only one problem: It will send Xander, Selena, Keaton and me directly into the lion's den basically no matter what, as we're stuck on a long horizontal pathway with no way to compensate for the northern push.


After checking the ranges of these enemies up here...


I've calculated that if Xander and I stand in these exact spots, then we'll be sent into areas where we can safely bait part, but not all, of the large hordes above once the winds are triggered. Only the two onmyoji will consider attacking Xander to be a good idea, and he'll one-round both of them assuming no freak misses, and the first one will be dual-guarded. As for me, I'm going to get my speed sealed by the great master with the bolt naginata, but my speed is so freakish that there still won't be a single enemy here who I won't be able to double anyway.

Now to actually trigger the winds.


Kana will do the honors, with some help from Leo.


We have enough air to last until the beginning of round 10 now.


Curious and important thing to note: whoever triggers the dragon vein is unaffected by the gusts. Now let's see if I made any miscalculations for Felicia to fix.


...No. Thank goodness.


All that remains is for Dwyer to heal both Laslow and himself and for Felicia to separate from Camilla to improve my mobility options in case things get horrible again.


...Wait a sec. Where did this bolt naginata great master come from!? He wasn't supposed to be here!




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Iago: ...You've walked right into my trap, idiot boy!

Dakota: Oh did I? Then it can't have been very dangerous, can it?

Iago: A cheeky little brat, aren't we? Behold! All of my nearby units are perfectly in attacking range of your Nohr noble! My lancer...

Dakota: ...Dies.

Iago: Yes, but not before doing 7 damage!

Dakota: 5.

Iago: No, you foolish child, my lancer has 27 attack to your Nohr noble's 20 defense!

Dakota: Demoiselle.

Iago: ...Oh. Right. The maid nearby. No matter! Next, my general comes in and...

Dakota: ...Also dies.

Iago: But does 15... er... 13... damage...

Dakota: Please, continue.

Iago: And then my sorcerer comes in, and does 5 damage, killing your Nohr noble and destroying the morale and tactical keystone of your army, crushing your pathetic-!

Dakota: 3 damage.

Iago: ...No, I already took away the 2 from demoiselle.

Dakota: I used rally resistance and the sorcerer had malefic aura. My Nohr noble lives by one point, your sorcerer is one-rounded.

Iago: ...Ack! That...

Dakota: ...Was all of your units, yes. All that remains is your commander. I fully heal my Nohr noble with my maid, fully heal my paladin with my strategist, and then my paladin-


Dakota: Quit your squawking and take your death with some dignity. My paladin comes in and attacks your sorcerer command-...

Iago: …

Dakota: ...My paladin ends his turn right outside of your sorcerer's range. Your turn.

Iago: ...Ahahaha.... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Dakota: What is it now, Iago?

Iago: YOU LOSE, CHILD! It's round 15! My reinforcements arrive! Game over! You lose!

Dakota: Wanna bet?

Iago: The reinforcements came! You lose! The castle is un-conquerable!

Dakota: Fascinating. Let's test that theory, shall we? Put these reinforcements of yours on the board. Let's see if they fare any better. I bring the maid up, rally resistance my paladin with my strategist, then kill your commander with my paladin, and then assemble a defensive line inside the throne room-

Iago: The reinforcements are elite troops infused with the power of the gods! They have five thousand hit and twenty billion might! GAME OVER! YOU LOSE!

Dakota: ...And yet their morale would have been crushed by the death of the commander a mere minute ago, I'm sure it'll do the same now. I win.

Garon: That is enough, Dakota.

Dakota: But Papa Garon, the defeat conditions make no sense! We haven't even figured out what would happen!

Garon: The semantics of the game are irrelevant, child! Answer me! Why did you not kill the sorcerer commander the previous round!? Victory was in your grasp and you let it get away! Explain yourself!

Dakota: Unacceptable risk, Papa Garon. The paladin only had a 90% chance to hit and if the sorcerer general had scored a vital blow with that mjölnir tome of his, then the paladin would have died-

Garon: ...You threw the entire fight on less than a 2% chance of a minor setback!? What is wrong with you, boy!?

Dakota: Papa Garon, I'm sure that if you think about it for a moment you'll agree that in the long term-

Garon: You dare claim to know better than me, boy!? Have you any idea how many battles I have won with my methods!?

Dakota: B-but Papa Garon-

Garon: Silence! I had expected better from you. You got my hopes up with that performance, Dakota. I even had plans to take you out of that fortress permanently. But your last actions were unacceptable!

Dakota: But what if that-

Garon: I SAID SILENCE! ...Leave me. You will return to the northern fortress within the hour. I will consider your punishment later.

Dakota: …

Iago: What are you doing still standing there, Dakota!? Your father gave you an order!

Dakota: ...At once.

Dakota: Xander, I just don't get why he blew up like that!

Xander: He's just trying to make you a good tactician, Dakota. He has high hopes for you. We all do.

Dakota: But if that had been a real battle, that would've been the right choice!

Xander: ...No, I'm sorry, Dakota, but Father was right.

Dakota: ...What? Big Brother, what are you talking about?

Xander: Dakota, you know I'm training to be a paladin, so let's put it this way... imagine if that paladin had been me.

Dakota: Then I really wouldn't have risked that chance!

Xander: That's not what I meant, Dakota. Do you know what the difference between a cavalier and a paladin is?

Dakota: Paladins are promoted and stronger!

Xander: No, Dakota. My teacher told me this, it's very important... Paladins aren't just stronger and less likely to die... they're less afraid of dying too. A paladin believes in chivalry. That's the belief that the weak should be protected and the strong must do it... but most importantly of all, chivalry is the understanding that there are things in this world more important than your own life. A paladin is willing to risk their life for those things.

Dakota: But-

Xander: Dakota, a Paladin is a brave and powerful force, but in the hands of a tactician who won't take risks, then a paladin may as well be a dirty coward for all the good they'll do. ...You know what you're being trained for, don't you? You're going to lead our army to victory and save our kingdom. ...And if everything goes according to plan... I'll be one of your soldiers one day. And I want you to promise me something.

Dakota: Xander...

Xander: Promise me you won't do that when I'm that paladin one day. If we're fighting for something really, really important... promise me you won't keep me out of situations just because I might die.

Dakota: ...But Big Brother...

Xander: Promise me, Dakota!

Dakota: NO! I don't care what the situation is, risking your life is never the answer!

Xander: There may not be another way-


Xander: ...Look, Dakota... I know you're really smart... I know you're going to be awesome at this one day... but one of these days you may find yourself in a situation where you can't guarantee everyone's safety. And we have to win, Dakota. Our kingdom needs victory to survive. ...I love our country, Little Brother. I love our people. I don't care if I survive if my people have to die for it. And I'm not the only soldier who feels this way. Many of your soldiers will be prepared to die for our cause. You have to be prepared to let them.

Dakota: ...Only if you promise me something too.

Xander: What?

Dakota: Promise me that if I put you in a situation where you might die... promise me you won't.

Xander: I... I can't promise that, Dakota, that's stupid!

Dakota: Then I can't promise anything either! I'm going to keep getting better, I'm going to lead our army, I'm going to beat all those stupid Hoshidans, and I'm never going to risk your life! You hear me!? NEVER!

...I'm so pathetic.

...After all that grandstanding and ground-holding...


...I didn't stand by what I said.


...And thank the gods... neither did you.


Keaton: Dakota! Home base to Dakota! Remember!? Big battle!? Don't break down on me now!


Dakota: ...Right! Let's do this!


The winds bellow.

Round 7.

Death at round 10.

Back to simple wind patterns I see.


And this time, conveniently, the vast majority of my units are in a nice column outside of the wind currents.


Really I'm the only one in range, but I need to keep standing in the way of these guys so I can continue to take them out and clear the path to the “throne room”. That bolt naginata great master also has to die immediately before he can kill Xander, and I have to heal up and ideally also pass a healing item over to Xander too.

...Actually after surviving that clusterfuck I'm feeling pretty damned good about this. We're making good time and the vast majority of the enemies have been taken care of. Making a dash for the chests seems like madness, but... no...


Kana: Mama! That spear master! He has a key on him! And there's a chest right nearby!

Oh my sweet child... you've inherited dragon vision.

Dakota: I know Kana! But it's a bit out of our way, and this is really-

Kana: I can do it, Mama! Let me get the chest! Uncle Leo and I can take him! It might be something really important!

...Think really hard, Dakota... consider where the winds will blow... where reinforcements will come from...

Dakota: ...Okay, sweetie, you've got this, but only because it'll bring you closer to the group! And Camilla and Laslow are backing you up!

Kana: I won't let you down, Mama, just watch me!


First off, Kana equips the Mahnkschtall and stands right here in the path of the winds.


Next I step out of the path of the winds and heal up with a concoction, trading my vulnerary to Xander for when he has the chance. But we need to get a healer over here soon.


Better yet, how about a healer and a lockpicker to take care of the chests on the way over? But first, to call the winds in case I'm missing something.


Death prolonged to round 11.


Next I have Arthur hitch a ride on Elise's beloved Mr. Fluffmuffin to get back to the group, then switch and separate to drop off Elise ahead to get further ground.


Then Xander takes out this great master, simultaneously ending the main threat to his life...


...And distancing himself from the other.


Finally, Camilla and Laslow rally up and support Kana and Leo.


The winds bellow.

Round 8.

Death at round 11.


Another fairly simple set of winds. Priorities:

1: Clear the path to the throne room and get the hell out of here without anybody dying.

2: Get backup and healing over to Xander and me.

3: Keep forces in at least two or three groups for best access to dragon veins.

4: Get the treasure.

5: Avoid getting another level so that I can get Quixotic at exactly level 15.


First off, to get rid of this speed-sealing great master at long last, in preparation for taking out two more of these spear masters, simultaneously stepping out of the wind path and maxing out my next dual guard.


Then I rally Kaze and Dwyer up with Camilla...


...have Leo take out the key-holding spear master that just barely clung on to life after Kana attacked...


...move Felicia and Laslow out of the way of the gusts by healing and rallying respectively...


...and then have Elise trigger the dragon vein, giving us another round (death at round 12).


Then after carefully checking for any magic attackers that the gust may have moved, I have Xander stand in front of the path again to keep the number of spear masters attacking me limited in the event of criticals, and have him heal.


Then Kaze equips “For Noire” and stands in the path of the non-blown kinshi knight in the hopes that she'll go after him instead of the tankier but sword-wielding me.


And finally, Azura sings Elise to get Arthur and her back into the main group. Azura can piggyback on somebody next turn depending on how the winds work out.

Everything goes as planned.


The winds bellow.

Round 9.

Death at round 12.

...And back to the complicated wind patterns. Thank goodness by now I've taken out most of the enemies. Honestly to minimize the chance of danger I think it's best to move as few people as possible before letting loose the winds.


First, Azura goes with Camilla...


...and Laslow goes with Elise.


Camilla triggers the dragon vein. (Death at round 13)


...That sent the spear fighters... six meters... not five. Despite there being a perfectly valid place for them to land at five. The winds have just arbitrarily gotten stronger for some of the units here for no reason. I hope this doesn't horribly screw us up.


To ensure that doesn't happen... first priority: Gotta take these guys out.


...First attack was a luna, but the second attack missed, so now my attack is nerfed and I can't one-round them anymore. This is bad for getting out of here in a timely matter. Very bad.


Before I forget, gotta take this kinshi knight out. Her stats have been nerfed to oblivion by over-use of a silver bow and my draconic hex, but she still has a silver bow, and she's still in range of Camilla.


Now to take these out. This may seem like wasteful overkill, but it means that Arthur will also get a chance to dual strike with Felicia, and Felicia will have a better hit rate.

...Except that Felicia can still be critical-KO'd if she attacks in melee range.

Dakota: Shit! Gotta hurry or he'll get to Elise... Kana! Hex-


Kana: I'm on it Mama!




...Holy shit.

Dakota: ...Good job... Kana...


...Anyway, Kaze equips Kaze's needle with a dual guard primed and prepares to weaken that spear master I've let live for far too long.


Not much happens except this priestess pointlessly silencing Camilla.


The winds bellow.

Round 10.

Death at round 13.


We're slowly running out of dragon veins, but we're running out of enemies much faster. This may be jinxing it, but I think we're in the clear. Just gotta take care of that speed-nerfed spear master and get Kaze out of there and heading towards the chests.


I have Leo give the chest key to Elise so she can make a break for the un-guarded eastern chest (with Felicia and Arthur accompanying in case we get surprise reinforcements). Change of plans, Kana, you're coming with me to help take care of Fuga. But first...


Let's just take care of Hayato right now while we're here.


Dakota: I don't think my sword particularly cares what you think, Hayato.

Hayato: Look, I know this is hardly the time for conversation, but I've just gotta know: how do you know my name?

Dakota: That doesn't matter. All that matters is that you prepare to die a little earlier than expected.

Hayato: Never!


Aaaaand Hayato is safe in the pod chamber.


All that's left is to trigger the dragon vein safely (death at round 14), let Kaze through, and then start making my way to the throne room.

Hang in there, everyone, I promise we'll all get out of this alive!


The winds bellow.

Round 11.

Death at round 14.


Elise: Dakota! I got the dragonstone+!


Oh great. That's totally worth asking Elise to take an arrow to the face. But I've calculated she can survive. Chests 2 and 3 better deliver.


Much better!

Death is postponed to round 15. Let's do this.


Arthur does not take kindly to shooting at his liege.


Round 12: universal northern blowing wind across the map. Using previously-gained knowledge regarding vein-user immunity, I have the one person I don't want put near enemies activate the dragon vein. Death at round 16.


The winds bellow.

Round 14.

Death at round 17.

Surprise reinforcements. What a surprise. And it looks like I'm going to be blown away from the throne room unavoidably. But I want to take out those spear masters before the winds blow, so we have to go without using the dragon veins this round.


I obviously get Elise the hell away from where those spear masters will be should I fail to kill them, and for good measure, switch to Arthur.


Chest #3 vindicates my foolish greedy decision by giving me a way to get out of two more foolish decisions. Kaze is also in position to counter-kill that kinshi knight.


As for the falcon knights, I intend to deal with them with some combination of Xander's beast killer, Kaze's bow and Arthur's bow. Depending on the direction they come in. If they come in the right direction. Otherwise I'll improvise.


The winds bellow.

Round 15.

Death at round 17.

This is really coming down to the wire.


Kaze takes out this falcon knight and stands by to let Dwyer use a dragon vein.


He also gains golembane, for all the good that'll do us. At least the level was good.


Xander also takes out a falcon knight while standing by to use a dragon vein.






Kana takes out both of these remaining enemies with the help of Laslow and Azura, ending in Fuga's range.


Make me proud, Kana.


Fuga: ...So it has come to this. That monster has murdered my people and my son, and seeks to save the one person here besides herself who truly deserves to die. And she has sent a child to fight me.

Kana: Don't you dare say that about my mama! You don't know anything about her!

Fuga: ...Mama? ...So the cycle of horror continues. Tell me, child, where did she get you, and what did she do with your real parents? Have you any concept of the cause you fight for? I don't know what lies she's told you, but-


Fuga: ...I'm sorry child... but that is exactly what she has done to you.


Kana: Ya think?


Fuga: ...What!? What just happened!?


Arthur: What just happened, Fuga, is that justice has forsaken you! For justice cannot be bought with an unjust act!


Arthur: But ours is a cause of justice, and it matters not that you do not understand how. For justice is not a thing of words, but a thing of action!


Arthur: And just as our cause is a cause of justice...


Arthur: So too is my bow a bow of justice! And the Justice Beam only knows how to do two things, friend! Strike true...




The path to the major dragon vein is clear!


Dwyer! Give us another round!

Dwyer: Oookaaaay...


Kana: I've got the dragon vein, Mama!

Dakota: Good work, Kana! I'm so proud of you! Everyone, you all did amazingly well!


...It's over. The winds have cleared. We're all safe.

Dakota: Camilla. Leo.

Leo: Yes?

Dakota: What do you suppose the chances are that Garon's going to order the execution of the entire wind tribe once he gets out and finds out what happened?

Camilla: It's not a question of chance, darling. That's what he's going to do.

Dakota: ...Right. Summon Peri and Mozu from the castle, get anyone else with a strong stomach, then go down into the village and “kill” as many of them as you can before Father sics Hans on them.

Leo: Right away.

Oh, and speak of the devil!

Hans: Dakota, milady! What happened!?

Dakota: I will speak to Father directly on this matter. Where is he? Is he unharmed?

Hans: He survived the fall, milady! He's been clawing his way out of the dungeon levels for the past quarter hour or so!

Dakota: Very well. Lead the way.

Ah, there he is. Look at him. Standing there with that axe of his. Breathing heavily.

Breathing at all.

That's right, “Father”, I saved your worthless, disgusting life. Thank me. Get on your knees and kiss my bare feet so I can kick you upside the head and call you a creepy old man with a foot fetish, for it is only by the grace of Princess Dakota Waterstone Vendelgate of Nohr that you continue to breathe!

Dakota: Father! Thank goodness you're alive!

To think, the only reason he's still alive is because my little band didn't call in sick to this pointless peace conference. ...It's almost as if...

Garon: Of course I am alive, child! It takes more than a castle crashing down on top of me to take my life!

...It's almost like he knew this would happen.

Dakota: And yet as your loving daughter I couldn't help but show concern.

...No, that's ridiculous. If he knew this would happen he wouldn't have come, or he would have attacked Fuga, or something other than fall right into it.

Garon: Tell me, Dakota, what was all that noise, why on earth would you think I could die after my fight with Ryoma, and what exactly happened in the last half hour!?

...And yet I can't shake the feeling.

Dakota: Chief Fuga attempted to assassinate you, Father. He called upon some wretched wind spirits to asphyxiate everyone in the entire wind tribe territory, but your loyal children and my personal force managed to kill him and his little suicide squad before they could get rid of all the air.

...Well that's a look on his face I haven't seen before. It's almost like...


...It was only for a moment, War Journal. It was swiftly replaced by rage.

Garon: They... these people... they dared try to kill the God King Garon!? …

Dakota: Father?

Garon: ...Dakota.

Dakota: Yes Father?

Garon: Take Hans and his battalion with you. Leave this castle at once. Go into the village. Burn it to the ground. Kill everyone you find. Slaughter them like pigs and gut them like fish! Ride throughout the outer regions and kill anyone you spot trying to flee, and leave every corpse of every man, woman and child posed in abject terror and agony forevermore! This slight will not be forgiven, and it will never be forgotten, not by me, and not by anyone! Make an example of them all! SHOW THESE WORMS WHAT HAPPENS TO THOSE WHO DARE THINK THEY CAN CHALLENGE THE WILL OF THE GOD KING OF NOHR!

Hans: At once, my king!

Dakota: I already have Leo, Camilla, and my best soldiers on it as we speak, Father.

Called it.

Dakota: I assumed you would want as much, but I thought it important to ensure you were safe before going myself.

Garon: That is unacceptable. I have heard of the eldritch horrors you have Leo assaulting our enemies with, and I am pleased with his work, but this time bodies must be left behind! This whole territory must stand as a testament to hubris and the futility of courage! Call them back and tell them to kill them normally!

...Oh dear. That... is going to be a bit of a PR nightmare later down the line.

Dakota: At once, Father. I will give the word.

What to do, what to do... come on, Dakota, use that magnificent sexy brain of yours and think of something!

Leo: Dakota!

...What? Back already?

Garon: Don't tell me you finished already, Leo! Your magic will not do this time, I must have bodies!

Leo: That will not be a problem, Father. ...They're already dead. All of them. Suffocated to death.

Dakota: ...What? ...Explain.

Leo: I don't know, Dakota. Either the extra air we were feeding in only reached the area around the castle, and not the villages... or perhaps that extra air was simply what little air the rest of the territory had left. But they didn't die struggling, so I can only assume.

Garon: ...The rest of the world need not know this. Let the world think what I wish them to think of what happened here. My orders still stand. Burn the village to the ground and mutilate the bodies! Make it look like every last person in the entire wind tribe died bereft of hope and racked by fear!

Hans: ...At once, my king!

No hesitation, Dakota. play the part perfectly.

Dakota: It shall be done, Father!

Garon: One last thing before you go, my child.

Dakota: Yes, Father? What is it?

Garon: ...Excellent job.

Dakota: ...Father?

Garon: Remember how I told you that you had yet to come close to truly making me proud of you, Dakota? ...I suppose I can no longer say that now that you have really, truly saved my life. I am very proud of you, my child. You cannot even fathom the good that will come to you if you can simply keep this up.

Dakota: Thank you, Father, your words mean everything to me!

...This is not going to be pleasant. At all.

...I don't usually make additions to my entries after returning from a mission, but then I don't usually make two entries in the same day, so... I suppose this is just a... “weird”... day.

Leo, Camilla, Mozu, Peri and I all carried out Garon's orders along with Hans and his battalion. A few minutes in Keaton came by to... help. He was worried about me and didn't want me doing any of this alone. He's surprisingly good around torn-up corpses.

...This may come as a surprise to you, but it was not easy for me.

I never thought much of what I do on the battlefield, but this... this feels different somehow. Most people would argue it's nowhere near as bad, but...

...I have seen things today that may very well haunt my nightmares forever.

Morale is not high. Most of the team fought today under the assumption that we were preventing anyone from dying. The news that we only saved ourselves and the 50 warriors who fought us instantly killed the cheer most of them were in, and reduced Elise to tears.

As for Xander, well, I spoke to him afterwards, and... had the error in judgement to call our battle a “victory”.

He nearly exploded at me, calling it no victory, but nothing but a salvaged defeat. Though he is far too strong to cry, it seems he's taken the deaths of the wind tribespeople just as hard, if not harder, than Elise did. He says it was his duty to prevent this, that he should have died rather than all of those people.

...I slapped him.

...How dare he?

After what almost happened!?

How dare he not appreciate how much we nearly lost!? What I fought tooth and nail to keep!? Today was not a failure, War Journal, it was an absolute victory! The only failure today was that I didn't see that great master, and that will not happen again!

First thing tomorrow morning, I'm talking to Lilith about whatever the hell is in this place that makes people forget those who die, and I am shutting that thing right the fuck off if it is remotely conceivably possible. Not only would it instantly make all those outside of West Dakota suspicious if they noticed the person's absence and commented on it, but more importantly, MY MIND FORCED ME TO PICTURE EVERYONE FORGETTING XANDER IN THAT DARK MOMENT, AND I JUST COULDN'T HANDLE IT.

It's going off if remotely possible. And failing that...

...My judgement will not fail me again. I won't allow it.

Very soon the war shall begin for real.

There's no going back, War Journal.

I've alienated my blood family completely until I can show them the truth of what I've been doing.

But I don't care. Take off the kid gloves, Ryoma. Come at me with all of your rage and hatred! I can take anything you throw at me!

...Good night, War Journal.

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Things just got deep... at least you didn't lose anybody.

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[spoiler="OOC comments on the map]

I. Fucking. Hated. Those. Currents.

I mean it's really cool when you use them to your advantage, but holy shit, I had to think through every decision very hard on this map. It took me longer than any other map ever. I can't see how the next one is going to be anything but a cakewalk in comparison.

...In fairness I did make it even harder on myself...

Edited by Alastor15243

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[spoiler="OOC comments on the map]

I. Fucking. Hated. Those. Currents.

I mean it's really cool when you use them to your advantage, but holy shit, I had to think through every decision very hard on this map. It took me longer than any other map ever. I can't see how the next one is going to be anything but a cakewalk in comparison.

...In fairness I did make it even harder on myself...

WHY did you add the time limit? this chapter is already hair-pullingly annoying even without it.

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