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Final Round! Multiple choice, pick your favorites and decide the prize winners!

SFS Final Round  

142 members have voted

  1. 1. Vote for your favorites!

    • A Lion's Resolve
    • Alluring Blossoms
    • Anna Cosplay
    • Aqua Song's New Arrangement
    • Awakening
    • Awakening Harken
    • Battlefield
    • Behind Her Mask
    • Blazing Sword
    • Catnaps
    • Deja Vu
    • Do the Gods Listen When We Pray?
    • Eirika
    • Eliwood and Ninian
    • Everything Went Dark: White Rabbit, White Lies
    • FE3 Divine Dragon Pixel Thing
    • FE6 25th Anniversary GBA SP Paint
    • Fates Brought Us Together
    • Fates Winter Gear! Don't let a little cold and ice decide your fate.
    • Fire Emblem
    • Fire Emblem Fates - Make Your Choice
    • Fire Emblem Medley
    • Fire Emblem SNES Tribute Arrangement
    • Forging Bonds
    • Grima Sculpture
    • Harem
    • Heroines
    • Hope Never Dies
    • I Now Pronounce You Man and Tree
    • Into Peril
    • Light Inheritor
    • Meteor Strike
    • One of Many (But Clearly the Best)
    • Origami Grima
    • Our Fate
    • Paladin Cosplay
    • Procrastination
    • Respect and Protect
    • SMT Q FE Opening
    • Sack Aqua
    • Studying the Art of Spellcasting
    • Swordsman of the Plains
    • The Adventures of the Crimean Liberation Army
    • The Devoted
    • The Impossible Choice
    • The Mirror's Fate
    • The Sinner and the Saint
    • Twin Road Medley
    • Underappreciated Lords
    • Verdant Crimson
    • You're What I Believe

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Thanks to everyone who voted my Fire Emblem Medley. I put lot of effort to it and am quite pleased with the outcome. I probably could have been able to fine-tune the remix to even better but my busy schedules made that impossible. That said, it's a shame I haven't had time to view all of the entries and probably won't have – My SF time is quite limited atm. Gave my vote for Alluring blossoms. the art is just so beautiful. I really hope This kind of event becomes annual here in the forums.

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Regardless who wins in the end, this has been an amazing and immensely fun contest to both attend and watch. Awesome job to all the contributors and people hosting this contest! :D

(still taking time to pore thoroughly through all the final entries)

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Every single submission is awesome. It was really tough deciding who to vote for; I wanted to narrow it down to 10 but I think it ended up being 12 or 13, I didn't really count :P Good luck to everybody!

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It's been awfully quiet here...hmm. :P:

Just anxiously watching my vote count and waiting for Fire Emblem Fates. :3

Plus, the big "who is going to be the winner?" question is soon to be announced and it feels like people are collectively holding their breath to see what goes down (and who gets amiibo!). Fun stuff.

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Well, of course I left it to the last minute, but it was really hard to decide. I went back and looked at and re-read every one in the top 50. I meant to vote for my top 10, but it ended up being my top 15. I have a handful of absolute favorites, but there's so many great works here that deserve recognition. I just couldn't make the final few cuts, I'm too generous.

There were so many fantastic submissions. It is wonderful to see all the talent on display here. Congratulations to everyone who made it into the finals!

I would also like to thank everyone who read and voted for my story (Everything Went Dark: White Rabbits, White Lies). I feel honoured to have made it into the final round, and to have received as many votes as I did in the first round. Even though I didn't get many votes in the finals, I'm happy enough that people were able to read and enjoy my work. Thank you, once again.

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.......It...it is done.

I finally picked my votes after being conflicted for literally HOURS (from 11 a.m. this morning...I had to leave and come back at least 2 of those hours...it sounds crazy, but my love for this kind of stuff is grand)! I told myself to only pick 10, but that was EXTREMELY hard for me to do because I love so many of the entries! The Music and Drawings for Fates were the biggest road blocks for me! In the end I picked 15, and now I'm mentally tired......*sigh*......

(Specifically, 8 Drawings, 3 Writes, and 4 Misc. I wanted to pick 2 more writes that I really liked AND all the music pieces, but then that would lead me to vote for 20 entries. )

This was still a pretty fun event though! I may have been mentally tired after voting both rounds, but I still enjoyed it!

Note: I started off by picking out all the ones I really liked and I would then pick my top 10 out of that number. Unfortunately...that was 30. Choosing 10 out of 30 is REALLY freakin' hard! I kinda wish there was only one more round for the final 25, but alas...


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Hey ! I'm new on SF, since the Scribbles event.

I didn't have enough time to look at every work, so I will not vote, it's better in my opinion.

But congratulations to every people who entered the contest, and good luck to the ones who are in the final round. ^^

And thanks a lot to the admins for this contest, it's very fun to see each submission.

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I'm grateful to everyone who voted for mine in the first round, the amount of votes exceeded my expectations. It was a pleasant surprise! Congratulations to those who win! I had a lot of fun!

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I voted for 14 exactly to celebrate the amount of games we have now in the series; it was a very tough call, there were so many wonderful and awesome entries!

I want to thank anyone and everyone who took the time to read my story (The Impossible Choice); if you enjoyed it, then my mission is accomplished. I appreciate the votes I got as well; I never expected to make it into the final round, and now I'm confident enough in my skills to keep writing and improving my stories in the future. Thank you for reinvigorating my desire to create stories and I hope to share more of them with this wonderful community. It's been fun~!

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