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Fire Emblem Cipher Sai Crackers unboxing/review

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first off big big thanks to luyairis and kyokko for helping some of us who don't live in japan obtain the merch that was available at events like cipher sai, we really appreciate all that they have done

after inviting two of my friends to try them, I decided to do a semi unboxing and review of the crackers from cipher sai, with a few pictures to help show them off a bit, first I'll list some of the features they have and then try my best to describe the taste, I'm no gourmet chef but I'll try my best lol

-after removing the outer box, the crackers each came in small plastic packages that had a framed motif to show each character

-it also had one of those do not eat packets written in english and japanese, similar to the ones you find in shoe boxes, the packet also said do not make wet

-very surprisingly lol the crackers were much bigger than expected, I thought they would be similar to the size of a quarter but they were around the size of the palm of my hand, think around 10-20 percent bigger than the can badges

-some had air pockets and bumpy textures, likely because of the baking process

-the character printing on each one comes off quickly, my hand didn't have any sweat or grease on it when I tried one but the character portraits smudge fairly easily, I think they're made of soy sauce or something similar

-the crackers are hard, they took some force to break and bite into but weren't too much

-they didn't have much of a smell to them

now the taste

-I'll just say it now, they were neither bad nor good lol I wouldn't mind eating more but I'm not exactly going to be craving them soon

-they have a very soy-like, tofu taste, not really weird considering japanese food, they also slightly reminded me of rice cakes but with a more soy taste to them with a bit of crunch

-I was a bit surprised at their taste since I thought they would be similar to saltine crackers or potato chips

-me and my friends only ate two of them, the elfie and kellam ones, I didn't feel like opening up and eating all of them so I saved the others for now lol

if anybody has any questions, ask me and I'll do my best to answer them, Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed it!





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