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[Team If] Fire Emblem Fates - Content Restoration (v1.3) (PLEASE READ OP)

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For anyone who had similar problems to mine,
In order to fix hackingtoolkit version 9, you need to get the ucrtbased.dll and vcruntime140d.dll and put it in the install location.

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I have followed WindPower and it works. Thanks so much! However, I found that the save doesn't have titles (Example: Chapter 1: Nohr) because of the name patch. If someone knows how to fix it, please inform me.

For now, I use the undub patch + Swimsuits patch + Fire Emblem Fates Undub Resync by sataneku.

Not using the name patch because of the issue above and because the patch doesn't work in the DLCs.

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Apologies if this isn't allowed.


But can someone send me a copy that's already patched and ready to be played with Citra?


I was playing fine with the undubbed rom  that came with the swimsuit and gay marriage patch already installedd for Citra until I realized that I cannot use friendship seals because of the gay marriage patch.

I don't really have any knowledge on patching, and most of the instructions needs a 3ds, which I don't have at the moment. I've been looking for three days for an easy to understand method but most of them are outdated, needs a 3ds, or comes with the gay marriage patch.


I just really want it to be full undubbed. The DLC and swimsuit patches are a bonus, but not needed.

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