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FE2 mug clean up

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I was playing through Gaiden when I suddenly got the urge to make a 16 bit updated version of Cellica's mugshot, and later Alm. It wasn't anything fancy, just took the original mugshot and applied the changes using FE5 colors. I then converted it down to the 8 bit graphics, and it looks, in my opinion, a lot cleaner than the original. I just really only have one question...how do I put it into the game?

Here's the 8 bit mugshots, competed with 2 different lip flaps (I don't quite remember if the game had lip flaps or not...oh well).

FE2mugs_new collection.bmp

Here are the 16 bit mugshots I made of Alm and Cellica.

arum_16 bit.bmp

cellica_16 bit.bmp

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If colors are the issue, I made sure to use only colors from other Gaiden character mugshots to ensure that these cleaned up ones adhered to the NES color limitations. Of course the 16 bits were done just out of fun and will likely never be able to be applied to the rom for the reasons you mentioned.

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dude these are great

celica's 8-bit one looks weird but that's just because of the color palette

the 16-bit ones are really good

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