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Re-classing and re-classing again

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Hello I have a question regarding re-classing. My plan is for Orochi:

1. Level up to 20

2. Master Seal to Onmyogi

2. Friendship Seal with Kagero to reclass to Ninja

3. Level up

4. Heart Seal (?) to Diviner

This is so I could somehow make up for Orochi's really low speed.

Is this even possible?

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Wrong board, but to answer your question, your level doesn't reset when you change classes so if you use a Master Seal to go to Onmyoji, you won't be able to return to being a Diviner (or any tier 1 class). If the SF website is correct, ninja only have 5 more speed growth than Diviner/Onmyoji so it won't save Orochi's speed. It will be a whopping 35. If you want to make Orochi fast, you should pair her up with a ninja (base 4 speed) and have her use Horse Spirit (bonus 3 speed).

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