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MrNight's Standardized Palette Battle Animation Sheets

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So as someone who has made a few horrible custom animations before, I can honestly say making sure your palette sync up to 16 colors after hours splicing existing animations in your creation can be a colossal pain in the ass. Which is why I made a animation sheet following one palette to rule them all so one can splice away and then change the colors to whatever the fuck you like. Here is the sheets:

FE 6-8

The Lords



Mercenary Life



The Royal Guard



Vagabonds and the Mad Emperor









The is no download option yet, will add that when I finish everything so right now, just "save as" the image. Should be able to open in usenti with no loss of colors.

Some sprites do have a weird pixel colored the wrong way somewhere but it's insanely easy to fix yourself so it's moot anyway.


Blue colors = the hair

Browns = skin

Red/yellow = Primary Colors 1

Green = Secondary Colors 2

Constants = Purple is the transparency background/ White is [31,31,31]/ Shadow is [5,5,5]

All sprites came from FEplanet if you wish to see the original and to give credit. Hopefully this helps people create more custom shit for the community.

The exception is the enemy mamkute animation sheet. That came from Bonzai at HTTP://SDB.NEUROPOD.NET (this site domain seems to switched hands since then or I typed it wrong, the new site is http://spritedatabase.net/ )

Will add more later once they are finished.

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updating stuff

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Update: added the mercenary and royal guard batch. Planning to do Special classes, Magic classes, Bosses, and Dragons next. Might do monsters depending on how much pain in the ass they are.

Notes: some palettes look a bit different than the standard pattern and that is because I had to do a sheet of a different character due to that one having crit animation frames. The bad part is some of them had bad palettes to begin with so I organized it as best as i could.

Also will come out with a tutorial explaining the main idea on how to use these sheets if one is still wondering what is the point once I finish all of this.

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Finally finished with mostly everything. For dragons, fa is not on there because her palette is a nightmare. Didn't do monsters either but they are pretty simple to mess with so I am not going to worry about it. Now for the demon king, his transparency color may have been the [0,0,0] which has been changed to [16,0,1] instead of the usual [11,0,11] because it worked out better. Will leave it to the artist on that one.

Will make a tutorial explaining what exactly all this is for later on today. soon.

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MrNight's Tutorial explaining why this was created.
What is it?
Basically animation sheets in one unified palette for easier splicing and custom animation creations.
Why do this and why should I care?
I don't know about other graphics image editors but usenti, the most reconmended one here, can lose colors or worse change how your image completely when you requantize down to 16 colors.
Will show what I mean with an example of why I didn't include fa's sheets with this.
(trying to hide the big ass images but somehow this spoiler is broken >.>)

(jesus christ these images turned out bigger than i thought, just roll with it)
Anyway up there is fa's animation sheet. At first glance it doesn't look bad but if you were to try to add this animation into fe7 using this sheet, it will most certainly fail. That is because...
Shit is not in 16 damn colors!
You would think simply using requantize would turn this nightmare into a pleasant dream however as soon as you do, this happens.
Not only did you lose the shading, you even lost some key colors filled in by a shittier and more confusing color.
Sometimes you can even lose important colors that were used to give more detail to an animation.
My personal favorite is when usenti deems important colors useless and make them the same as your transparency color.
So when you go to change your trans color, your frames will look incomplete. It's horrible to spend hours on an animation and get it to work only to see your animation partly invisible.
Now you could check each frame with a fine tooth comb for pixel mistakes but not only is that tedious, you might end up screwing your animation even more than before.
This is where my standardized palette sheets come in.
All of them are already 16 colors and arranged in such a way, that you change shit to whatever you like far more easily. If you simply wanted to rip from one game and into another, there are already fantastic tools for that but if you wanted to splice existing assets into your creations, this should help you immensely.
I am even going to create an example of how to use this. Today I am going to create a Dragon King Rider.
Going to take the Demon king's body and the Flame Dragon's head for this.
This GreatKnight frame in the middle of a sword attack is perfect idea for a rider of the Dragon King. With these assets it's time to splice.
Get rid of the horse and clean him up a bit. Man that sword looks shitty, let me get a better one.
Much better. Our Great Knight is ready to ride!
That looks about the right spot for the rider. At the base of the neck behind the future head. Speaking of, let's attach the dragon head.
Looks pretty cool but that red group is clashing, Let's see if I can change that.
The demon king's color group is with the skin group. So I match the reds to the skin colors while leaving the dark red as the 2nd border color. Looks much better.
Now the head matches the body. Now obviously the place where the head and body meet needs to be touched more but this will serve my purpose for right now.
Now to change the palette to something more suited for the Dragon King. Again the body color is from the skin group, so I changed that for a more appealing look.
A more in-depth color change. Blue colors were the hair, so I changed that to red. Sword and fangs are a more traditional color instead of green. Now our Knight is ready to lay down the law on some bandits.
well...his base animation is. anyway I hope this will give one some ideas on what they can do with this. Creating that guy took like 10 minutes tops and usenti didn't freak out on me because it is still 16 colors. (although I say check your custom palette separately to make sure it works and doesn't get grouped together.

Dragon Knight Rider (rough version)

What's funny is what took me so long to finish this wasn't the animations but debugging it because FEditor freak out cause it was too big. trimed it down and redid the frames by pulling them from my master sheet and it works fine now.

Let me know if there are questions and happy animating!
Edited by MrNight48

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re: the BS with the mamkutes/manaketes in particular

in the case of Fa, her Breath animation which is included in that sheet isn't part of her battle animation but is a spell animation. :/

I believe that is also the case with the Fire Dragon-- and on top of that, I also think that the transformed/detransformed states of the two actually have different palettes, but I'm not actually certain of either of those statements.

Also am pretty sure that the fire dragon transformation animation isn't part of the actual battle animation (and thus ALSO has its own palette).

{that said this could definitely be really useful; thank you so much sir :3}

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