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So, I made a stat system

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Hello! For as much as I like simple text-only roleplay, I really, really enjoy games that use a battle system of some sort. It adds a level of competition to the game and removes power play replacing it with min-maxing.

Anyway, I made this system and I'm searching for someone to try it with. First of all, let's explain it!


We can talk about stats and character sheets later, let's look at the important stuff first. The problem with roleplays by forum is the impossibility to roll dices (unless you create some intricate scripts or something), but I think I got this.

Hitting and evading:

By defauls, each attack with more than 0% chance to hit, hits. The chance of hitting is calculated with skill, weapon accuracy and all that stuff, more on that later.

In order to avoid an attack, a player must spend a number of "evade points" equal to his opponent's hit chance, provided that this is lower than 100%.

What are these evade points?

Each character has a gauge for basically every thing that, in the games, involved randomness. The evade gauge starts at 30 + unit SPD*2 points and goes up by the same amount each turn, for a max of 150 (so that you can't have someone making almost-impossible evades one after another).

Critical hits:

Each character has a critical gauge and an anticritical gauge.

The critical gauge starts at 20 + unit SKL*2 points and goes up by the same amount each turn, for a max of 150.

The anticritical gauge starts at 10 + unit LCK points and goes up by the same amount each turn, for a max of 150.

In order to make a critical hit, a player must spend 75 critical points.

In order to negate a critical, a player must spend a number of anticritical points equal to twice his opponent's crit chance.

A critical hit can still be normally avoided, but the hitrate is boosted by 20% (if the hitrate goes over 100% this way, it's still possible to avoid).

Fighting skills:

Each character has a skill gauge for every fighting skill he has.

Every skill has a main stat and a secondary stat. Every skill gauge starts at 0 and goes up by main stat + secondary stat/2 (rounded up) each turn.

In order to activate a skill, a player must spend 75 skill points.

An offensive skill can still be normally avoided, but the hitrate is boosted by 20% (if the hitrate goes over 100% this way, it's still possible to avoid).

Base sheet:

Now that we covered the essential parts, let's see the stat-related part.

Class and Skills:
First of all, the player chooses a class for his unit. These are the classes currently aviable:
Sword Cavalier: C Swords, Canto. Promotes to Paladin, Great Knight, Dark Knight
Lance Cavalier: C Lances, Canto. Promotes to Paladin, Great Knight, Mage Knight
Lance Knight: C Lances, Armor. Promotes to General, Great Knight, Wyvern Master
Axe Knight: C Axes, Armor. Promotes to General, Great Knight, Wyvern Lord
Archer: B Bows, Marksman. Promotes to Sniper, Bow Knight, Assassin
Myrmidon: B Swords, Way of the Warrior. Promotes to Swordmaster, Weapon Master, Hero
Soldier: B Lances. Promotes to Spearmaster, Weapon Master, Paladin
Mercenary: B Swords, Tough Body. Promotes to Hero, Bow Knight, General
Cleric: C Staves, Enchanted Robe. Promotes to Bishop, Valkyrie, War Cleric
Priest: C Staves, Enchanted Robe. Promotes to Bishop, Sage, War Priest
Monk: C Light, Enchanted Robe. Promotes to Bishop, Sage, War Monk
Bandit: B Axes, Unrestrainable. Promotes to Berserker, Warrior, Weapon Master
Fighter: C Axes, Tough Body. Promotes to Warrior, Hero, War Monk
Thief: Knives, Steal. Promotes to Rogue, Assassin, Trickster
Mage: B Anima, Scholar. Promotes to Sage, Mage Knight, Mage Fighter
Dark Mage: C Dark. Promotes to Druid, Dark Knight, Dark Flier
Troubadour: C Staves. Promotes to Valkyrie, Mage Knight, Seraph Knight
Pegasus Rider: C Lances, Fly. Promotes to Falcon Knight, Seraph Knight, Dark Flier
Wyvern Rider: C Axes, Fly. Promotes to Wyvern Lord, Wyvern Master, Sky King/Queen
Dancer: Knives, Dance, Civilian. Promotes to Blade Dancer, Entertainer, Trickster
Bard: D Light, Rally, Civilian. Promotes to Entertainer, Charlatan, Sage

Paladin: B Swords, B Lances, +2. Canto, Sacrifice, Aegis. Low MAG.
Great Knight: A Swords, A Lances, A Axes. Armor, Canto. High STR, Low MAG, DEF, RES.
General: A Swords, A Lances, A Axes. Armor, Tough Body, Pavise. High STR, SKL, Low MAG, SPD, RES.
Dark Knight: A Swords, A Dark, +1. Canto, Essence Stealer.
Mage Knight: A Lances, A Anima, +1. Canto, Ignis.
Bow Knight: A Bows, A Swords. Canto, Never Off-guard. High SKL, Low MAG, RES.
Sniper: S Bows. Marksman, Crit+10. High SKL, SPD, Low MAG, RES.
Wyvern Master: A Lances, A Axes, +1. Fly, Armor. High STR, Low MAG, RES.
Wyvern Lord: A Axes, A Swords, +1. Fly, Armor, Luna. High STR, Low MAG, DEF, RES.
Sky King/Queen: A Axes, A Bows, +1. Fly, Armor. High SPD Low MAG, DEF.
Valkyrie: A Light, A Staves. Canto, Enchanted Robe, Miracle. Low STR.
Seraph Knight: S Lances, A Staves. Fly, Enchanted Robe. High SKL, SPD, Low DEF.
Falcon Knight: A Swords, A Lances. Fly, Enchanted Robe, Sacrifice. High SKL, SPD, Low MAG.
Dark Flier: A Lances, A Dark +1 Fly, Enchanted Robe. High SKL, SPD.
Sorcerer: S Dark, A Staves. Essence Stealer, Dark Arts. High MAG, RES, Low SPD.
Assassin: A Bows, Knives. Shadow, Crit+10. High SKL, SPD, Low STR, MAG, RES.
Swordmaster: S Swords. Way of the Warrior, Crit+15. High SKL, SPD, Low DEF.
Hero: A Swords, A Axes, +1. Tough Body, Sol. High SKL, Low MAG, RES.
Weapon Master: A Swords, A Lances, A Axes. Way of the Warrior, Focus. Low MAG.
Spearmaster: S Lances. Way of the Warrior, Crit+15. High SKL, Low MAG, RES.
Bishop: S Light, A Staves. Enchanted Robe, Exorcist. High RES, SKL, Low STR, DEF.
War Cleric/Priest: A Axes, A Staves. Enchanted Robe, Renewal.
War Monk: B Axes, B Light, +1. Enchanted Robe, Renewal.
Berserker: S Axes. Unrestrainable, Crit+10, Wrath. High STR, Low RES.
Warrior: A Axes, A Bows +1. Tough Body, Colossus. High STR, DEF, Low SPD, RES
Rogue: A Swords, Knives. Steal, Shadow. High SPD, Low STR, MAG, RES.
Trickster: A Staves, Knives. Steal, Miracle. High SPD, Low STR.
Sage: A Anima, B Light, B Staves, +2. Scholar, Enchanted Robe. High MAG, Low STR.
Mage Fighter: A Anima, Knives. Flare. High SPD.
Blade Dancer: B Swords, Knives. Dance, Way of the Warrior. High SPD, Low STR, DEF.
Entertainer: C Light, C Staves, Knives. Dance, Rally, Civilian. High SPD. Low DEF, RES.
Charlatan: B Light. Rally, Steal. High SKL, Low MAG, RES.

Unpromoted classes have fixed weapon ranks, some promoted classes have a base weapon rank, plus 1 or 2 ranks. High and Low stats refer to promoted caps: Low stats cap at 22, High stats cap at 28, other stats cap at 25. Promoted caps are affected by skills, while unpromoted caps are always 20, regardless of unit's skills.
HP and LCK are exceptions, always capping at 60 and 30, respectively, regardles of unit's class.

At this point, the player chooses one skill as the unit's personal skill. These are the skills currently aviable.
[spoiler=Skills]Special skills (can't be selected as personal):
Way of the Warrior: +1 SKL, +1 SPD, can use exotic weapons
Marksman: +2 SKL, can use longbows and ballistas
Tough Body: +5 HP, +2 CON
Steal: +2 SPD, can steal items if faster than the enemy, can open locks
Unrestrainable: +3 HP, +1 SPD, can cross mountains and water
Armor: -2 SPD, +5 DEF, lower movement (weakness)
Enchanted Robe: +2 RES (weakness)
Canto: can change location and attack in the same turn, in any order, higher movement. (weakness)
Fly: +1 SPD, gain Canto, ignore weaknesses caused by other skills (weakness)
Shadow: +2 SPD, -1 DEF, -1 RES, can't be attacked until next turn
Scholar: +2 MAG, -1 DEF
Crit+15: enhances critical rate by 15%
Crit+10: enhances critical rate by 10%
Knives: can use knives
Dark Arts: can't use healing staves, can use staves on enemies
Essence Stealer: when defeating an enemy, heals equal to enemy's level/2 (rounded down)
Dance: refresh up to 2 allies in your area. You can change area before refreshing.
Rally: lowers damage received and boosts damage dealt for allies in your area by 2 until next turn
Civilian: -2 Damage dealt
Exorcist: effective damage against enemies with a Dark rank.

Fighting skills:
Luna - halves enemy DEF, ignores enemy RES. Main: STR, Secondary: SKL
Flare - halves enemy RES, ignores enemy DEF. Main: MAG, Secondary: SKL
Adept - attack twice, both attacks can miss or be critical. Main: SPD, Secondary: SKL
Astra - attack 5 times for halved damage (rounded up), each attack can miss or be critical. Main: SKL, Secondary: SPD
Sol - heals fol half the damage done (rounded up). Main: SKL, Secondary: HP/2 (rounded up)
Ether - attack twice, the first attack heals for half the damage done (rounded down) and the second halves enemy DEF/RES. Both attacks can miss, but they can't be critical. Main: SKL, Secondary: LCK
Ignis - adds half your MAG to your physical attack and half your STR to your magical attack. Main: SKL, Secondary: lower between STR and MAG
Vengeance - adds half your damage to your attack. Main: HP/2 (rounded up), Secondary: SKL

Aegis - halves magical damage received (rounded up). Main: RES, Secondary: LEVEL/2 (rounded down)
Pavise - halves physical damage received (rounded up). Main: DEF, Secondary: LEVEL/2 (rounded down)
Miracle - if the attack would kill you and you have more than 1 HP, it brings you to 1 HP. Main: LCK, Secondary: LEVEL/2 (rounded down)

Other skills:
Focus: unit gauges go up to 175, gain 5 more skill points for every skill gauge each turn
Colossus: when your CON is higher than the enemy's, +1 damage, +15% hit rate
Never off-guard: When attacked, switch to the first weapon in the inventory you can counterattack with
Sacrifice: heal ally by sacrificing your HP by half the amount (rounded up), or heals poison for 5 HP
Renewal: heals for HP/5 each turn
Wrath: enhances critical rate by 10% when low on HP
Awareness: negates the effect of enemy's active combat skills (the enemy can still use them for the 20% bonus hit)
Parity: negates the effect of both yours and your enemy's active combat skills (they can still be used for the 20% bonus hit) and terrain bonus
Elite: gains double exp, all growths over 10% are decreased by 5%
Blossom: gains 2/3 exp (rounded down), all growths are increased by 10%
Shadow gift: can use dark magic. Dark rank is equal to the higher rank between Anima and Light
Vantage: always attacks first when low on HP
Gamble: lowers hit rate by 20%, enhance critical rate by 10%
Charisma: enhance hit and avoid rate for allies in your area by 10%
Proximity Shot: can attack enemies at 1 range with a Bow (except longbows), but the attack can't be critical and fighting skills can't be activated.

The player distributes 30* points in the various stats (HP, STR, MAG, SKL, SPD, LCK, DEF, RES, CON). You can't put more than 10 points in a stat. Note that classes have no bases of their own, but some classes have class skills that affect stats.
After this, the unit has 1 bonus point for every 3 points spent in HP, LCK or CON. These points are to be distributed in those same stats.
Then, 15 more points are added to HP and 5 more points are added to CON.

*This assumes unit starts at level 1 unpromoted.

The player distributer 300* points in the unit's growths, in multiples of 5.
HP growth gets doubled and, if both STR and MAG growth are 25% or more, they get 5% bonus growths.

*This assumes unit starts at level 1 unpromoted.

Each unit starts with an equippable weapon/staff and either a vulnerary or an usable E rank weapon. This is the list of current items and weapons:
[spoiler=Items and weapons]Items:
Delphi Shield: Negates enemy's effective bonus towards flying units.
Iron Rune: Negates enemy critical attacks.
1x Universal key: Opens a door or chest.
5x Vulnerary: Restores 10 HP.
3x Potion: Restores 20 HP.
2x Elixir: Restores all HP.
3x Pure Water: Raises Resistance by 7. Effect decreases by 1 each turn.
1x Angelic Robe: Permanently increases HP by 7.
1x Energy Ring: Permanently increases STR by 2.
1x Spirit Dust: Permanently increases MAG by 2.
1x Secret Book: Permanently increases SKL by 2
1x Speedwing: Permanently increases SPD by 2.
1x Goddess Icon: Permanently increases LCK by 2.
1x Dracoshield: Permanently increases DEF by 2.
1x Talisman: Permanently increases RES by 2.
1x Body Ring: Permanently increases CON by 2.

Name - Rank - Range - Weight - Might - Accuracy - Crit. Bonus - Uses - Worth - Special

Iron sword D 1 5 5 90 0 46 460

Slim sword D 1 2 3 100 10 30 480

Poison sword D 1 6 4 75 0 40 480 Applies 5 turns of poison

Steel sword D 1 10 8 75 0 30 600

Iron blade D 1 12 9 70 0 35 980

Armorslayer C 1 11 8 80 0 18 1260 Effective against classes with the "Armor" skill

Longsword C 1 11 6 85 0 18 1260 Effective against classes with the "Canto" skill

Wo dao C 1 5 8 75 40 20 1320 Only usable by classes with the "Way of the Warrior" skill

Steel blade C 1 14 11 65 0 25 1250

Killing edge C 1 7 9 75 30 20 1300

Wing clipper sword C 1 5 7 75 0 20 1400 Effective against classes with the "Fly" skill

Light brand C 1~2 9 9 70 5 30 1500 Casts Light magic "Divine"ù

Lancereaver C 1 9 9 75 5 15 1800 Reverses the weapon triangleù

Brave sword B 1 12 9 75 0 30 3000 Allows 2 consecutive hitsù

Wind sword B 1~2 ]9 9 ]70 5 30 3000 Casts Anima magic "Wind"

Silver sword A 1 8 13 80 0 20 1500

Silver blade A 1 13 14 60 0 15 1800

Rune sword A 1~2 9 9 70 5 30 4500 Casts Dark magic "Nosferatu"

Regal Blade S 1 9 20 85 5 25 7500

I'm going to edit later, adding other weapons and talking about reclassing and status ailments.

Anyway, what do you think? I'm honestly not sure about the critical hit system, maybe it should be exactly like normal hits instead?

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Right, so, a few things off the top of my head. Sorry if this comes off rough, but I'm assuming that you want bare-bones honesty if you're setting something up for critique like this.

You can roll dice on a forum. Most players trust the GM to be authentic with their dice, and though I'm not very involved with the RP community at large, I've never heard anyone complain about a GM privately using RANDOM.ORG to generate numbers privately. Further, although this forum does not support dice rolls, several do--off the top of my head, Giant in the Playground Games is a place where several Fire Emblem games are hosted, and if you felt the need to do so there you could (although deleting posts still allows players to game the system, so fundamentally it doesn't REALLY gain you anything). If you're playing with people who don't trust you to not rig the game against them... play with someone else. These are social games, don't play with people who drive you up the wall.

Most calculations do not exist right now. Stat evaluation is absolutely worthless without mechanics put on the board. If damage taken is equal to [(STR/MAG) + Weapon Might + Rank bonus - Terrain - ((DEF/RES)*99)], the metagame revolves entirely around poison weapons and other chip damage. Extreme example, but you get the idea.

Dodging and critting are both VERY nonfunctional as they stand right now. To say nothing of the fact that having your dodging limited to n amount per turn all but ruins the point of dodgetanking on a grand scale, you also get an incredibly small amount as it stands. Every character, no matter how dodgy they are, can avoid a single 20% hitrate once per turn, no matter how much their exposure is. That is silly, and makes concrete durability the ONLY way to do any surviving when, presumably, you want other options to work.

Note that this doesn't turn both ways; enemies sitting at the back of the map keep building their dodge, so unless players all have 100% HIT, they can expect to miss late-map enemies at least once every single time. Critting is less problematic (even if it's basically impossible for players to crit late in the map unless they're ganging up on a single enemy with multiple high-CRT characters), but if enemies have REMOTELY decent CRT they can still chip away at a bulky unit's Anticritical and blow them up, regardless of what the odds suggest. Negating a crit by avoiding it is helpful, but further taxes the anemic Evade Gauge.

Stats: Buying CON is a bad, bad idea. It penalizes players for using axes at all, when the penalties for higher HIT are already inherent to them. Give enough CON base for players to handle Iron with no penalty (for nonweapon users, use the likeliest promoted weapon, but account for promotion bonuses), and let them buy more if they want. Buying HP is also just about worthless, as you can get DEF or RES for the same investment (which is generally better, since it protects you multiple times). That said, double HP growth is slightly too much; it makes HP very powerful, probably more so than any stat but DEF. Similarly, not all stats are created equal; SKL is worthless without a large investment, LCK is worthless if your character isn't intended to face a lot of exposure, but more HP/STR/MAG/DEF/RES is always welcome in any build. Finally, the STR/MAG compensation is too small to make gishing (taking weapon types with different Mights) effective unless many enemy types have one defense that's quite high and another that's almost nonexistant, and even then any beyond one in a party become redundant. Finally, class caps are very odd, and as a rule, footies should have some advantage over mounts because mounts get to do MORE stuff, so footies should do BETTER stuff, as a rule of thumb. No, a weakness isn't enough unless you plan for it to be in a LOT of places.

Skills: Elite is OP if EXP falloff isn't downright brutal (see: Fates Lunatic). Assuming equal EXP distribution, you're going to be getting about half a stat fewer than the rest of your party... but, depending on EXP scaling, you could be promoting several maps in advance and holding a large stat advantage besides for most of the game. By the same notion, Blossom can bite me. Shadow is very nebulous--"can't be attacked next turn"? Could be RIDICULOUS, could be worthless, we don't know. Wrath would be garbage even if critical hits worked normally. Luna and Flare seem to be reversed. Essence Stealer is INCREDIBLY strong. "Your area" is not defined. "Low on HP" is not defined.

That's everything that immediately jumps out at me. If I were you, I would draft up some sample enemy data, make lots and lots of builds, and test like a madman. You'll start finding things to rewrite very quickly.

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There are also a couple of sites where you can link to dice rolls. Return of the Emblem uses a couple. The one I can think of off the top of my head is CoyoteCode. Lets you pick what number of sides, how many dice, how many times, etc.


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Wow, I didn't expect such a long comment, thank you.

Regarding the dice rolls, it's indeed true that you can use them, expecially if you have a game master. I'm making this system with a forum in mind tho: you can't have gms and moderators see every single topic, so you want to get rid of randomization.

Regarding hits, you are right. They need to be revised, and if I posted here it's exactly for that purpose. The intent is to have players ask themself what will the other player do instead of just "are the odds in my favor?", so I'll keep the basic system. Still, I now realize that gaining 20 points per turn is not nearly enough, I'll change that.
As for enemies, I'll make so that npc enemies will start their gauges when they start fighting.

I think I'll add 5 base CON, just like the 15 HP. Other than that, I don't understand your concern with buying con: if I plan to have a unit use fat weapons, a point in SPD is the same as a point in CON, yet CON gets bonus points.
Except for rare cases, you can expect a fire emblem character to get a point in HP almost every single level, making base hp and boosting items more valuable than growth. The worst someone can do with this is having over 100% growth, but that's not unheard of. Since I'll be using fixed growths, as you probably guessed, you can't even go around getting 2 points per level every time, unless you spent 100 growth points on HP, but that means having lower growths in other areas.

Exp: You may be right about elite (even though getting elite means not getting another skill that might be more useful later on). I'll be revising exp gain as a whole. When that happens, I'll probably change elite and blossom too.
Other skills: I realize I wasn't clear with shadow. As it reads "next turn" I assumed it was clear enough, my bad. It's an active skill, like dance and rally. You can't be a target if you use it, but that also means doing nothing during your turn except moving.
Wrath will be more useful when gauges will be revised. Still, considering critical attacks give +20% hit, it's absolutely not garbage.
Luna and Flare are like that on purpose: they are an incentive for using bot STR and MAG, but they are useful even if you don't.
I forgot to add that essence stealer works on player's turn only, making it a nerfed lifetaker. Low on HP will be changed to half HP(rounded down) or less. The concepts of areas and groups will be explained later.

I hope I'm not coming out as too much defensive of my work, your comment has been helpful, even if it may seem like I'm not adressing all of it.

EDIT: I changed some details, but I'm running some tests before updating

Edited by Enaluxeme

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