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Jokes and Memes about Fates

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Hayato looks like Might Guy from Naruto. That would have made him more interesting. 

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This is what meaningful conversation about Fates between two best friends looks like. (Oops accidental double post, remove please)


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Double post

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On 3/1/2016 at 5:32 PM, RedRob said:
On 3/1/2016 at 7:29 PM, MCProductions said:

Do you mind if I use this as my avatar?


Omg... *laughs so hard* 


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Some time on the Nohrian's Royal Garden before the story started...

Jakob : "Thank you for promoting me and Felicia, Milord. And thank you for allowing me to have a celebration party in this garden. We hope we will be have more power for serve you more."

Xander : "You and Felicia are worth for it. The pleasure is mine. Thank you for inviting us."

Camilla : "I smell something delicious..."

Jakob : "Yes it is. Now everybody please try this roasted meet by my mother's secret recipe!"

After tasted the dish...

Leo : "Hmmm... it tasted so good."

Elise : "Yeah! Too bad big brother Corrin unable to join us today."

Leo : "Our father summons him for important meetings. Can't be helped."

Camilla : "It really delicious! You are a good chef, Jakob. By the way, why Felicia didn't join us?"

Elise : "Hey! I saw Felicia stand on the garden's corner there... why she looks so sad?"

Leo : *looking around* "...something wrong here..."

Xander : "Yes, you're right. Our horses and the dragon also seems so sad. Where is both Felicia's and your horse, Jakob?"

Jakob : *grin*

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Leo : "Odin! Why did you so late? Did you teasing people again?"

Odin : "No, Sir! ...phew... it's just..."

Leo : "You seems so upset and tired even you just reach Lv.20... Here! Take my horse and this Master Seal! I order you to use them both!"

Odin : "What? Milord! Why? I can't accept both of them. I humbly accept the seal, but the horse? What about you Milord?"

Leo : "No need to worry about it! I need you work as fast as me. I order you again, use them both! And I will use this!" *holding an Ebon Wing*

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