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How are my fully leveled Kaze and Laslow?

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After the previous chapter I did, both Kaze and, Laslow reached there level cap. Kaze is a Dread Fighter re classed from Master Ninja and Laslow is a Lodestar re classed from a Hero. I did give Kaze an Energy Drop and possibly a Goddess Icon and Laslow got a Dragon Shield. These are the stats they have:


Hp: 40

Str: 30

Mag: 4

Skill: 30

Spd: 35

Lck: 20

Def: 20

Res: 30

Equiped Skills: Poison Strike, Lethality, Shurikenfaire, Aggressor, Iron Will

Has S rank with Elise


Hp: 53

Str: 30

Mag: 0

Skill: 39

Spd: 32(29 base plus 3 from Dancing Blade)

Lck: 36

Def: 26(27 base minus 1 from Dancing Blade)

Res: 14

Equiped Skills: Strong Riposte, Sol, Axebreaker, Dancing Blade, Speedtaker

Also has a A+ with Xander

How did the rng treat them? Is this how there stats normally are at the end or did the get blessed or screwed in certain stats?

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