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Well met!

Prince Marth

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It's been quite some time since I've been on a forum, but my interest in Fire Emblem has spiked lately, and I found this forum! I'm really looking forward to getting to know all of you, and making new friends over a mutual interest in the Fire Emblem series!

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Welcome to the Forest, Prince Marth (shouldn't we say King Marth?)!

How come such a celebrity like you wasn't here before?

Anyway, have a nice day and enjoy your stay!

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Thanks for the very warm welcome, everybody! Just as I was expecting from this nice community!

@Salterino: Indeed I have! I got Conquest, and am currently on Chapter 23.

@Ycine: Any title is fine! Even just "Marth". And it's a surprise to me too!

@XaosLogos: I'm afraid I don't, my apologies; and thank you very much! Just based on the replies in this thread, I already feel that many of the people here would make great friends!

@SpacelessZarius: Welcome back? Was I here before? Nonetheless, thank you! And best of luck in obtaining the Amiibo!

@Mangs: 10000G? Just for me? A warm welcome indeed! Though, there's no need for such a hefty sum of money!

@Deviddo: Thank you for your welcome and congratulations! Personally, I prefer the OVA English voice, and above all the Japanese voice. But the current English voice is well enough!

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