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Fates Screenshot/Picture Sharing Thread

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So some of us use Miiverse. Personally I use it a lot to take random pictures of FEF that I end up liking. Phone or otherwise, any you'd like to share?


I actually have an album's worth. No spoilers. I won't lie, it's mostly of my Corrin. Because I'm vain.

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I have this screenshot, because I find it funny


Make me imagine Takumi hearing their talk and thinking "Gods, my family is crazy" ... and probably he joints in the chat after some minutes

Also, this one... Ryoma what happened to your face??


I will try to take actually cool screens, some backgrounds are pretty, especially in my castle

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embarrassingly the only picture I have is this bc I was self-indulgent and needed a screenie


I got it on my first try though lmao

I'll upload more later

EDIT: I went to do the lottery and I have to upload this


Every time I go to the lottery Azama is there

It's like he wants to prove life ain't peachy or anything to my avatar lmao

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Here's me liveblogging through, I'll pick some of my favorites (and a few not in this), some of these are on the phone before I stopped being lazy and started using miiverse

[spoiler=Motherfuckers say my abs are painted on?!]


[spoiler=Discount Raijinto, for a discount Ryoma]


[spoiler=a fair and balanced unit pt1]


[spoiler=remember in Chevalier? That's just me trolling. This is the real deal.]

aka: A fair and balanced unit part 2


[spoiler=do you even lift]

also: why I play nogrind


[spoiler=84 guaranteed damage]


[spoiler=Grilldad is real]


Everyone loved it, too.

[spoiler=You made BF suffer, prepare to die]


[spoiler=Bara tiddies]


And, A tragic gay romance, featuring Hoshido 26.

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I'm bumping this because I like to call these three pictures combined...





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I remembered that I took these screenshots of Shiny Kinshi Takumi




Kinshi Knights look very cool in the snow maps

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I didn't realize the lobster nii-san took off his armor when you put something on his hair? Anyways here's a photo of it


i don't even remember what I put on his head though

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I'm curious, how do you take screenshots directly in your Nintendo 3DS?

When you are playing, umm let's say Fates, you can press the Home button and if you have wireless on, go to the icon with three green people on it (it's next to the internet browser) and if you have a Miiverse account, you can post an image (do know that you can't post an image of every game, like Pokemon. You can still draw, make posts, and other stuff but you can't post images from the game).

I hope that answered your question.

On topic, I don't really post alot of images but this one was something that got me laughing for bit (and I don't really know why, I must be tired or something).


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i have many screenshots of this game, but the most important one is this one


camilla and beruka both do this stupid victory pose and i think that's silly and cute

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