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How I beat the endgame of Conquest in two turns

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heres the video:

Heres are my notes:


Staff User 1 (Shigure with rescue)
Staff user 2 (Elise with entrap)
unit that gives +1 move ( Selena pairup with Elise)
Anyone that can 2shot inital enemies ( I use Xander with Charlotte pairup)
Wyvern Lord with the Pass Skill ( Nina with Beruka or Camilla as the mother)
Rally Bots: Siegbert(Strength) , Percy(Defense), Niles(Skill)
Somebody to drop Corrin onto to the Wyvern Lord with Pass ( Gunter)
Wyvern Lords's guard stance partner ( someone tanky like Effie)
Two bait units ( Preferably captured units)

Corrin: Life and Death/Swordfaire/Duelist's Blow/Dragon Fang/Filler
Nina: pass
Rally Skills

Boots for Nina so that she has 10 Movement
Tonics ( HP, strength, skill, speed, defense)

Other notes:
-My Corrin has a base of 37 strength and 34 speed. His secondary class is Samurai(+Strength, -Luck)
which enabled me to get Swordfaire and Life and Death. A friendship or marriage seal can get you Elbow room or Strength+2.
-You need a total of 35 speed to double Takumi. Rally speed, tonics, and katana bonus
will give you an additional 7 speed before pair up.
-I would recommend capturing some enemy units with a breaker skill (i.e axebreaker)
-The Luna skill will only cut 20 percent of Takumi's defense. So I would not recommend.
-I don't think astra is optimal because it will instantly fill Takumi's guard stance gauge.
-Damage is actually rounded down. My Corrin with elbow room would hit Takumi at 42.75 dmg but the game
will show it to be 42.

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Nice. I do think it's already been done in 1 turn before, though.

do you have a link or know what keywords to search?

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do you have a link or know what keywords to search?

Came here cuz I'm stuck on this level. Trying to not let anyone die.

But your name+ picture = expand dong. And I know your name not what it seems lol.

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Nice. The one I was thinking is quite similar, but more custom-fitted to my particular situation.

Again, Entrap, Rescue, Tonics, Boots (1 if Nina has Pass, 2 if without).

For me it was Max-SPD Kinshi Knight Nina with Movement +1 and 2 boots (1 from chapter 23, another from either killing Shura, Path bonuses or Royal Royale; if none of these options is preferred then getting Pass on Nina would work with only 1 boots instead of 2), Kinshi Knight Niles (through Partner Seal with Mozu) carrying Azura, Malig Knight Camilla carrying Butler Dwyer, and Dark Knight Leo carrying Strategist Forrest. Set everyone up optimally in Turn 1, outside of everyone's attack range but possibly within some staff ranges; if possible though silencing the top Enfeeble maid if necessary (as long as she doesn't hit Nina it's fine). Falcon Knight Shigure uses Rally Speed on Nina, and a Berserker (Gazak for my case) uses Rally Strength on Mozu in the beginning of turn 2. Mozu hops on Nina. Forrest entraps the same General as the TP did, Nina ORKOs the Ninja below where that general used to be. Niles fly to Nina, switches to Azura and Sings to Nina. Nina with her 11 movement can reach 2 space from Takumi. Switch to Mozu, then attack with the Crescent Bow.

The Mozu I'm using has an S-rank in bows, with skillset Quick Draw/Certain Blow/Bowfaire/Life and Death/Spendthrift (which she can all learn in her default promotion/reclassing options)

31(Cap STR)+4(Rally Strength)+3(S-rank)+8(Crescent Bow)+4(Quick Draw)+5(Bowfaire)+10(Spendthrift)+10(Life and Death)+2(Tonic)-26(Takumi DEF)=51

Dragonskin halves that to 25.5

Rounding down the damage gives 25

25*3=75 which successfully kills Takumi (can't kill on 4 hits since Bold Stance allows Takumi to raise his Dual Guard gauge by 2 both when the original attacks and the replica performs the negated Dual Attack, so she needs to reach 75 damage within 3 hits)

Just on the top of my head, an optimisation of this strat would be to have two more staff users (Jakob and Felicia, maybe? Each can use Rescue by trading with one another since there's only 2 sets of Rescue staves in the game, one from Ch. 9 and another from Ch. 20); perhaps it might be possible to adapt this into a 1-turn strategy?

Deployed I guess in this more optimised strat would involve MU/Nina/Mozu/Niles/Azura/Shigure (any Falcon Knight with Rally Speed would do)/Gazak(any Berserker with Rally Strength would do)/Jakob/Felicia/Dwyer/Forrest/Camilla/Leo << that's only 13 units, so fits within the limit of 16. I need to count squares before being sure that this works though...

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hey guys I have made another video of beating the endgame in two turns without the life or death skill

The skills I equipped on my Corrin are draconic hex, elbow room, defender, aegis, and armored blow. My secondary class is a +magic, -luck cavalier.

My Corrin has base attack of 32 and a base speed of 33. Xander has a base attack of 34. If Corrin didn't have enough strength I would substitute Aegis

for Dragon Fang, and feed him some skill boosts.

What I did that was really different from the previous video was having a unit with the shelter skill to do the double dance trick.

(Silas "shelters" Azura and Percy will pick her up through the transfer command and then I switch back Azura, who can still sing again).

I also have Corrin attack first just to get the debuff on Takumi, and then have Xander to finish him off.

Based what I have read from around this forum, I should have used a staff user with a higher skill than elise. (i.e strategist flora or jakob).

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