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Skill Request Thread!

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Looking for Corrin with Spendthrift and Setsuna with....anything. Despite all this  castles I have visited, I have not seen any Setsuna. Sad. Sure, she may not be the best unit, but I think she's cute.

My castle address is 01664-16067-61233-09393. My units have a decent assortment of skills, but my castle is not easy seize...not yet anyway. I'll probably make it easy seize in the near future.

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On 1/20/2019 at 12:20 PM, yingneko said:

Looking for Anyone with aptitude and Effie with blow skills

Effie with Aptitude, Warding Blow, Certain Blow, and Death Blow are up.

On 1/27/2019 at 10:48 AM, DeoxD said:

Does anyone have an Azama with Aegis?

I've been looking for it for a while.

Currently I have this in My Castle if anyone is interested:

Corrin: Hosh Unity, Trample, Vantage

Saizo: Replicate, Strong Riposte, Death Blow, Vantage

Hinoka: Bowbreaker, Air Superioriy, Amaterasu, Lancefaire

Shura: Counter, Death Blow, Trample, Bowfaire

Rhajat: Aptitude, Malefic Aura, Tomefaire

Shiro: Lancefaire, Renewal, Luna, Vantage, Death Blow

Kaden: Counter, Aegis, Vantage, Beastbane, Trample

Yukimura: Quixotic, Astra, Renewal, Replicate, Vantage

Azama: Quixotic, Sol, Lancefaire, Countermagic, Pavise

Adress: 02698 03636 01673 79826

(Looking for Azama with Aegis)

Bolded skills are live.

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I'm looking for Lifetaker for Niles if anyone has it. I have accumulated quite a few skills of anyone is looking for anything I can offer. My CC is 14289-27196-60860-54762 feel free to drop by.


EDIT: I found one finally in a very old post. 

Edited by TianaTK
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Hello i know this game is pretty old but i am playing it again.

I need actually two characters with apptitude

Setsuna (Apptitude)

Perri (Aptitude)

Sorry for wrong typing if u have this please anwser this, and i hopu somewone can help me out


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