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"Try again tomorrow" Fates error (help).

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So I've been having this problem for about a week now. There is one particular friend's castle that I've been trying to get to. However, I've been getting a persistent "try again tomorrow" message. This happens to a few different people I've gotten the calling cards of, and some who I haven't.

Trying to find a fix for this, I went online and found this person who had a similar issue: http://techforums.nintendo.com/message/207232#207232

I found that my clock was off, both time wise and date wise, so i fixed both two days ago. I've been able to visit other castles that I visited before, but still not this particular friend (plus a few others).

I was just wondering if anyone else has been having this issue, of only being able to revisit some people but not others even though more than 24 hours have passed. Oh, and for reference sake I'm on a physical copy of Conquest on a 3ds XL.

I think it MIGHT have something to with their castles being not updated, but I would like confirmation if possible. (also apologies if this thread exists elsewhere, I didn't see it when i looked)

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