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Lunatic MU x Nowi

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I keep asking for help, but you know. Currently planning on trying Lunatic for the time with a M!Avatar paired with Nowi.

Nowi: Swordbreaker, Lancebreaker, Strength +2, Deliverer, Wyrmsbane. (Manakete).

So, Nowi is rather limited so the above set is what I thought I would go with. Nothing special about it. Would be there be a reason to have Nowi go for any magical classes?

MU 1: Axefaire, Luna, Strength +2, Swordbreaker, Counter/Pavise. (Warrior/General).

I had two ideas for how I wanted MU to look. This one here will be an Axe based one, as Axefaire indicates. Let me know if you got better ideas. I thought about +Str/-Lck for asset/flaw but I don't know if it would work very well on Lunatic. I'm aware though that General isn't considered that great, but I've never used General ingame that much.

MU 2: Swordfaire, Astra, Sol, Strength +2, Lancebreaker. (Hero).

This one would be a sword based MU, but still being somewhat similar to the one above. I would also like a +Str/-Lck on this one, but I also thought about running +Spd. Armsthrift would be an option, though I wouldn't know which skill to remove for it. Maybe Strength +2.

So, for kids I'm a bit more lost what to do with them. I won't use Galeforce, because I dislike grinding through Dark Flier unless it's a magical inclined unit, and I ban Galeforce in most of my runs anyway.

Nah: Luna/Sol, Strength +2, ?, ?, ?. (Manakete).

Seriously no plan on what I want to do with Nah.

Morgan: Sol, Swordfaire, Astra, Strength +2, Lancebreaker (Hero).

I'm even more lost with Morgan. I probably wouldn't go with Manakete, though I might change my mind. If I go with MU 1 I would probably have her end up with something similar to MU 2. If I would go with MU 2 I'm not sure what I would want to run on Morgan. Except maybe Luna.

Thanks for any help in advance!

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If you're just looking to beat the game, Nowi doesn't really need that many skills. She can stay in Manakete the whole time and basically overpower the vast majority of enemies with raw stats.

With your MU builds, either would probably work, since MU is just that flexible. However, if you're going Hero, I'd say Axefaire over Swordfaire because axes are a way more valuable weapon type. Or maybe Axefaire over Lancebreaker, since you'd have to go through Griffon, which is a pretty lackluster class and dropping Swordmaster entirely would cost you Astra (then again, the prevalence of enemy 1~2 rangers makes being swordlocked not great). For the first build, I'd recommend Warrior over General.

For MU's kids, both are going to be picking up a sizable Str modifier, so you could do one of two things with it: run Manakete or Wyvern Lord to take advantage of being a beefy tank that hits hard back; or pick up something speedier like Hero or Falcon to try to get some doubling in with that modifier.

One thing you should definitely consider that should take precedence over other things though, is to have a plan to kill Grima. He will be very, very tanky, so make sure you math out some sort of strategy so that you don't get to the end of the game and find out you're having to rely heavily on the dice to kill him.

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