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Why is everyone so mean


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This site is way better than a youtube comments section. The toxicity in fire-emblem related videos is in fact what pushed me to find a better place to discuss FE topics. And hence, Serenes Forest Forums.

i think this is my new favorite post

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it was your first warn in the warn expiration time, it was not his

It was actually my first non-verbal warn ever.

i can suspend you if you want though

fucking do it
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g e t f u c k e d

That's the second best thing you ever did.

Just one question... Would you have still suspended me if I said please?

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i mean in full disclosure i gave myself a standing 69% warn because hehe

it's the only way you'd get a 69 so hey why not

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hilariously op is suspended for a big sig, his second offense of the type

maybe the problem is you, op, and not everyone else

I read this as big Sis. My eyes need much checking.

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*reads full thread*

*sigh* Should have stuck with Miiverse, OP. It's better referred to as the 4chan of Nintendo.

Is Nintendo Life even that good of a fourm anyways?

Hahahahahaha, hell no.

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