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Skill Request for Azura and Sakura

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Hey, so I didn't know if I should ask in a currently existing thread, so I decided to play it safe and make my own thread.

I was wondering if anyone has, or has access to getting, Good Fortune for Sakura, (Mercenary, Level 1 skill) and Axebreaker for Azura (Hero, Level 15 skill... I think)

I'm asking because I want Azura to have a weapon triangle advantage as she'll be using lances, and since I've seen many people pair her up with Lazslow, I'm sure it can't be that hard to find one out there that has Axebreaker.

Sakura, on the other hand, might be a bit more tricky. I'm looking to make her an HP tank, and I'm simply looking for Good Fortune. Yes, there's better skills, I'm sure, but I'd really like to have Good Fortune on her, as she'll have high Luck in the end.

If anyone could find or get these skills for me, and post the MyCastle Link, that would be... amazing, really really awesome. Thanks!

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