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How Are My Revelation Pairings?

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So I just finished the main game of Revelation and am now looking to optimize pairings for postgame and DLC (as well as min-maxing because I like to).

I'm playing on Normal mode, male Corrin +Str -Lck, Talent Oni Savage.

As much as I'd love to put Corrin with Azura I hate that you can't have him marry her without losing out on a kid.

By the way I'm going for pure optimization as far as the kids go, with a goal of having one S rank user of every weapon type, class diversity. In parentheses are my reasonings for the pairing if I haven't seen much on it online.



Takumi/Rinkah (With access to Crit +20 I figured that would make for a lethal sniper)


Saizo/Hana (I liked Hana as a unit and since the Swordmaster child is taken a Ninja is close enough)







Hinata/Mozu (Did not particularly like Hinata or his growths, so I figured Aptitude might help)


Silas/Charlotte (I want a Berserker on my team and Sophie was the last option. But I do think there is a certain match up since Silas excels where Berserkers tend to lag)



Niles/Oboro (Give Nina some healing ability as an Adventurer)


Jakob/Setsuna (Was the last one I settled on and so he got stuck with the leftover)

Subaki/Nyx (Give some degree of Magic for Caeldori)

How do these work? I'm not sure if there's an Apotheosis styled DLC on the way, but even if not I want the absolutely most optimal pairings and there's surprisingly little in the way of proper pairing guides out there that aren't for LTC or Lunatic or both.

Also of note is that I really wanted to try get Crit +20 on my Berserker as well, but I couldn't figure out a way to swing that, so I'm open to suggestions.

Thanks in advance!

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