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Conquest Lunatic Parings?

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Hey guys,

I'm doing Conquest Lunatic rn and I'm kinda lost on the whole optimal child pairings. I paired the following but nobody else:





Any other units are game, currently deathless so far, and hoping to stay that way. Just looking for some input, whatever you guys think.

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Who are you using?

XanderxCharlotte is a given if you aren't neglecting him for some reason.

I currently am using MU (Nohrian Noble), Soliel (Great Lord), Percy (Wyvern Lord), Mozu (Dread Fighter), Keaton (Wolfessenger), Charlotte (Fighter) (She's literally a pairup bot for Xander), Xander (Paladin), Odin (Sorcerer), Ophelia (Sorcerer), Laslow (Lodestar) and Leo (Dark Knight). Also switching in occasionally Selena (Hero) and Camilla (Wyvern Lord). I started the Xander and Charlotte supports, and married MU to Soliel because I heard that was necessary for all other units to pair up. I also began to make Keaton and Mozu mingle, I heard Keaton and Azura is good too though, not sure yet. Azura's character kinda annoys me, I never really use her tbh, but not sure how good Shigure is, only had him once and never used him...

(EDIT: I'm only on Chapter 17 also, prepping for Ninja hell. Lots of grinding -_-)

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