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Fire Emblem Birthright child units help

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I know there is probably plenty of topics on this, but fuck it.

Im on my second play through of birthright and I was in need of some help with getting the best child units (especially midori)

Here is what I have been thinking:



Sakura/Hayato (I did this in my last playthrough and I was satisfied with how Rhajat came out since her magic was rather high)

Kaze/Mozu (I dont know what I should reclass Mozu into...maybe a basara?)

My male avatar/Azura (I made my talent Samurai since maybe making Azura a samurai but Im guessing that was a horrible idea. Im not planning on using Shigure at all)


Now here is the one im a bit stuck on...Selkie's mother.

I've seen people say hana, kagerou, or setsuna but since I'm planning on making hana Sophie's mother im stuck. Are there better options then setsuna and kagerou or which one of those two are best for her? Im rather new to this kind of thing.

Then the rest of kids I haven't thought about yet

Thank you :)

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Sophie is better with Oboro or Hinoka as her mother. Give Hana to Takumi instead (or Kagero and Mozu, they are the best mothers for Kiragi in Birthright).

I personally prefer Felicia/Hayato, but Sakura works well too.

Kaze/Mozu makes for a good Midori, though Kagero is better if you are going for a physical Midori. Mozu should always be made into a sniper, unless you only want her for support stuff.

Orochi/Azama isn't a good pairing at all. Azama might be dressed like Priest, but he and his daughter really want to be in physical classes (they suck at magic and excel in strength), so Mitama deserves a physical mom like Oboro or Setsuna.

As for Selkie, all she needs is, again, a good physical mother like Hana, Kagero or Hinoka. Oboro and Mozu are good as well. Honestly screwing Selkie up so bad as to make her unusable is pretty hard.

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These were my Birthright pairings:

  • Ryoma/Kagero
  • Saizo/Orochi
  • Takumi/Azura
  • Hinata/Hana
  • Azama/Felicia
  • Subaki/Oboro
  • Kaden/Mozu
  • Hayato/Sakura
  • Jakob/Setsuna
  • Silas/Hinoka
  • Kaze/Rinkah

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