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Your FE: Conquest Pairings, and Why?

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Hey there guys. Thought it'd be interesting to see what everyone's Conquest pairings were, and why they chose them! What were your Conquest "S" ranked pairs, and why did you pick them? Did you get all of the kids unlocked? Let's hear them! :)

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I only did one pairing (Avatar x Leo) because I was kind of speeding through Conquest and plus the lack of grinding challenges, haha.

Married Leo because I wanted magic children and I liked him the most out of the Nohr cast (and to pass down a pretty hair color to Forrest).

I went crazy on pairings on the other two paths though lol.

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Here are my pairings:

Femorrinmui x Jakob - Jakob was the first character to hit S-rank with my MC. For a while, I didn't marry him but, eventually, I got tired of his support being highlighted and I married him.

Xander x Charlotte - I really liked the two of them together. As well, I liked that Charlotte gave their son blonde hair. He ended up relatively sub par, unfortunately; he could never stay alive in a battle for more than two turns despite how much work he put in during those few altercations.

Leo x Nyx - Again, the support was enjoyable. And, again, I preferred the child with the darker hair color Nyx gave. Forrest was one of my hard hitters.

Camilla x Benny - I just supported them as he was the first to get to S-rank with her. Their kid doesn't look that great with fuschia/lilac hair but he was a beast as a general and paired up with his buddy, Percy.

Odin x Elise - The support was cute and didn't make me squint like a lot of Elise's other supports. Ophelia was a GODDESS on the battlefield. She struck down any that faced her with a critical hit.

Arthur x Effie - I think most people do this pairing on the first run because of the stats Arthur can give. The support hints that Arthur has some feelings for Effie so there is also that. Percy came out as a beast and was the other half of the Destruction Duo along with Ignatius.

Laslow x Mozu - The support was so heartwarming and cute. Soliel doting on her Mom was pretty cute, as well, despite many people's complaints over how said character was handled. Soliel also looked very good with Mozu's hair.

Selena x Silas - I thought the S-rank was cute. Sophie was adorable with red hair.

Niles x Felicia - I wanted to see how they changed the support as the Japanese version was a bit more...inappropriate. It was decent. Nina came out pretty good; she soaked up magical attacks like a sponge.

Azura, Kaze, Keaton, Beruka and Peri were left single by the time I finished the game.

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I don't have the game yet cause, European, but here is what I have planned for my first run.

M!MU x Niles-Cause I'm gay and I want my avatar to be gay. Also I love NIles and how open his back story is so I can fill it with headcanons.

Jakob x Felicia-I just like shipping the two.

Silas x Effie-I like to think they were good friends training together to become knights.

Kaze x Selena-They just seem nice together. Also, I can see poor Kaze wanting to get the hell out of dodge after Conquest.

Xander x Charlotte-I think everyone knows why anyone ships Xander and Charlotte

Leo x Nyx-They are just cute together.

Benny x Beruka-Benny deserves someone who will protect him.

Keaton x Camilla-Camilla leaves royalty after the war, why not get with a werewolf and have a large litter of puppies!

Arthur x Mozu-This hero deserves a break after the war on a nice farm.

Odin x Elise-Really, Odin is the only person I feel comfortable shipping Elise with. Also, the family tree makes sense.

Laslow x Peri-Henry is Lassy's father in my canon, so I guess Olivia and son have a thing for people who are mentally broken because of their pasts.

Yes, Azura is unpaired. I just feel bad pairing her up, except in Rev, with what happens at the end and all. Shigure does not deserve to be left alone.

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Lets see, when I choose Conquest I pair Corrin with Camilla don't judge, Leo with Nyx, Xander with Peri, Selena with Odin, Effie with Arthur,Benny with Charlotte, Azura with Niles, and Elise with Kaze

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Corn Ryoma x Xander, because if you don't think I'm going to use Corn's naming abilities to sate my actual otps you are very wrong

-I did Ninja Corn because I did Conquest Lunatic for my first run of Conquest so I wanted something that was known to be powerful---which means Kana also has access to ninja--which also means I can just use Kana as Xander's pairup bot after he's born since both Corn and Xander are very strong units who should be in the front of a pairup.

-Siegbert's stats are solid, but he came very late because his paralogue is a pain in the ass on Lunatic, and I keep on ragequitting until I finally beat it after chapter 25. The pros of that is he's 20/16 with great ranks and both promoted skills, though--but at that point Effie's a stronger GK with a very strong S rank and he's not gonna beat his dad at tanking ever. So he mostly just gave Nina more stats and Mov.

Leo x Felicia, because Felicia with female MU joins close to the time Leo joins and is a free solid pairup for him on stats he wants.

-Forrest replaced Elise because I made the mistake of promoting Elise too late, therefore she became behind in levels and can't really take a hit from anything. Forrest isn't exactly a tank, but he had defensive parameters of being able to take a single hit, and he came with rally res, which is situationally useful, especially on chapter 26.

Niles x Camilla because I liked their support and I was using both of them anyway. They give each other stats they want, as well.

-Nina is awesome. I got her right before chapter 25 and promoted to adventurer, so she was born with Shurikenbreaker from dad and Swordbreaker from mom. This is incredible for chapter 25. With only 1 level, she got pass. This is vital for 2 turn endgame. Most useful child for me.

Effie x Arthur because it's really convenient and +7 str on Effie for more OHKO goodness

-I made the mistake of not getting Percy earlier and his paralogue, which is otherwise easy (or so I hear) before promoted enemies show up, becomes utter hell late. I really should've gotten him, because Beruka fell off around chapter 17 or so--but I also wanted to get her married to Kaze for another paralogue.

Kaze x Beruka bc they were the last gen1 units I was using and Kaze likes the Str/Spd. Kaze was good throughout, but Beruka didn't really deliver. I do like their support, though.

-Midori is pretty mediocre. No amount of Replicate and free money will make me want to use her with her shitty stats---I guess maybe if Cam was her mom, or something. Her paralogue's excellent for shoving more exp down Xander's throat with all those high level enemies scattered, though. Which is good. I needed him to hit Swordbreaker before chapter 23 because I want Xander to fight Ryoma for maximum Ryoumarx angst and there was no way in hell I'm doing chapter 23 with Wyvern Xander.

I wanted to do Jakob x Aqua for 2 more paralogues, but I didn't manage to pull that off with Aqua trying to do her job and being hard as fuck to pair especially on Conquest Lunatic with DLC and My Castle support grinding banned.

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In my most recent Conquest Lunatic run, I went for the following pairings. My priorities were primarily skill inheritance, and then growths.

1. Female Avatar (Ninja as 2nd base class) & Jakob

Jakob doesn't have the best growths, but I wanted to make their children into situational utility units more than caring about their overall stats.

With the marriage seal, I reclassed Jakob into a Ninja to get skills: Locktouch, Poison Strike, Lethality, Shurikenfaire, Golembane and Replicate. Jakob remained a useful unit until midgame, but was dropped at around Ch. 20-ish.

I wanted Dwyer to do some work as a Butler and especially as a good Flame Shuriken user, and so passed down Shurikenfaire from Jakob and Dragon Fang from the Avatar: getting him to the Knife/Shuriken C-rank took time but it was worth it, with the MU giving pretty decent MAG growths. He did some nice healing and did decent damage particularly with the Flame Shuriken up until the Endgame.

Kana did decent damage with a Levin sword mid-late game with the not-amazing but fairly nice MAG growth, but his primary utility was in Golembane that Jakob passed down. Stacking Kana's 20-something MAG with Dragonstone+ with 25 base Mt, and Golembane doubling Might against Mechanists, Automatons and especially Stoneborns, Kana proved useful in One-Hit KO-ing Stoneborns in Chapters 21 and 26 which made those chapters a lot easier to farm EXP. In the endgame became a useful Tag Team unit.

2. Arthur & Effie

This was more of a decision to maximize Effie's damage output in the early game, with Arthur primarily acting as Pair-Up fodder until getting ditched early on. Theirs was the first child paralogue I unlocked at around after Chapter 14. Percy's paralogue can be a bit tricky; I ended up using Camilla quite extensively. I was able to farm around 6000G, so I'd say this was a success. Percy had some really nice base stats, but somehow I didn't really find the space to fit him in the team.

3. Silas & Azura

I like this pairing because it benefits all of Silas and his two children. Silas benefits from Azura when paired, although this didn't happen very often because Azura needs to Sing for other people. But primarily this pairing was for the children, because I intended to use both Sophie and Shigure. Silas reclassed into a Hero and got Sol which he passed down to both of his children; Azura passed down Voice of Peace, also to both her children.

Although a bit low in bulk, Sophie made for a very balanced Great Knight with good STR SKL and SPD, who ended up replacing Silas near the late game.

Shigure is a nice unit to have if simply for his Rally Speed, ranged healing, and his Personal Skill which allows for an extra bit of ranged healing, but he also got decent STR and DEF growths from Silas and so capped DEF and did decent enough damage in battle as well; his utility was particularly felt in Ch. 24, where the Malig Knight Camilla / Beastkiller Falcon Knight Shigure / Kinshi Knight Mozu wrecked most of the Fliers in the map.

4. Niles & Mozu

I like this pairing because it potentially mutually benefits both parties as well as the child, not so much in the pair-up benefits but primarily in classes and skills. Having immediately reclassed Mozu into an Archer in her prologue, she eventually got all the cool archer/sniper skills like Quick Draw, Certain Blow and much later Bowfaire. Since Niles gets the Archer class from Mozu, he reclassed into a Sniper midgame to get the cool skills as well.

Mozu passed down Aptitude, and Niles passed down Quick Draw to Nina. Initially I regretted passing on Quick Draw and though I'd be better off passing down Certain Blow, but in hindsight this decision didn't really make a big difference. Bow Knight Nina grew really well, and allowed for a more manageable Endgame with her base 9 movement, Shurikenbreaker, and very solid stats that allowed her to double, hit hard and accurately.

5. Keaton & Camilla

I feel that this pairing makes a very well-rounded Velouria with decent DEF, RES, SKL, SPD, and damage output; she's not quite the tank at the same level as Xander Keaton or Benny might be, but this pairing makes her fairly resistant to both physical and magical damage. Pairing Keaton with Camilla also benefits Camilla by giving her a lot of STR and SPD. Ended up ditching Keaton, but used Camilla and Velouria extensively on this run.

6. Xander & Charlotte

Need I say more about this pairing? It gives like +8 STR and +5 SPD to Xander.

His child's paralogue is a pain though, and didn't really find the space to use him either.

7. Leo & Felicia

Maid Felicia supplements Leo's MAG, SKL and SPD very well. Plus Forrest gets super-pink hair, which is a plus.

I didn't end up using Forrest extensively as a unit, though being able to capture Gazak in his paralogue was a big boon.

8. Kaze & Selena

TBH this was kind of a left-over kind of pairing; I made extensive use of Kaze throughout my playthrough, Selena I used a but kinda dropped midway. Midori's paralogue I primarily did for experience, didn't end up using Midori at all except for staffing the Lottery Shop. I'm not sure to this day whether this makes any difference though.

9. Nina & Shigure

Ah I almost forgot about this one. I made use of the Kinshi Knight access on Nina for the Endgame

And the ones below I tried after beating the Endgame once, now allowing myself to grind off of My Castle supports.

10. Benny & Beruka

Another one of those left-over pairings that I didn't really care about, did just to see the paralogue. I kind of liked doing this paralogue though, though I happened to have cheesed it with fliers shuttling most of my units near the village. Didn't really use any of them though.

11. Laslow & Peri

Again, another one of those left-over pairings that I did just to see the paralogue. Soleil's paralogue was surprisingly fun to play though, though I didn't use any of the parents or Soleil.

12. Odin & Elise

I used neither in this playthrough, so this was mainly for experience for Gazak (since I wanted to max his levels to get him on the support log) and the tomes you get in Ophelia's paralogue. Her paralogue took me a lot of tries but I managed in the end. Ophelia turned out to be better than Leo in every way except HP and DEF, which makes her a more useful Sorcerer that can double but not as a Nostank (but for that you want Odin, but I haven't used him as that), and so I ended up using her for the successive Endgame tries instead of Leo.

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Really loving the responses. It's kind of cool to see the various reasons and reasoning behind why people went one way or the other with a character or characters. Me, I love the story behind pairings, and the paralogue stories. Good bit of flavor story to add to the game.

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M!Corrin/Niles: I'm gay. I'm so gay. I'm the pure embodiment of gay.

Leo/Felicia: Good mag stat passed onto Forrest.

Jakob/Nyx: Wanted black-haired Dwyer and to run him magically.

Silas/Mozu: Scraps.

Laslow/Camilla: I just see this one a lot/scraps.

Odin/Elise: Good mag passed onto Ophie.

Arthur/Selena: Scraps.

Benny/Beruka: Scraps.

Keaton/Effie: Tankie Velouria.

Xander/Charlotte: I love them as a couple and I appreciate all Charlotte does for Xander.

Underscored are priority pairings/priority kids. Forrest is my favorite child so he's usually the first conceived.

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I only managed Corrin x Silas since it was my first run and I was rushing through the story. My focus was getting supports with him, the siblings, and whatever for my final team.
My final team reeeeally ended up lacking girls so I never found an opportunity for other pairings at the time.

I didn't bother with children and figured I'd have all the time in the world on my Hoshido run since I can grind (and I did).

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1st run:

Corrin x Camilla - I actually liked this one, as funny as the memes are, it didn't happen like that.

Silas x Effie - Always close on the frontlines, pretty much the same as CxC. They combined well, both devoted to their leaders, now found themselves devoted to each other.

Odin x Azura - Very nice. Backstory of Future Past, of Azura's and funny. A son who sings and a daughter with aptitude for the theatrics. Nice pairing. They will open a theater, probably Broadway's founders.

Xander x Selena - Another nice pairing. Xander meets someone who openly speaks to him, but she doesn't act like usual with him. He feels relaxed around her, and Selena, insecure, has a secure, confident man with her. I doubt she would make a good queen, but who knows.

Leo x Nyx - Pretty nice how it develops. She can forgive herself with him. Just wondering how Leo got his future sight powers or maybe that was just to woo her further.

On the 2nd run, I went for some silliness.

Fem.Corrin x Gunter - Very old father figure with young girl. There's more to it, but it was funny.

Arthur x Elise - Older, muscular, but funny guy with young girl. There S isn't bad, but one that could have used the Izana/Flora recruitment, with another conversation after entering the castle again.

Benny x Mozu - Timid juggernaut with small girl who fearlessly hunts bears. Life back to a farm would probably suit Benny's shy personality well.

Niles x Azura - Sly, "guy of the world", experienced and full of innuendo guy with sheltered, inexperienced, reclusive girl.

Jakob x Peri - I liked how Jakob doesn't give a fuck about her threats and treats her like a little kid and then they warm up to each other.

Laslow x Charlotte - Totally surprised with this one. The S Rank may irk a lot of people. Probably Soleil's true parents, as that would explain much.

Odin x Beruka - Leftovers for the run. Nothing really great here, it wasn't even funny, considering the possibilities of Owain with "no emotion girl".

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Laslow x Me

- My Kamui was a Swordmaster so I wanted to get/pass Mercenary line.

Leo x Nyx

- For good magic Forrest

Odin x Elise

- For good Magic Ophelia

Xander x Charlotte

- Seemed popular and good

Niles x Mozu

- For Archer Niles

Arthur x Camilla

- Camilla is stronk, wanted similarly stronk Percy

Benny x Beruka

- Super Tank Ignis. Currently have my favorite support convo.

SIlas x Effie

- Seemed like an ok mom for Sophie

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This was my first blind run:

Silas x FMU

-Based on first impressions, I liked his character and design. Unfortunately this did not last long.

-Couldn't think of who else to pair him with.

-Was going to go Niles instead, but my 'translator' forbade it. He preferred him with Azura.

Xander x Charlotte

-Cute cute cute

-+Str +Spd pairup

-Cute blonde Siegbert

-Absolute Charlotte bias (seriously people complain about her hitrate but not when I was done with her. 1rko'd the last boss)

Niles x Azura

-Aforementioned translator loved it bc he found the porcupine line really cute.

-In his words, "the fastest child." Seriously he won't shut up about this.

Camilla x Keaton

-Like both characters.

Arthur x Luna

-Cute red hair Percy


Kaze x Effie

-I don't know man it just sorta happened.

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Here are mine that mattered to me:

Me x Laslow - Because I'm a giant Oliviasexual.

Keaton x Selena - Watching her get forced to embarrass herself was funny.

... That's all.

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Me x Laslow - I liked the support a lot, and I really loved him in Awakening, and still do in Fates. Plus Soleil looks awesome with my hair color (black), and Kana looks great with Laslow's.

Silas x Camilla - I think Sophie really looks great with purple hair, and I thought the support was pretty great.

Kana x Sophie - I'm not sure if children ones are counted here, but I figured I'd do this since Silas and Avatar are good pals. Kana getting pretty much friendzoned was a little sad, but probably for the better. Even though I think the game still considers it a marriage.

Odin x Beruka - Kinda did this one just to get Ophelia. Their support was alright, and I do use Beruka like, a lot, but no other major reason then the first thing.

Selena x Xander - Also kinda did this one just cause. Though, I thought their support was pretty funny at least.

Pretty much all the really noteworthy ones.

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Odin x Elise: Really adorable and I didnt even mind the age difference when I think that Owain is kinda like a kid in his own right.

Camilla x Keaton: I personally felt bad for Keaton for not being able to impress her, but its Keaton so I let him get big sis. Velouria was my wife in that run too.

Azura x Kaze: I did it mostly for the speed, also I felt that Azura wasnt being an abraisive jerk to Kaze.

Xander x Charlotte: I wanted Charlotte to win big and for Xander to get dem stats.

Effie x Arthur: Strong Percy, plus having 2 retainers get together makes it easy for me to think up pairings

Leo x Felicia: Mostly because Felicia's hair is the best on Forrest. In hindsight I should've used Nyx for him or Odin but meh.

Beruka x Benny: Iron Wall Ignatius mostly, plus Benny wore her down which was adorable in its own way.

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Corin x Odin: I desire the super ultimate tome.

Effie x Jakob: get on the bench so I can use slappyface muscle woman.

Silias x Beruka/Camilia x Kaze: useful class + fates most romantic support

Arthur x Beruka/Camilia: FLYING JUSTICE, and his sidekick gets good shit.

Benny x Bears

Niles x Azura: Actually fun support and Nina doesn't care at all about hp, Shigure exists to be a pass falco.

Mozu x the dog Keaton, pairup bonus go, do the one thing you're good at dog.

Harlot x Xander: be useful xander

Leo x Felecia: Shurikenbreaker forrest is nice and she gives stats.

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mu x leo coz hes hot

niles x charlotte: nina looks good blonde

azura x kaze: it just seems right. theyre cute u know

odin x nyx: i like their support convos

selena x laslow: its just rly sweet how they both have the same background and again i like their support convos

i dont even remember the others theyre probably insignificant

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Here are my pairings


- Female Avatar x Siegbert - Because Siegbert is awesome and pretty strong.

- Azura x Benny - This seems like a real cute relationship. Nothing to do with stats

- Jakob x Mozu - It wouldn't hurt Dwyer

- Silas x Charlotte - Don't ask me why, but this looked like a funny pairing.

- Kaze x Camilla - Nothing wrong with a little strength for Midori

- Xander x Beruka - Basically because this seemed like a rare pairing, and again, stats for my husbando

- Leo x Effie - A protector and a taunter of Elise, hmmm

- Keaton x Elise - I also paired Kaden and Sakura. I love when the princesses marry a dog, because, well.....

- Arthur x Selena - Little strength for Percy and his sidekick ace

- Odin x Felicia - Because everyone is mean to felicia while Odin isn't

- Laslow x Peri - This really dives into Peri's backstory. Its pretty great

- Niles x Nyx - last one I had left

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Female Avatar x Silas- I was actually going to marry Laslow but then I saw this doofus and it was love at first sight (plus best friends turning lovers are my absolute favorite pairings). Also, Sophie is adorable.

Joker x Mozu- Actually this only happened because while training Mozu, she needed to be paired up to be usable and Joker gave her some decent stat gains. Got them to S without even thinking about it, but they had an alright support. At the very least, Joker wasn't a complete jerk during most of it. (I actually gave up on Mozu right after getting them to S. Oh well)

Keaton x Nyx- Saw the support forever ago and found it adorable.

Azura x Kaze- Cute people with a cute support.

Odin x Felicia- I love that hair color on Ophelia.

Selena x Xander- Read it before, very cute + funny imo.

Not doing a support run right now so that's all I've got atm.

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Niles/Hveðrungr (aka MU):

I dont like Kana. I dont want Kana. Ima gay marry dat Niles. It worked really well anyway with Hve being Sorc/Dark Knight and Niles as Adventurer. Yeah, im not getting Nina, but im not that fussed. Its the de facto pairing for this MU.


This happened because i was using Odin which is difficult because hes kinda bad. He likes having a def partner and Effie works. Plus Ophelia is really cute with Effie's hair.


I dunno, it just happened this run. Its working fine and Midori has some swank options.


The het otp tbh. I love the supports between these two.


Omg this one yields a great support chain that almost made me cry, wowowowow. The resulting Soleil is pretty good too.


One that just happened. Its really cute.

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Only did two.

Female Corn and Jakob: Earliest pairing ever. That, and since my Corn has black hair, I essentially gave birth to L (since Dwyer has black hair).

Charlotte and Xander: Because stat boosts. Had I found a bundle of Hexlock spears, I would've forged them all into one for Siegbert, because that low Res.

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F!Corrin x Jakob- Fought together often, and I liked the supports.

Effie x Arthur

Camilla x Silas

Azura x Niles

Nyx x Odin

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F!Corrin x Laslow - Inigo was my son in law favorite character in Awakening, I just had to marry him... I was conflicted between him, Niles, Odin, and Keaton to be honest, but the fact he was my absolute favorite won through in the end.

Effie x Arthur - Both Elise's retainers, and Percy would end up being good too.
Odin x Elise - Really the only person I'm ok with marrying Elise since. well. he's not super mature haha,, and Elise!Ophelia is supposed to be good too

Camilla x Keaton - Xander and Leo and Elise are gonna have a wolf for a brother in law and another for a niece this will be interesting

Xander x Charlotte - pairup bot! hell yeah!

Nyx x Niles - That censorship support.

Peri x Jakob - Leftovers, and their supports were... funny and also pretty cute

Mozu x Silas - Sophie stats

Azura x Kaze - Midori stats and Shigure i guess but I'm not using him

Leo x Felicia - Again, for stats, and I personally think Forrest is cute with that hair color

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