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[Team If] [FE:Fates] - Delocalization Script patch bug reports

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So, with the Release of the Delocalization script patch for the Western versions (USA) of Fates release, I thought I'd make a separate thread for reporting any bugs found, this is because the font itself has changed from versions of the game, and as such some of the text may clip out in certain places or plain look weird/out of place.

This would be the place to report any of these issues so as not to clutter the Restoration Content thread.


report and see reported bugs HERE.

Do note that because not everything was translated sometimes characters may be referred to by their localized names, DO NOT REPORT IF THIS HAPPENS WITHIN A SUPPORT CONVERSATION! SUPPORTS ARE BEING WORKED ON BY THE TRANSLATORS!

Anywhere else please report with exact details where it happens, Chapter it happens, line of dialogue of where it happens, who is being incorrectly called by their name, etc, screenshots would also be appreciated!

Most "????" errors in the script are caused by untranslated dialogue.

Do note that the entire script is being looked at and some stuff retranslated by the new team, so this patch may get redone from the ground up.

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The OP for this is a bit under maintained. I know there are bugs reported on the Google doc, but the OP still says there aren't any known bugs. I'll list the things I've noticed thus far (there is some overlap with the Google doc). The message that pops up when you boot the game (I believe its related to new content being available) is completely blank. The titles of the unlocked soundtrack in mycastle are blank. In chapter 16 of Birthright (I haven't played through it yet so I'm only aware of errors in the opening for it) There's a missing line from Garon (displayed as ????). It's his second to last I believe. Flora is also missing a line like that right before Macbeth acknowledges her presence.

These next bit isn't a bug, but I want to take a moment to acknowledge it. The delocalization script is missing several chapters at present. In fact, even in the patch meant for the Japanese title there are a few missing from Revelation. This creates an inconsistency error for character names at the very least and should be addressed.

Edit: end of BR chapter 16 bugs. Missing line from Macbeth before he announces there's a traitor. Missing line from Flora before suggesting going to the Ice Clan Village. Missing line from Avatar after "Sleeptalking..." "Yeah...that's it..." and another after "There's more at work than...huh."

Also noticed that the pop-up for the scene in your quarters where you wake up your lover just reads "I'll wake up." Someone needs to take another pass at that one.

Edit: The entirety of the Hinoka/Male Avatar support logs need another pass. They're so riddled with typographical, formatting, and grammatical errors that it'd make more sense to make a video of them than type them all out.

Edit: Here's said video

Edit: the options for your location for the home setting on your player card have been mixed up and jumbled. The greatest bungle there is the inability to select United States. Its most likely the lone option that got replaced with "??" You need to make sure that these options line up 1-1 with the localized version or we'll end up with situations where someone who selected Belgium ends up telling everyone else he's Australian.

Edit: Prompt in arena battles that pops up when you hit the X button is blank. There's also a prompt that pops up when booting the game up that is blank as well.

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