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The DanMan

Comparing Corrin's attack animations in this game and Smash Bros.

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So, as some of you may or may not have realized, a lot of Corrin's animations in Smash Bros. are directly pulled from this game. I've been putting together a list since the game came out in the US, and now I think I've gotten everything covered. I'm choosing to post it in this subforum due to a more in-depth look at Corrin in this game alongside their Smash Bros. appearance. That said, if it's deemed a flimsy enough excuse, have at it and move the thread, mods.

Anyway, let's begin.

Neutral Special: Is clearly derived from the final hit of the proc skill Dragon Fang, when Corrin morphs one arm into a spikey mouth claw of death ad fires a projectile from it.

Side Special: Is derived from the animation when Dragon Fang activates and then criticals; the second hit has Corrin jump in the air and shoot a lance-like appendage downard, momentarily impaling the opponent.

The kicks aren't entirely made up either; they come from female Nohr Noble's critical animation, which has the unit strike the enemy with a forward kick virtually identical to the one in Smash Bros.

Side Smash/Forward Throw/Back Throw: Is clearly derived from the second hit of Dragon Fang, where Corrin morphs the lower part of their free hand into a lance-like appendage. Their side smash is the clearest example, though their forward and back-throws follow similiar concepts.

Down Special: Minus the face transformation, it uses the same pose Corrin strikes when activating a critical hit/skill in either of their promoted classes.

Dash Attack: Uses the Nohr Prince/Princess animation for a follow-up attack that doesn't kill, as well as when Lethality is activated.

Forward Air: Uses the end of the animation when either of Corrin's promoted classes activates certain proc skills (Rend Heaven and Luna are where I've seen it).

Crouching: Can be briefly seen at the start of the Nohr Prince/Princess critical hit animation.

Backwards Roll: Is their animation for dodging an attack.

Jump: The jump from their Nohr Prince/Princess critical hit animation is carried over as their first jump in Smash.

Run: Uses the exact pose same pose in both games.

That's about it. At first I thought their up-throw looked like their Dragonstone animation when finishing off an opponent, but that appears to not be the case upon closer inspection. However, there are a couple moves that Corrin shares with other characters in Smash. These are:

Up Air: Is the same as Marcina's and Roy's. At risk of sounding like TrailerDrake (whose Smash History episode on Corrin I just recently watched; however, I'd planned to make this post for a while), I think the Nohr Prince/Princess's attack animation for doubling and finishing off the opponent would look neater here.

Side Tilt: Carried over from the Mii Swordfighter, oddly.

Down Tilt: Damn near every swordy besides Cloud has it; a swift downward strike in front of them that launches foes upwards.

So, overall, that's it. In the face of some... whinier comments from people circa their reveal, Corrin actually carries over quite a bit from Fates into Smash Bros.; moreso than any other FE character, in fact. This speaks just as much to Sakurai's previous design philosophy of putting game balance before character faithfulness (Ike had a shockwave attack in Brawl's Beta, but that was deemed "gamebreaking" and replaced with Eruption; despite that, Cloud is rocking Blade Beam as a neutral special in the most recent installment) as it does to the lack of source material for most previous lords. In general, due to possessing three different unique classes and Fates' returning to GBA-style, over-the-top animations, Corrin had more to pull from than Ike, Marth, and Roy put together. Here's to hoping that, say, Marth gets the Shield of Seals in Smash 5 or Ike/Roy gets an actual projectile... .

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did you actually use the last paragraph as a soapbox to complain about cloud

overall this is a good list of finds but that was highly unnecessary, especially considering that blade beam isn't even that good

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