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Best final map themes in the series

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In Search of Victory / Leaf:

Honorable mention to Showdown in Dolhr Keep and FE3's Holy War (I find FE12's version better, but it doesn't play for the final map).

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In Search of Victory:

My choice as well. Though for the purpose of nitpicking, I'll note that In Search of Victory is slapped onto the name of every PP map theme of the game and Leaf/Leif is the song's name proper.

EDIT Oh right, shoutouts to FE3 Dragon's Altar, since the EP final map themes seem to get disproportionately less attention.

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https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qbXRS3_ZwpU (I liked Holy War but this theme just makes the final showdown with Medeus that more epic. That organ bruh is the icing in the cake. Overall, I love it.)

Very reminiscent of Dancing Mad from Final Fantasy VI.

I personally like Lost in Thoughts the most right now. I especially like the one for the DLC maps that are coming out soon, and cant way to hear the translated version.

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Showdown in Dolhr Keep.

Either this

Or this

These gentlemen get it. Honorary mention to Shaman in the Dark (both versions) from FE6.

EDIT: It's a shame that the FE12 version of "Holy War" got demoted from being the final map theme because it's fantastic.

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I honestly can't decide between Forbidden Sanctuary, A Grasping Truth, and FE2's final map theme. I also enjoy Showdown in Dolhr Keep and Holy War, just not quite as much as the first three.

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