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My Unit pairing help needed

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Hey guys! I'm kinda new here so, I need help with pairing my unit.

For Birthright and Conquest I made a Male MU with +Speed -Luck with a Mercenary Talent

and for Revelations I'm planning to make a Female MU with the same stats and talent(Unless you can tell me something good for a FeMU, because I have no experience with tehm at all)

Do you have any partner suggestions? Any would be appreciated! Thanks for reading and helping me!

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+Strength -Resistance Ninja is a really good combination. For pairing, since you're +Speed right now, you can make your child magical or physical without much issue. For Birthright, you could marry Mozu!Selkie for physical or Sakura!Rhajat for magical. For Conquest, you could marry Camilla!Velouria for physical or Elise!Ophelia for magical.

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I usually choose my partner based on support rather than what their boon and bane is since I really don't care about the kids that much.

Since you favor speed, it really doesn't seem to matter whether or not your kid needs to be magical or phydical so in terms of stats and such you have a lot if freedom. Is there any particular cjaracter you like/don't like?

I mean I can't tell you who to marry but i'd definiteky say don't marry Felicia or Jakob since they're "meh" units overall and would not give you the best Kana. I mean sure, they might make up for you lack of luck but considering how mediocre they are otherwise i'd not recommend it. Plus on a side note, Dwyer is the worst child unit in terms of everything, i hate his character, his starting class is redundant, and he puts me to sleep every time he says something. Lol

I think Mozu is a good mother IF you are willing to put in the effort of training her so that she's goid enough. I paired her up with Xander in my conquest run and Siegbert turned out to be one of my strongest units.

Its up to you really. Like I said, When I look at a potential support i check 2 things

1. Is the support good? Like does it make sense for these people to get together? (A lot of the times it doesn't but if the nonsense flows somehow i let it slide)Is this funny or do i hate it?


2. Are both units descent enough? Not necessarily the optimal pair, but still good.

I'm sorry if this isn't what you were looking for.

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Well, I advise you either have the fast children or marry a magic Knight for Kana.

BTW, here's your Revelation pairings:




















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