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Fire Emblem: Relics of Arcadia

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Hey, no worries about that glitch, I think it was just my emulator (I have a old VBA and never bothered to get 1.8.0 yet) it hasn't happened since then and I've played it about 7 times :p

And you're right, it was a different map, I just had a hard time remembering the original and couldn't think if it was yours or not

(My mind is not that great as I wasn't a FE7 fan xD)

But anyways, I'll start on Chapter 1 tomorrow, its 12:23am here, I need sleep soon as I eat me some cereal

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some more progress on chapter 2, mainly Egil's frames are sorta done. Pretty simplistic, but it'll be serviceable for now.

[spoiler=animated gifs of frames]


standard attack


critical hit



these aren't the smoothest, but I'll use them for the time being for the chapter. Working on making the map with matrix atm.

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Well, I'm starting my internship tomorrow, so progress'll probably slow down to the weekends. Already implemented Egil's animations into the game.

Here's what I have for the map of chapter 2 so far:

[spoiler=Chapter 2 Map]


experimented with using Tiled to maybe make things easier for me event-wise, especially after the debacle that happened in my first prologue map. Still need to put it in, though, so we'll see.

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Don't know if someone already answered this, but branching paths in FE7 can be controlled by events.

You can have a text with a Yes/No prompt. Then you have an IF condition checking the result of that. If yes is chosen, you load the first chapter in route A, if no is chosen, then route B. From there each chapter is controlled by its own events so you just have them continue to load the next chapter in their path.

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Yeah, I have an idea on how to do the branch after some experiments with eventing. need some circular choice though, since it will be 3 routes. I'm thinking something along the lines of Pick route A? y/n if no, Pick route B? y/n if no, Pick Route C? y/n, if no, back to option for route a. not the most elegant, but it should work.

Anyway, just going to put up 2 more mugs here. The only thing I could really do given how busy I've been the past week.



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