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Ladies and gentlemen, after a short hiatus, I present to you all...


Fire Emblem Requiem!

Fire Emblem Requiem came pretty much out of nowhere. One day, nobody knew what it was. The day after that, it was a totally completed hack and everyone was surprised. The synopsis is thus:

On the continent of Emire, 17 years ago, a thirteen year war (commonly referred to as the "Great War") ended as the vassals of a Emperor turned against him to remove him from power and established themselves as separate powers in the mainland, bringing about a new era peace in the lands.

This hack follows those in the noble house of Olva and more specifically the two children of the head of the house, Valentine and Ash, as another noble house, Egarde, threatens them by declaring war on them.

Meanwhile, a more sinister threat grows to present itself.

As for the hack's quality? Other specifics? I have no idea. I've done my best to keep myself spoiler-free, and so I'm going into this blind. We'll be finding things out as they happen! Won't that be exciting?

Here's the topic for the hack, if you want to play it for yourself!

Now, without further ado:

Fire Emblem Requiem: Prelude:


Don't let the lack of a formal new title screen fool you; there's definitely a new hack here! Will we be starting with a big battle?



We're starting in the past. This hack takes itself pretty seriously from what I can tell, so I'll sit back and let the characters talk for a bit.


Hey, that's a pretty nice portrait!


Soldier: Yes, my lord.


What? What begins? This hack? This let's play? The war by the Evil Empire of Evil?


White knight: If so, I hope you’re prepared. I won’t make the mistake of showing you mercy this time, if the chance arises. And I’m sure you’ll be ready to do the same.

I'm sensing some deeper plot elements and things that will be revealed later already. It feels kind of weird to read better writing after... the last hack I played...


Redhead: You’ve had some training in swordplay. You might be better than you remember, and if not, it’s still a learning experience.

Looking at Ash's portrait, it also seems pretty cool. Is he the main lord or is it the lady?


Redhead: Don’t just ignore me.

Angsty teen: I’m not. Look.


Redhead: … …


I knew it! It's totally the invasion of the evil empire!

White knight: Exactly.

Redhead: I know I’ve said this before, but why aren’t we asking for any other countries’ help to fight them back? They may have raised a large army, but it’s nowhere near enough to stand against us with Megelar, Silaine, or even Tiomare behind us. Not only that, but we’ll minimize our own casualties.


White knight: I brought House Egarde back up from the ground, and it’s my duty to put them back down. The other houses shouldn’t have to suffer for my mistake.

So, what I'm guessing is happening here is that this guy helped/spared this House Egarde in the past, and now he's attacking him despite his kindness. Is this a large-scale Farmer and the Viper story?


Redhead: The Olvan military, my Lord.


I agree with Angsty Teen. The army does sound dangerous!

(Who am I kidding. There's no chance she won't end up being the main force that wins the war.)

Val/Redhead: I know you’ve always wanted to have me kept as far away from war as possible, so as not to live a life of it as you have, but I’ll be damned if I sit back and watch as Egarde disregards the mercy you’ve shown them.


Valentine: Since we’ve heard about Egardia building up an army, we’ve been hard at work brushing up on my fighting skills, and also my skills as a leader.


Valentine: Am I ready yet?

White knight: …No, it wasn’t. And from the spirit in you right now, I can see how determined you are. I will allow it.


It's official! And this was three months ago, so we should be able to skip all the boring getting-assigned parts, right?

Valentine: Thank you, Father.

White Knight: But if you are going to be a part of my army, I expect you to receive my orders as absolute. Is that clear?

Valentine: Of course. Let’s skip our training session for today, Father.


Right after asking to join the army? What are these "other things"?


And she exits. The ellipses make it totally clear: This guy is definitely an angsty teen.

White knight: What is it?


Ash: but she’s really changed, hasn’t she?

White knight: That’s an understatement.


Wait, what?


White knight: But just as everyone else started to think the worst, all of it went away for her. She said she “knew” you’d come back to us.


Already, I must know! Where did this guy GO? And why is he being so unforthcoming?

White knight: And she promised herself that she’d be strong enough by the time you came back to never lose a single one of us again.

Ash: That’s wishful thinking.

White knight: I think she knows that, deep down in her heart. But can you blame her for thinking that way?

Ash: …Hmph.


White knight: She may have changed, but she loves her brothers all the same. She’ll feel better knowing you’re by her side.


... ...


Believe it or not, he actually decided yes here.



And now, things REALLY start! The game doesn't give us a "the present" pop-up, but we're presumably no longer in "three months ago".


Battle of Brandine!


Ash, using the "JRPG protagonist" method of starting a conversation.

Ash: Val?


Ash: We’ve got a report in from the field. You’ll want to hear this.

Valentine: Alright.

Ash: …Were you sleeping?


Valentine: I was just thinking about some stuff…

Ash: Hmm…


Soldier: Yes, milady.

Is it enemy forces?


Called it!

Valentine: How large are we talking?

Soldier: There may be more in hiding, but so far the number is just about half of ours, stationed in Brandine.

That few? Not "overwhelming force of horrible terror evil that will break us in half like twigs"?

Valentine: Anything else?

Soldier: No, ma’am.

Valentine: Good. Dismissed.


Valentine: Ash, what do you make of it?



Ash: Open plains to attack here? It’s suicide.

Valentine: Yeah, that’s what I though. …So, what should we do?


Ash: You’re in charge, not me.

He has a point, but he puts it in an angsty-teen manner.

Valentine: I know that.


Valentine: I don’t want to make any mistakes. More importantly, I want to make our father proud.


Man, is this guy kind of a jerk or is he just in a bad mood today?

Valentine: Come on, you know that’s not it.


Whoa! Who are you? This is sudden?


Andrei: Long enough. Now, come on, are you going to waste more time?

Valentine: No, you’re right. We’ll go out there. Ash, get a message along to father.

Ash: Sure, I’ll catch up in a bit.


Looks like Andrei's kicked us all into high gear. But, I'm worried this might be some kind of trap. Hmmm...

(I caught the weirdest blink frame...)

Valentine: I think you may be a tad overexcited. Our primary objective is just to check things out. We’ll only fight if we have to.

Valentine, this is Fire Emblem. Andrei has 100% the correct philosophy.


And now we're on the map! Better yet, it looks like we've brought actual troops along with us!


Valentine: Andrei, please, I’m trying to think about this.

Andrei: Sorry.

Don't disrespect your commander! You aren't allowed unless you're a love intersest!


Valentine: normal about this for Egardia.


Valentine: If that’s the case, we need to push forward and get some answers.

Wait, how do we know for sure they're enemy forces? And why is our immediate reaction "kill 'em all"?

I really, really, think failure is on the horizon.

Andrei: That’s what I wanted to hear.


While Valentine says this, Andrei sprints down way ahead of the allied troops.


Ash has arrived! And he's a shaman? That's a surprise. Not for his character, but if he's a lord unit... I mean, I guess Midnight Sun did it too, but it's still out of the ordinary.

Ash: Everything okay?

Valentine: See for yourself.

Ash: Hmmm… Yeah, I see it. These soldiers can’t be from Egardia. Which would explain the small number and battle plan. Perhaps they’re a mercenary group… maybe well-trained.


But there is MUCH to be gained from slaughter!

Valentine: We’re going out there. Stay close to me, alright? Try to keep an eye out for anything suspicious.

Ash: Alright. Uh, maybe I should’ve asked earlier, but why did Andrei go running off down the hill?


Hah hah. I think I like Andrei.

Valentine: *sigh* Ash, if you see him in trouble-

Ash: Calm down, I’ll keep him safe.

Despite the dialogue, we can't use Ash this chapter, which as we'll see next update, is going to cause problems for us.


The topic has a link to an Imgur album which gives chapter maps! This saves me a lot of work! However, the maps contain spoilers for stuff that happens in the chapter, so keep that in mind. Don't say you weren't warned!



If you don't want to look at that, here's this instead?


A lot of enemies, and plenty of green units. I like the concept of a couple of blue units helping a larger army of green units succeed, but I worry that I'll be forced to rely on NPCs I can't control, which might cause problems for me later.

It will.

Anyways, let's look at our people!


Val doesn't have much special about her. She is EXCEEDINGLY fragile, but has a good-against-spear sword, which helps a little.


This is just an iron sword. A lot of the weapons have been renamed and given new icons, so I'll show them off as I see them.




Andrei has "Breaker", which I'm guessing functions as a Rapier. All-around, his stats are better than Val's, but he's down a point in speed, 1 in Res, and 2 in Luck. He's also not very tanky, which presents us with problems. We'll be relying on the greenies to take a LOT of hits for us.


The "Olvan" aren't great, but they're there, and they're helping us.


The mooks are generally weak, and there's a few vulneraries.


We'll need the vulneraries to fight Bran here. He's pretty tough.


I'm joking. This is our actual boss.


And down here...


This Archer-I mean, Shooter-seems pretty crappy. Wow. Maybe she has good growths?


And our first healer already! Good. We'll be needing her.

NEXT TIME: Armies clash! The skies rumble! Thunder comes rolling down! Actually, no, just the first one.

I'll post growths next time, this is getting long as it is.

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I was wondering what would you do after clearing that cancer game, actually I was starting to think you might never do a LP again cause of that.

Good to see you on another one.

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FINALLY. I've been looking forward to this more than one of dondon's playthroughs (which is saying a ton, by the way. I love dondon's stuff)

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In some of my older LPs I would update at a very quick frequency, but that is sadly not possible anymore. Expect an update every couple of days. We aren't going to be moving too fast here.

This actually looks decent, unlike that other hack that you played through.

I've been looking forward to this playthrough for a while. Glad to see it's finally started!

FINALLY. I've been looking forward to this more than one of dondon's playthroughs (which is saying a ton, by the way. I love dondon's stuff)

Happy to see so many people were looking forward to this! I have an obligation not to disappoint you all! ONWARDS!

don't worry about killing anyone here, trust me its a load off your mind once you find that out.

What do you mean by that?

Now me wishes past me wishes he had known sooner.

Time to panic in...

Requiem: Episode 1: Prologue: Part 1: The First Clash


Let's get started! Here's the plan: Val will help the green troops advance downwards. Meanwhile, Andrei will advance to the left and take out attacks coming from that side.


Oh, he's talking?

Bran: Richard Olva… I’ve waited too long for this moment. You and your house shall fall before the might of my army. You will regret ever showing me mercy.


Ash: Looks like it. Wait a minute! That’s… Lord Egarde.

Valentine: What? Are you sure?

Ash: Almost certain.

Valentine: If these aren’t his soldiers, then why would he be with them here?

And why is he pulling back instead of sticking around and singlehandedly taking us all out?


Yes, send the whole green force forward!

Back to the game:


Things don't go perfect, but they do go okay!


*sigh* Kill-stealer!

I guess we'd better get used to this, it's going to happen all chapter!


Andrei takes out his target while Val's lack of terrain help and defenses become apparent. We gotta pull her back!


Things are very quickly turning to craziness here. Some of my guys are trying to heal as well.


Others are trying to fight, to about the same effect.


I could just fight the fighter... or, I could fight the soldier AND fighter at the same time! This is a great plan!


These greenies might miss more than they hit, but I do have to give them some credit; they make nice meatshields!


With Enemy Phase Turn 3, we also get more talking.


No, the fighters who are mostly dead now. and the soldiers around you are on the frontlines. You're actually quite far away from us.

Archer lady: I-I didn’t sign up for this!


How do you mistake a priestess for an enemy? She's wearing your own color!

Cleric lady: Please, calm down. We haven’t even begun moving out yet.

Archer lady: O-Oh right, silly me. H-Hey, you’re a priestess, aren’t you, miss?

Cleric lady: Miss? How old do you think I am?

Archer lady: Ack! I’m so, so sorry!

Cleric lady: Mmm… Well, might I offer you some advice, dear child?

Archer lady: Hmm?

Cleric lady: If you do find yourself under attack, act like that and surrender immediately.


Cleric lady: Than the Egardians if you fail.

This is a hint. I didn't get it.

Archer lady: Huh?

Cleric lady: And most importantly… Be careful.

So, I guess I have to recruit those two! Let's go!



The greenies have managed to make the fighters pull back and heal. Hah!


And now they're moving. With any luck, they'll be in a position where I can talk to them!




This archer just can't stop getting harrassed, can he? We should bring Andrei back to help with all these fighters, the greenies haven't been doing their jobs.


I'm serious, we're losing hard to these guys. They have WTA.


Most of the enemies left around on the map are heading our way now. We'll have to weather the storm!




Impressive, little guy.


Ow! Well, he'll live, right?




Andrei: Sorry… I should have listened… more.



Well, it was bound to happen eventually. I just wasn't expecting to experience death as soon as the prologue...

Man, I'm not good at this, am I?


Trying again, this is actually Andrei re-getting a level. It was better than the first time.


Unfortunately, the soldier does not repeat his dodge. And on the allies turn, they-




What the heck!? We're supposed to be the GOOD GUYS! How am I supposed to recruit her with you pulling this crap??


Okay Andrei, come back. We clearly need your help here.


Katarina pulls back. Hopefully she won't die... TO MY SUPPOSED ALLIES!


A fight conversation?


Linda: Y-Your country th-threatened our village.

Valentine: What? We did? Where are you from?


Valentine: ……


Sheesh, Valentine! Maybe I can use a Talk?


Oh, but that was never really an option.

(This is my fault. I assumed they would go for the cavalier who charged right into the horde.)


Valentine: Ungh…


Two deaths already! We're lucky we're not on an Iron Man run, or it would already be over!


Okay, we'll do this instead! It'll let the fighter at the knights, but that's okay.


Linda moves riiiggghhht where we can recruit her, the enemies fail to kill our ally...


Come ON!

Fine. FINE! I'll pull back both my lord and my mercenary, and let the greenies handle things!


Watching them fight feels a little bit unsatisfying. But it's better than having my people die!




Huh? Who?

Wyvern dude: No matter. I’ll just cut down anyone who gets in my way.


As you can see, Ash has equipped a robe.

Ash: Don’t panic.

Valentine: This is different, Ash. Aunt Josie always said that anyone who can tame a dragon and ride it into battle must surely be powerful.

Ash: Be careful, then.

Hmmm... this has me a bit worried...


Thankfully, we've called in OUR reinforcements to help!


Oh wow, this guy IS tough! Not that tough, but I mean, compared to us. Maybe we could recruit him, or maybe he's just a miniboss. Either way, he definitely has a cool portrait!

(The Double Spear reverses weapon triangle).

NEXT TIME: Bleak situation

GROWTHS(assuming I got the Nightmare character selection right):


HP: 65%

Strength: 40%

Skill: 55%

Speed: 65%

Luck: 50%

Defense: 25%

Resistance: 25%

Total: 315%

Valentine has very standard growths for a lord and for her class. They're barely any different from Lyn's. Because of that, I don't have much to say about her. Whatever would apply to Lyn, also applies to her, pretty much.


HP: 70%

Strength: 50%

Skill: 60%

Speed: 55%

Luck: 40%

Defense: 25%

Resistance: 25%

Total: 325%

Once again, Andrei seems a but better than Valentine. He gets some strength and skill in exchange for a bit of speed and luck. Other than that, he is also very standard. I'm kind of hoping to see some characters with more interesting growths in the future. I'm also thinking both him and Valentine will either live or die based on how much those 25% defensive stats proc. They could potentially end up very fragile later on.

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Requiem's pretty great.

All I'd ask you is just not to farm supports : If you do so and move according to supports, the game literally becomes the easiest walk in the park ever.

its fun to see people panic in the prologue, thats always a good sign of things to come.

To be honest, the first chapters are pretty hard compared to the rest. Especially the prologue.

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Requiem is a good hack, but the prologue is just awful. Having most of your forces be NPCs is a bad way to start things off. Val mode itself has a number of hard chapters beyond this, but two units you get next chapter help carry the team.

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GROWTHS(assuming I got the Nightmare character selection right):


HP: 65%

Strength: 40%

Skill: 55%

Speed: 65%

Luck: 50%

Defense: 25%

Resistance: 25%

Total: 315%

Valentine has very standard growths for a lord and for her class. They're barely any different from Lyn's. Because of that, I don't have much to say about her. Whatever would apply to Lyn, also applies to her, pretty much.


HP: 70%

Strength: 50%

Skill: 60%

Speed: 55%

Luck: 40%

Defense: 25%

Resistance: 25%

Total: 325%

Once again, Andrei seems a but better than Valentine. He gets some strength and skill in exchange for a bit of speed and luck. Other than that, he is also very standard. I'm kind of hoping to see some characters with more interesting growths in the future. I'm also thinking both him and Valentine will either live or die based on how much those 25% defensive stats proc. They could potentially end up very fragile later on.

Those growths for Andrei aren't his ones. I have a sheet with the character growths on my first post in the hack topic, if you want to use that. I guess there are character spoilers in that case though.

If not though, Andrei is Wil in Nightmare.

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Requiem's pretty great.

All I'd ask you is just not to farm supports : If you do so and move according to supports, the game literally becomes the easiest walk in the park ever.

To be honest, the first chapters are pretty hard compared to the rest. Especially the prologue.

Don't farm supports? Well, I won't make any promises...

Requiem is a good hack, but the prologue is just awful. Having most of your forces be NPCs is a bad way to start things off. Val mode itself has a number of hard chapters beyond this, but two units you get next chapter help carry the team.

"Val Mode"? Is that Lyn's mode, or is there an equivalent of a "Hector Mode", and I'm expected to play it?

Those growths for Andrei aren't his ones. I have a sheet with the character growths on my first post in the hack topic, if you want to use that. I guess there are character spoilers in that case though.

If not though, Andrei is Wil in Nightmare.

Oh, you have a sheet in the hack topic? I'll use that from now on. Next time I post growths I'll update Andrei's too.

Time to continue panicking in...

Fire Emblem Requiem: Episode 1: Prologue: Part 2: Not Recruited


Enemies continue healing, and the fighter makes a very bad decision (can you see it?).


The cavalier CONTINUES surviving despite the ridiculous pressure. Just LOOK at the massive number of enemies! How are we going to deal with this?


Hey, he's over here. Maybe...?


Nope. I guess Val will have to do it.


With Keiran's help, they FINALLY bring the cavalier down.


...Just in time for more of my cavaliers to arrive. And Val still can't reach Linda or Katarina!


Very... myrmidon-y.


No, Linda! We're supposed to be buddies!


Katarina, you're also not helping!


This battle is just a mess. I just have to lead my two blue units to safety!


Please, please do something else...


This would be great, if we couldn't recruit Kieran!


No? I guess Val definitely does have to do this! Keep taking down enemies!




Whiff and whiff...


OKAY! Finally, finally, FINALLY we have them in a position where we can talk to them!


Wait, you mean... we can't... actually recruit them?


...Well then.


I guess we don't have to hold back anymore! You guys have caused me quite a lot of trouble!

Val: Why do you fight for Egardia?

Kieran: For survival.

Val: Survival? What do you mean by that? Do we threaten you in some way?


Not one to mince words, I guess.

Val: I don’t understand. But I’m not so weak that I’ll back down, even against someone such as you!

Kieran: …….




Okay, this is clearly not a normal death quote. Looks like Malakov's advice was correct, I can totally defeat these guys. I kind of wish it had been a bit more clearly hinted at, because it's a different manner of recruitment than most of us are used to coming into this hack.




Katarina: I beg of you, have mercy.

Our own archer forces Katarina's surrender. I guess they had to get her eventually.


Linda: P-Please, I yield! No more!

And that's everyone! Now to finish the chapter...


Hey! That's pretty good!


Oh, look. Now that we've broken through the massive crowd of enemies, all that's left is to waltz our way to the boss's position.


While walking, we get a talk!


Andrei: Aw, crap…


Andrei: Would you just relax already?

Val: Relax!? You’re asking me to relax!? Why should I?


Hah, hah, hah.

Andrei: Some barely even make the cut for a soldier. Or do you think I’m that weak?

Val: Andrei… You know I don’t think that.


Val: Ash?

Ash: He tricked you, didn’t he?

Val: Damn it… I can’t believe I was fooled by such a simple prank.

This is a battlefield! Harmless pranks won't be harmless for long!


Our greenies get themselves slaughtered, but make a handy distraction while Andrei takes out the ballistician.


And that's our last ally! Here's to hoping we fare better!




(He's done in gameplay, though not in story.)

And that's all!

NEXT TIME: Character Building!

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Yes, Val mode = Lyn mode. There isn't a Hector mode, and I won't spoil who Eliwood mode lord is.

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I blame Dark Souls 3

Yes, Val mode = Lyn mode. There isn't a Hector mode, and I won't spoil who Eliwood mode lord is.

I always found the early game of this amazing hack really hard, much harder than any fe game

You mean it gets easier? Phew... Uh, I mean, what a disappointment!



Andrei: But you don’t look like you can take much more.

Andrei, you didn't do the fighting! Val did!

Drake: I could… say the same about you. The next blow will settle it.

Andrei: Tch… *moves back* Damn it.

Andrei, it seems you've forgotten something critical.

The weapon triangle.

Drake: Are you trying to run now?

Andrei: What!? Don’t be ridiculous.


Drake: !!!! Where did you come from?!

And now Ash is here, keeping Andrei safe like he said!


Keeping him safe in a very brutal manner! These heroes are so edgy...

Drake: Grrr… Fine, I yield.


Andrei: I would have had him. Why did you interfere?


Ash: Because I didn’t want to take the risk. You should have realized you couldn’t defeat him that easily much earlier. But you got cocky and tried to take him on all alone.


Andrei: Don’t you say a word!


Val: Is everything alright?

Ash: Nothing to worry about. Just a little scrape, right?

I didn't know giant pointy lances could only cause little scrapes, particularly with Fire Emblem's animations.

Andrei: Yeah, right. Let’s get out of here already.


Valentine: Thank you, Ash.


Valentine: Well, we’re in the clear for now, but I’ve sent some people ahead to see if they can find out anything about where Bran disappeared off to.

I'd estimate a 0% success rate for the "some people", but it would be nice if they could find him and kill him. That would speed things along a little.


Valentine: Father has called us back. Apparently, other areas have been attacked similarly.

Ash: Makes sense. After all, I don’t know what to make of the whole situation as it stands now.

Valentine: My thoughts exactly.


Looking at the actual stats, we and our mooks weren't much better. Still, yeah, this hardly seems like the kind of force with which to begin the first engagement of the war.

Ash: It seems almost like open mockery. They must have wanted to draw us out. But for what?

Have they attacked the fort we were manning while we were away?

Valentine: I don’t know. We’d better get back home quickly. Together, I’m sure we can figure something out.


Ash: Wasn’t she…

Valentine: It’s fine, Ash.

Yeah, she has a pretty face! She CAN'T be evil!


Valentine: She claims to have some important information for us.

What is it?

Sister from Oddeste: Thank you for hearing me out.

Valentine: Please, tell us what you can on the way.

And now, we will learn of...



(The dialogue isn't finished for a while yet, be prepared for words)


Andrei: I can’t believe I let that knight get me like that!

Ash: Are you still on that? It’s not like you’re dead.

Andrei: You don’t understand. You’ve never fought like a man. You don’t know what it feels like.

Sheesh, Andrei. No need to be so blood-knight like. That's not a good trait for a hero!

Ash: …Of course not. I’m just a skinny little bookworm, right? I could have let you die out there, you know.

Andrei: Yeah, yeah, you saved me… Whatever you say.


Andrei: We’re not arguing… right, bro?


Ash isn't amused.


Valentine: I’m sure everything will be sorted out.

Andrei: Where’s Father?

Valentine: Well, I’ve told him everything we’ve learned, along with the priestess’ story. He said that he’s going to talk to the other prisoners and try to get a better grasp of what’s going on. For now, we can only wait.

Andrei: I guess we won’t be heading back out quite yet then. I’m going to talk a walk.


He's fine, but his manliness isn't.

Valentine: I heard he was getting some kind of treatment.

Ash: They’re going to fit him with a leg brace to keep him on his feet. It’s nothing to worry about.


Valentine: …Alright.

???: Valentine? Ash?



Oh! That's a cool-looking pegasus lady! Do we get to play as her?

Valentine: I thought you were up in Silaine with Uncle Rayden.

Mother: I was, dear… but I couldn’t rightly stay there whilst you three fought in a war. I’m so glad you’re alright.

You THREE... wait, is Andrei part of the family here? ...He is, isn't he.

I'm only realizing this just now.

Valentine: Of course I am. You don’t need to worry about me like that.

Mother: …I hear that you’ve returned with some troubling news, though.

Valentine: Well… yes. The Egardian army seems to have somehow recruited other countrymen into its ranks. The far western houses, villages, and even some more central places such as Treyn.

Ash: They’ve been other locations as well with these soldiers, but there’s been no sight of the Egardian main force, anywhere.


Which still seems odd. Why would he lead that specific random engagement? One that was doomed to fail, even?

Mother: …

Valentine: Mother?




...I'm just getting it out of the way early.

Mother: How do you think Bran got all these people on their side?


Mmm... Aksum-like tactics.

...From Road to Ruin. Does anyone else remember that?


Ash: That might explain why most of these soldiers have been poorly trained. Any serious soldier wouldn’t run into a fight without all the information. They’re either gullible or just looking for a fight. Some have probably realized by now, but the strict army policies of Egardia mean that many of these recruits can’t desert the ranks without taking a big risk.

Valentine: Knowing his methods, it’s likely they’ve harmed innocent people to make it look like we’ve done something.

Mother: That’s terrible.

Yeah! That's terrible!

Valentine: Yeah… Anyway, we’ll be back here for a few days, I guess. At least whilst things seem as unknown as they are now. Father will sort it all out.

Mother: I hope your Father


She's coughing. Death chance has risen from 100% to 102%.

Valentine: Mother!

Mother: I… I’m alright.

*Bandana man enters*

Bandana man: You shouldn’t be up. Come back and rest.

Mother: Josie… I’m sorry. I just wanted to see them.

Valentine: What’s going on? What’s wrong?

Josie: Her illness seems to have worsened. That’s another part of the reason we came back.

Valentine: When you said you were ill, I didn’t think you meant that. …How bad is it?


Oh man! She really IS dying? Now my joke seems tasteless...

Mother: Even just standing here and talking to you is difficult.

Valentine: Don’t worry, mother. You’re going to be fine, I tell you!

Ash: Denial.


Wow, Ash! That was even more insensitive than my premature grieving!

Valentine: We have to have hope.

Mother: Of course. Hope. Where is Andrei? I wanted to see him too. Is he here?

Josie: Florence… don’t make me have to force you back upstairs.

Valentine: Really… Maybe you should go back and get some rest. Andrei’s a little bit preoccupied anyways. But I’ll tell him to come and see you.

Florence: Thank you. Josie, let’s go.



Ash: Sorry. But I think that even she has accepted the reality, this time. We should do the same.

Valentine: Ash…

Ash: …I wonder if Uncle Ray’s here as well. See you around, Val.

*Ash leaves*

Valentine: I can’t shake the feeling that


Not just distant, but a jerk, too!

Valentine: I hope you’re alright.



NEXT TIME: Well... just read the chapter title if you really want to know.

Remember, each chapter/episode is ended with a Conclusion showcasing the dialogue, and begins with a Prelude showcasing the map and dialogue. I'll try to get the Prelude for chapter 1 up soon.

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I wouldn't exactly say easier but for a few chapters in Elwood mode the game cuts you some slack but then comes back with a vengeance.Theres also some long tedious castle chapters but I think that was changed in the newer versions

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I wouldn't exactly say easier but for a few chapters in Elwood mode the game cuts you some slack but then comes back with a vengeance.Theres also some long tedious castle chapters but I think that was changed in the newer versions

Huh, okay. Thanks for letting me know.




We open on Kieran here. It's confirmed, they survived!


Keiran: …Yes.

Priestess: Erm… May I ask where you’re from? I don’t recognize your armor.

Keiran: … …

Priestess: I understand if you’d rather not say.

Keiran: Don’t waste your kindness on me.


Sheesh. You're in a prison for who-knows-how-long, might as well get to know each other.


Linda: I just want to go home.

Priestess: I’m sure you’ll be home soon enough. As long as you don’t do anything, you’ll be released.

Linda: Oh, really? That’s great.

They don't know that, but considering we're the Good Guystm, it's likely.


Katarina: What’s your name?

Linda: I’m Linda. Um… from Tyran.

Katarina: Well, just calm down for now, alright, Linda?

Linda: Sure.



And now Andrei's come down here, yelling at the prisoners. What's up with him and Ash? Why are they all so angry?

Andrei: What did Egardia tell you that we did!?

Drake: I don’t have to answer to the likes of you. And what reason do I have to believe Olva’s word over Egardia? None.

Andrei: You’re a knight of Garase, aren’t you? It was by people like my father’s word that allowed you your country in the first place.

Drake: Hmph.


Dad: Leave him alone.

Andrei: But-

Dad: He’s right. There’s little reason for him to trust my word over Egardia’s.

Andrei: …

Dad: What are you doing down here anyway?

Andrei: Oh… well… you know…

Being a jerk? I'm starting to not like Andrei.


Uh oh...

Dad: Hm?


What?! What was that "What!?" for? Did his grilled cheese get burnt? Someone knocked over his favorite vase? Minor accounting error in the royal treasury files?


Oh, wow, it must be more serious... one of those thieves could have snuck in and started stealing stuff. They ALWAYS get into the castles somehow.

Andrei: Alright. But what’s going on?


Sheesh! At least tell him the problem, dad!

Andrei: I… have no idea.


Dad: Good, you’re both here.


Ash: What’s going on?



I guess the chapter title indicated it, but... that doesn't make much sense. Shouldn't they have to conquer the surrounding forts first and all that?

Dad: They’ve broken through in the eastern gates… There’s not much time before the rest of their main army reaches Central Verona.

Valentine: How did this happen?

Ash: It must have been their plan all along. We piled up our forces at key positions, most of which were in the west.


I think I get it... all their defenses were one side of their country, but... having the back of your capital city very close to another country? That doesn't sound smart! We didn't plan things very well!

It would help if we had a map to visualize the world more, too...

Valentine: Even considering that, they can’t have gotten in unnoticed like this without some help, surely.

Dad: There’s no time to think about it. The manpower in the capital should be enough to push back the soldiers currently here.


Dad: No, Valentine, not this time. You’re no match for Egardia’s best soldiers quite yet. Andrei is around the cells with the prisoners. I want you two to take them with


Wait, we're taking an enemy country's prisoners with us? How we do know they won't bring the Egardians our heads on a platter?

Granted, dad here has good reason to trust them. They have pretty faces.

Valentine: Father, I don’t understand.

Dad: Some of the prisoners are just as much victims as we are to this war. They don’t deserve to die like this.

Valentine: … …

Dad: Valentine, that’s an order.



Dad: far away. After that, try to meet back up with your siblings.

We're getting separated again, of course! It's only natural.

Ash: I hate to be a bother, but what are you planning, father? Even if this is a bad situation, I’ve never seen you this way. Is there something else we should know?

Dad: Do I need to order you around as well? Leave, now!

Ash: Yes, of course. …Be safe, Father.


Dad: But if I’m distracted by my concern for you, I’ll surely lose this fight. I can’t afford that right now.


Still, it would be better just to have them hide rather than escape. Keep them where you can keep an eye on them.


Katarina: Lord Andrei, do you know what’s going on?


Andrei: That soldier just gave him some message. Now it sounds like chaos up there. But Father told me not to move from here. Typical… he never tells me anything.




Andrei: You son of a- I swear, if you don’t shut up. I’ll kill you right here and now. Nobody would complain.

SHEESH! This is going to get ugly, isn't it?


Katarina: Or the taunting.

Drake: ……


Andrei: You’re not a prisoner anymore.

Katarina: It is my duty to lend aid wherever it is needed.


That does seem like an odd reason. What aid is she exactly lending by staying?


Andrei: Yep, right here.


Valentine: Anyway, there’s no time to explain in full, but we have to get out of here. The Egardian army is here.

Andrei: What? So we’re running?

Valentine: Yes, we are. Now…

Andrei: Val, what the hell do you think you’re doing?!

Valentine: Releasing the prisoners. We’re taking them with us away from the castle. I don’t like it either, but they’re Father’s orders.

Andrei: That’s…


Drake: How very noble.

I actually agree with Drake's probably-sarcasm here. I mean, of all the people father guy possibly could have protected us with, why would he have chosen a handful enemy prisoners, as opposed to a handful of his own soldiers? He said he had enough... I get it from a gameplay sense, but it seems odd from a story sense.

Andrei: Grrr…


Katarina: Are you sure you can handle the evacuation on your own? I am willing to lend a hand, and I’m sure some of the others in here are as well.

Andrei: Hey whoa now, that’s definitely not going to—


Valentine: I’ll unschackle some of you, and we’ll use the passages to get to the armory.


Valentine: able to handle them alone. Move out of the way.

Andrei: Valentine, you’re not thinking straight!

I get that we need help, but is arming ex-Egardians REALLY going to help us fight off the Egardians?

Valentine: Stop arguing with me! We need to hurry up or-


Or maybe Valentine is panicking and is going to get extremely lucky her plan didn't turn out as terribly as it could have. That's also a possibility.


"Except for the masked wyvern guy. Totally trustworthy."


Katarina: I will assist however possible, as well.

Valentine: Thank you, sister.


Valentine: Am I wrong to? Your dragon, I’m afraid that it’s too far away to-



You know, this suddenly has me imagining an FE game with the main lord as a Wyvern Rider-or heck, any type of flier! Has anybody done that?



Andrei: What happened up there?


Reddier: but kill the rest. Let’s move out!


Oh, yikes. That's a LOT of guys. How did so many get into the castle already? Were their forces much stronger than was precedent ed and now dad guy is failing?


No joke! It seems we're without a giant force of greenies, but we have 5 people instead of 2 now. I'd call that a net gain.

Valentine: We’ll have to fight our way through, but don’t forget, we’re not trying to linger for too long.


The game helpfully points out that yes, this is an Escape mission!


Spoiler-ish map:



This chapter looks like a massive slog, but it's actually not. We only have a few units, so we'll need to proceed carefully and not take on too many enemies at a time. There isn't actually any "soft time limit" in the form of powerful reinforcements or anything like that, so we're totally good to take things at our own pace.


The unchained prisoners haven't changed from the prologue. I don't need to show their stats again, right? Linda and Katarina are still at level 1, though...


In this chapter, many of the enemies are already carrying "Trained" (steel) weapons.


Here's to hoping we won't reach Dream-of-Five levels of weapon tier ridiculousness!


Plenty of droppables around! But... there's only 1 door key and 2 chest keys... and 2 doors and 3 chests... hmmm...

NEXT TIME: Desperate-Ish Escape + Crutch Characters!


Andrei(for real this time):

HP: 80%

Strength: 60%

Skill: 50%

Speed: 40%

Luck: 50%

Defense: 30%

Resistance: 15%

Total: 325%

Okay. Seems like he specializes in the left side of the stat board, but isn't absolutely terrible at anything. He'll probably end up strong and skilled, but not particularly fast or defensive. Overall, since he's a Lord, we're stuck using him, and I'll be quite cross if he turns out terrible.


HP: 50%

Magic: 65%

Skill: 40%

Speed: 55%

Luck: 50%

Defense: 15%

Resistance: 50%

Total: 325%

For the first healer, she has a very good magic growth! For that alone, she's probably worth using, but I don't think she'll be a great combat unit once we promote her. These growths don't come off as great so much as they do... dependable, I guess.


HP: 55%

Strength: 45%

Skill: 65%

Speed: 60%

Luck: 40%

Defense: 25%

Resistance: 35%

Total: 325%

Not bad... for an archer. If she capitalizes on that speed and skill she'll be good, but never very tanky with that HP. The strength could be a problem, we'll have to wait and see how much of it she gets.


HP: 85%

Strength: 60%

Skill: 40%

Speed: 55%

Luck: 30%

Defense: 45%

Resistance: 10%

Total: 325%

Why does every character we've seen so far have 325% growths exactly? Regardless, I'd say Kieran has standard wyvern growths, but he doesn't-that speed is VERY good for what's essentially a flying tank. What he gains in speed though, he sacrifices for defense, which if he gets RNG screwed will be a problem for us later.

I'm using all of these guys, since they're earlygame characters and those are always the best.

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The keys aren't as much of an issue as you think: there's a thief reinforcement you can use to get one of the chests.

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The keys aren't as much of an issue as you think: there's a thief reinforcement you can use to get one of the chests.

Ah, yes. It's a good thing too, I was worried for a minute.

Fire Emblem Requiem: Episode 2: Chapter 1: The best crutches ever


We'll start by having Mr. Only Guy with a Shred of Defense lure out the first few enemies, with a little surprise for that poor fighter/


And then follow up with... wow.

This girl is WEAK. I'm serious. This is a generic soldier! Training her better be worth all this trouble...


I still manage to get her a kill, but it'll be a while before she levels up. She better put that 325% to use!


Andrei seems eager to prove himself! If he keeps that up, he'll be a great lord!


All keys acquired, but we don't have time to use them right now! Hopefully we'll get to do it later.


Oh, yeah Val. Thanks. This is exactly the kind of performance we need right now.


Ah, the thief! We'll have to let him get the chest, then trap him and take the loot from him!


Linda gets her first level, and shows surprising promise! That's actually really good! Let's see if she continues this way.


I always worry about the thieves turning and attacking me if they see a weakness in my strategy. Shows how paranoid I am of FE8's AI.


I'm having Katarina heal every turn, and so far, she's gotten the only important stat for her.


Oof! Not what I wanted.


Huh? Let's check that out!


Ash? Weren't you supposed to be evacuating people? Or fleeing, or something like that?


Oh, have you brought backup? That works for me!

Josie: Valentine knows the area well, and Andrei’s there to protect her.

Non-bandana man: Well, even still, we should hurry. If their best soldiers have infiltrated the castle, I’m not sure even we can handle them, Sister. So be careful.

Once again, the game is implying a soft time limit, and that a bunch of promoted units might spawn eventually, but that doesn't happen.

Josie: Hmph. You don’t need to tell me that.


Ash: I… understand.


Josie: I know it’s difficult, but we need you right now.

Ash: R-Right.


New people! Let's take a look:



Oh, wow. These guys are SUPREMELY strong! These must be our crutch characters. I'm curious to see whether their growths are any good, and considering how difficult this hack has been thus far, I think it's okay for us to lean on them just an itty bit.


For now, let's have them head down and kill their way to Valentine and company. Remember, we're still fighting level 1 mooks! These guys could very well beat the whole chapter by themselves!


Okay, we have the thief surrounded, and a brand-new javelin!





The guy I left alive proves himself a non-issue.


Kieran... you know what, it has speed. I'll take it.


At this point, I'm just having the team move slowly but surely.


Waiting for backup to get there.


And then, I broke position, foolishly letting the thief escape my encirclement. Now, I have to deal with everything at once! SOmebody stop that thief!


This is really good! Everyone's getting good levels today!


The breaker is such a great weapon against these guys.


Linda takes out the thief and bags herself another point of strength in the process!


It's ours now! Let's take a look:


It's Andrei's Lord Weapon! I wasn't expecting that... but this also means we NEED to go get those other two chests.


Which isn't looking like it'll be too difficult. The map is starting to run out of enemies, and Josie and her sage friend are almost here. We just need to finish off the enemies near to us.


Fun fact: Burst is apparently extra effective against wyverns! No, I didn't do this engagement.


Are these knights extra tough? Well, just so long as we only have to fight them-


Curse me and my big mouth.

No less than six new enemies we need to kill, on top of the old ones! Isn't this just wonderful?


Back when I was playing the chapter, I was starting to panic. Would the enemies keep coming? Was I doing the right thing by continuing to fight, or should I have just made a break for it and ran? The chests that I totally forgot about ultimately swayed my decision, and I decided to keep fighting!


Even if it's not immediately profitable.


The good news is, the crutch characters are here to help! We'll do this together!


Katarina gets another point of magic.


Oh, great.

These guys are EXTRA strong. Go back and compare the knight with the axe Andrei fought with the Breaker to the later, "elite" ones he also used it against. And now we have six more "elites" to deal with, and my only hope is to use the crutches. I don't like it, but that's the way it is.


More speed! We can do it!


We get what is presumably Val's special weapon, though the game doesn't explicitly outline it, and finally...


...Some funds. Kind of disappointing considering the special things in the other chests. Still useful though!


One of the enemies from the big top group breaks formation to attack me, but the others hold fast. Since they're all that's left, maybe we can lure them out one by one?


The're placed so that you have to lure out both a fighter and an archer at once, and the mercs come of their own accord... which is pretty clever design, actually.

Also, look at how much Linda has improved!


*sigh* Thanks to Val's death, that point of magic from earlier didn't stick. It's terrible.


This I can live with. This is good.


I don't know if I mentioned this before, but this hack has a special variety of knight that only wields axes. This is the second one this chapter. Unfortunately, the knight here wasn't actually a boss, and so got shown what happens when random mooks try to fill in for REAL bosses.


And with that done, we also are done!

NEXT TIME: Tragedy strikes, and certain siblings are soon to be parentless.



HP: 70%

Strength: 50%

Skill: 45%

Speed: 50%

Luck: 40%

Defense: 50%

Resistance: 20%

Total: 325%

Fail at nothing. Specialize at nothing. That's her game here. Considering she's a prepromote with only 19 levels of growing room, I don't imagine she's unusable, but she'll fall behind in the end.


HP: 65%

Magic: 55%

Skill: 50%

Speed: 55%

Luck: 35%

Defense: 30%

Resistance: 35%

Total: 325%

Same deal as Josie, except he specializes a bit more in offenses in exchange for a small bit in the way of defenses. I wonder, if it wasn't for the strict adherence to 325%, would these units have different growths?

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