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  1. 1. Should I play the one and only chapter of Alicia/Hector mode?

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Danielle was such a pain to approach normally, so it was pretty cathartic to see you wreck her at long range.

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Well, Legato wasn't on a throne so that might have been a hint towards his willingness to get stuck in.

I think I had a longbow on Linda, but Danielle wasn't so obliging in her movements for me.  Oh well, the barrage kept the opening section tense.

One... well, and a load of exposition... chapter left!

(Why am I so happy about that..?  I don't want to see you go either...)

At least Emblem Warriors is going to be on the N3DS as well, for those of us who have it and for whom one game isn't enough reason to shell out on a new system... as long as we can handle the inevitable graphical downgrade.

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On 1/21/2017 at 6:35 AM, Wayward Winds said:

Well, Legato wasn't on a throne so that might have been a hint towards his willingness to get stuck in.

I think I had a longbow on Linda, but Danielle wasn't so obliging in her movements for me.  Oh well, the barrage kept the opening section tense.

One... well, and a load of exposition... chapter left!

(Why am I so happy about that..?  I don't want to see you go either...)

At least Emblem Warriors is going to be on the N3DS as well, for those of us who have it and for whom one game isn't enough reason to shell out on a new system... as long as we can handle the inevitable graphical downgrade.

Almost through...

I appreciate that they're trying to make the Warriors games accessible for us 3DS owners (this and Hyrule Warriors both), but as an old 3DS owner, Emblem Warriors is only coming out for the N3DS... I pretty much have to upgrade. It's been years since I bought a new Nintendo system.


Let's finish some exposition in...






Josie: He’s finally dead.

He's not going to stick around and survive after we repeatedly stabbed him?



Josie: Hm?

Ash: It’s just something he said…


Rayden: You did say that Bran dealt him a fatal blow back in Olva. Or do you think there’s some more meaning to it?

Ash: …No. …Never mind. We’ve got bigger things to worry about right now.



Suddenly, light!



Oh great, Shel's probably started things again.

Alicia: Ash!?

Ash: Right… I’m forgetting this isn’t over just yet…

Alicia: Don’t just say that! What happened?

Ash: You didn’t feel anything?

Alicia: No.

Ash: Shel’s not done yet… It looks like he still needs more power… My power…



Val: We think we’ve found it. There’s a way down further below in the fortress.

On to the final battle...

Ash: …Then let’s get going.

Val: Alright, follow me.



Josie: What’s going on?

Alicia: …!



Josie: I didn’t say anything back then, but now Alicia’s giving me the same vibe. So what’s going on? And don’t just tell me that it’s the overwhelming feeling dread because of what might happen if we fail today.

She's picking up on it... Ash might need to...

Rayden: No, of course not. …But you’ve seen how badly the drain is affecting Ash. A human being can only endure so much strain on their body. Alicia’s just hit her wall, from the first one, it would seem.

Josie: …Hmm, all right. And what about you then?

Rayden: …My magic techniques are rather ineffective against these mages of a dark nature. I’m doing my best to be of some use, but it comes with a great cost of fatigue to myself.

Josie: …You know, you should’ve just said something if that were the case.

Rayden: …With everything that’s going on, we’d rather not look like dead weights next to Ash.

Just be honest, Rayden!

Josie: Yeah, yeah, I can get that. But… just try and hold out a little bit longer if you can, Alicia.



Alicia: I… I understand.

Josie: Now, come on, we should really get going.



And now, onto the end... I want Ash to make it out alive, but as with Florence, I'm getting the sense he won't... we'll all find out next episode, I guess.


This is a really short update, so I'll try to do the prelude today, too.

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Let's begin the end in...


The FINALE Prelude!





Val: place becomes. The atmosphere itself is enough to make a man lose his sense of sanity.


The background looks more and more like a final FE chapter backdrop every second.



Josie: I can’t believe that a place like this existed and I had no idea. …Or that my husband actually let it exist in the first place and didn’t tell me anything about it. This isn’t right at all!

Val: I don’t agree with this place either, but if what we’ve been told of the past is true, then all the heads of the noble houses did terrible things to appease the Emperor, didn’t they? There are probably a lot of things that happened out of public sight.

Josie: Hmph… Trust me, I don’t doubt that.

Ash: …We’re getting closer.



Stop rushing out on ahead, come on!


Alicia: I’m sorry.

Rayden: …I expected as much.

Alicia: Then…

Rayden: I’ll explain it to Ash, when it comes to it. He’ll understand what needs to be done. You just… make sure that Valentine and the others get out of here safely.

I'm still holding out some hope for an alternative...

Alicia: Lord Rayden… you can’t do that.

Rayden: I have no choice.

Alicia: That’s not what I mean.



Alicia: take you to a dark place. And your family would never look at you the same way, I’m sure.



No, Alicia! Don't make things tragic so I'll regret the supports I got!

Alicia: As much as I might care about Ash, it’s better that way. And if Valentine, Andrei, or the others choose to hate me, then I can just disappear. Being an outcast isn’t exactly new to me, you know?

Rayden: …You don’t have to do that.

Alicia: Please, it’s alright.

Rayden: … … Is that truly what you want?

Alicia: Seeing you guys as a family and how much you all love


Alicia: I can’t just let you break that up between yourselves.

But you  love him too, Alicia, right? Please find a way!




Ash heads on ahead of everyone else, to confront Shel one more time...


Ash: … …

Shel: How do you like this place?



Shel: I was put down in this place. Many prisoners came here and shortly perished, in acceptance of their fates. Others were driven to madness and took their own lives. But I never stopped searching.



Shel: That’s when I found myself here, where I stand now.

Ash: …If you’re expecting me to feel sorry for you, then you’re mistaken… very mistaken.

Shel: Salvation, Ash. That’s what I offered you before. That’s what I’m offering you now. It is time for us to break free of the shackles of this curse. Together, we can transcend it.

Ash: If salvation means working with you and wiping out the majority of the population of the continent, then I want no part of it!

Yeah, Shel's leaving out a few things with that deal...

Shel: … … You’ve let fear take hold of you, yet again.

(Offscreen): Ash!

Ash: Everyone, stay back! Don’t come any closer!



Shel: I thought your choice to accept the darkness within you and rid me of that White Knight had confirmed your intentions. But it would appear that you are set on throwing everything away by fighting me here. Once I take your power, I will just have to transcend to new heights alone.


 Everyone else is here! We're all ready now.

Ash: I’m fine.

Alicia: What did he tell you?



Ash: But it’s not important. If we don’t stop him here before he amasses too much power, it’s all over.



Stab him a lot?

Alicia: The magical presence is… overpowering.

Ash: …Don’t let fear take hold of you. Remember what we’re fighting for. This isn’t just a fight for the salvation of one person. It is for all the peoples of the land. It’s so that you can have a future here in Emire.

Alicia: … …

Val: …As long as you’re confident, Ash, so am I. I believe in you with all my heart.



Don't worry, we won't have every unit in the army chiming in or anything like that. Just our heroes.

Andrei: But we’ve always done everything the hard way up until now, right?



Josie: make the right decisions. I want to believe that too. So even if we’re dealing with something like this, you have my support.



Rayden: with you here.



Alicia: I don’t regret coming on this journey with you a single bit, even if it has led me down this path, even if we’ve had to do the things we’ve done, witness the things we have, and lose the things we held dear. So let’s get going.

This is it! It's time to start the endgame!




Alright. This is it. The very end. There's nothing more to do, no more future scenarios to hold out for. Let's take everything we have!

Note that, as in the original FE7, you can't check the map in the prep screen. I always take my maps after starting the chapter anyways.


We can take 14 units - essentially our entire army. We're all going together! Note that, while Ash, Val, and Alicia are forced, we could leave Andrei behind if we really wanted to, oddly enough. This game has always been odd about what units it forced, probably because there are so many lords to keep track of.


One last rating, too. I don't know why the game is going so crazy about Survival, I kept everybody alive! Of course, I'm not sure if I've ever seen a hack adjust the rating stars to fit the new chapters it adds.


Let's start the level! No dialogue to bring it in, so time for analysis.


I'm sorry about the huge, gaping holes in the map. It's the new forums. They INSIST that there's that much space between the lines. I hate for the last map I make to be mutilated like this, especially since I got the cropping almost perfect, but that's how it goes.

EDIT: Shift + Enter fixes it! Who knew?


Here's the start-map, for a more coherent picture.

Overall strategy isn't tough. We just advance forward, split into two groups one last time, and kill everything in our path. Also, the game isn't overt about mentioning this, but we have a time limit we need to stay on. I think we have 13 turns, and then Shel's plan is completed. It's not particularly restraining, almost more than you need, but you can't just sit around and turtle out everyone. We have to MOVE.

The hardest part is making sure you don't leave anyone too exposed, because the enemies are STRONG. Let's take a look.


Level 15 enemy promoted units! And there's no more unpromoted wimps. The hack is going all-out, and so are we! Many of them have special weapons like the Hero Blade, too. My elite OP supertough blue units should shred them, I just can't let anyone put themselves too far in the line of fire.

And of course, the big boss of the entire story...


Shel himself!

...Okay, I was wondering if I should wait to say it, because it would be a spoiler, but that won't make it any better. Everyone got disappointed in Corrupt Theocracy because of this, so I'll just say it now: Shel's the final boss. Once we kill him, the game ends. There isn't any TRUE FINAL FIGHT waiting to happen, we just kill him and it's over. The end. It's a little disappointing, but it doesn't mean Shel's any sort of pushover. With 45 attack, and tons of defenses, we'll need to be careful about how we approach him. At the very least, he doesn't move.


NEXT TIME: The final march.

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If you do Shift + Enter, you should be able to get single line breaks in your text.
Or does it still force the spacing of the image, even then?

The main source of slowdown here is working around the hidden super mini bosses - the Hero and the General before the stairs, although they probably won't give you too much trouble here, I assume. I think the fastest I've done this chapter is around 7 or 8 turns. That involved being really aggressive, just running up one side of the map and running through the enemies that came my way.

The turn count was more restraining in a much earlier version of the game that I had, where units the balancing for both the player and enemy units was a bit more off, but I left it there even after changing things just as a worse case scenario. I doubt very many people have trouble with it on normal mode, but I've seen some people who reach up into 13 or so turns to complete it, because their playstyle is a little too defensive.

On Hard mode, you absolutely have to be as aggressive as possible if your units aren't particularly strong though. It's very difficult to go sub-10 turns there, without some luck.




And yeah, to confirm, no support changes anything at all within my part of the game. Funnily enough if you do the right ones with Ash and get them to A, he can get Eliwood's paired ending pictures, which is strange when you consider that Val is Lyn's slot and Alyssa is in Ninian's slot. Fiora is Gemma, but Ash obviously doesn't support with her.
There are actually tools to do it now, but IIRC it's a patch that's best applied before you've put most of the game together. As a result, it's absence will lead to some support ignorant conversations during the ending of the game., which might be slightly jarring.

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2 hours ago, Sacred Blaze said:


  Hide contents




Wanna play with that shiny new Calamity tome outside of the Link Arena?  Then order now!

I'm not sure I will though, Calamity kinda just reuses the spell animation of Sink/Gespenst.  Now if it had used Apocalypse, I might've been persuaded...


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On 1/24/2017 at 5:25 AM, Sacred Blaze said:

If you do Shift + Enter, you should be able to get single line breaks in your text.
Or does it still force the spacing of the image, even then?

The main source of slowdown here is working around the hidden super mini bosses - the Hero and the General before the stairs, although they probably won't give you too much trouble here, I assume. I think the fastest I've done this chapter is around 7 or 8 turns. That involved being really aggressive, just running up one side of the map and running through the enemies that came my way.

The turn count was more restraining in a much earlier version of the game that I had, where units the balancing for both the player and enemy units was a bit more off, but I left it there even after changing things just as a worse case scenario. I doubt very many people have trouble with it on normal mode, but I've seen some people who reach up into 13 or so turns to complete it, because their playstyle is a little too defensive.

On Hard mode, you absolutely have to be as aggressive as possible if your units aren't particularly strong though. It's very difficult to go sub-10 turns there, without some luck.


  Reveal hidden contents


And yeah, to confirm, no support changes anything at all within my part of the game. Funnily enough if you do the right ones with Ash and get them to A, he can get Eliwood's paired ending pictures, which is strange when you consider that Val is Lyn's slot and Alyssa is in Ninian's slot. Fiora is Gemma, but Ash obviously doesn't support with her.
There are actually tools to do it now, but IIRC it's a patch that's best applied before you've put most of the game together. As a result, it's absence will lead to some support ignorant conversations during the ending of the game., which might be slightly jarring.

Shift + Enter... seems to work! Thank you, I'll go back and fix it.

Really? They were minibosses? Explains the Hero Weapons. Thanks for all the explanations. When I'm done with the LP, I might replay it on Hard Mode far in the future.

Let's begin the final fight in...


Requiem: Final Episode: The Finale: All Into Darkness


ePiOPTe.png   XXeh92U.png


Right away, I split everyone up into two groups. The enemies at the start aren't too numerous, but we need to go as fast as possible!


Hero Blade Hero: Down. He missed both of his attacks.


Alicia, it's rude to point like that! This guy is doing things against his will!

Or, wait, are you giving him a...


*sigh* I guess we couldn't get out of this without another instance of axe magnetism. At least Edward pays him back in kind.


This bishop here is hanging out with a siege tome. And he's quite hard to get to, at that! We'll be okay, we just can't let anybody's health drop too low.


I can't wait to show you all the final stats of everyone. I think all of my units turned out really well-



Legato: You were waiting for this all along, weren’t you? Waiting for the boy to take


Legato: Are you really going to jeopardize everything we’ve worked for on some small sliver of hope? …I will not let that happen.


Well... meet Legato's... I guess, third self? If we're assuming that Bran killed him once, we killed him again, and now Shel's revived him so we can kill him a THIRD time... well, at least he's weaker than last time, since we took the Polaris. Without it, he's left with "only" a Perfect Pike.

Him and his 2 paladins are going to attack from behind, and can totally mess you up if you aren't expecting it. At least we've been moving fast enough that we have a turn before he gets to us.



Turn 3, and here's how things are looking. We've moved up, but we still have all the enemies surrounding Shel plus the enemies in the middle to handle. And Legato's squad, too.


Good, they've split up, and Legato headed for the group with my stronger units.


Yikes! I left Gemma in the range of a Sniper... I still need to be more careful!


Legato: Yes, if I can just get rid of you here…

Ash: So… Shel was just a pawn in your plans as well. How does it feel to be betrayed, Legato?

Legato: …I never expected that you, of all people could become such a thorn in my side. Yet even he, a man who had nothing for so long as he was able to swayed by some sort of… loyalty to you.

Ash: …What are you talking about?

Legato: Ha! Hahahaha! You truly are a fool, Lord Ash. Even in the end, you still know nothing about yourself.

Ash: … …

Legato: Now, won’t you let me put an end to your miserable life?

I'm kind of confused as to Legato's goals here. Is he trying to take us on and then Shel, with all of his 2 paladin army? Is he trying to swoop in and steal Ash's power? Either way, I'm tired of dealing with him and he's going down!


Ash and Andrei soften Legato up nicely!


Okay Val, take him on! You can do it!


Well, never mind then.


Kieran gets to kill Legato! A second time!


Legato: After we’ve come so far… how can they still fight?

I should be asking you, Legato! Luckily, he really is dead for real, this time.


And he gives Kieran one last big profit.


Okay, let's start bringing the paladins down so we can get to Shel.


Whoop! I really have to take that guy out.


Dangit! I was trying to catch the Reaper Fang's "giant red wave" animation, but I JUST missed it. You do get to enjoy a shaman dying, though.


Okay, that bishop really, really needs to go.


Bad news: Reinforcements!


Good news: Not only are we in a position to kill those reinforcements before they can do anything, the enemy army is on its last legs. We have plenty of time to make it to Shel.


I left one of the assassins alive, but he wastes his turn attacking one of my OP healers.


Okay, that stupid hole bishop really, really, REALLY needs to die.


More reinforcements! This time it's 4 shamans, 2 from each end. At this point, they aren't much of a problem. We just need to force past them and we'll have Shel surrounded.

(Of course the bishop is hanging out in the center... I put away Skye's longbow because I thought he wouldn't need it...)


With some shooting and stabbing, we take almost everyone out! We're gonna do it!


Oh, I was wrong. It was actually 15 turns. Either way, we're in plenty of time.


Two, uh, impressive dodges there!


Okay, bishop. You're getting lured out! I know you don't have any more siege tome!


Shel has a big attack range, but as I said, he doesn't move. If he started charging us, then this fight would be REALLY intense, but he's one of the only non-throne bosses who doesn't do it.


Wait, hey! More shamans?

I'm pretty sure these guys come every other turn forever. Well, technically not forever, since the chapter ends in 15 turns, but they'll come for the rest of the time you're playing the hack. I could be totally wrong though, I wasn't in the mood to stick around and test it.


Sadly, we can't nuke him from orbit today. Skye's longbow might fare better, but as I said, I put it away.




This is me testing his movement. Since he doesn't move, now I can bring everyone really close, and we can all attack together!


It's just you, Shel... Don't expect to live much longer!


Okay, Ash... you get the first shot!


Shel: As poor of a mage you are, you had a drive unlike any other I had seen before.

Ash: Don’t talk like you know me.

Shel: Oh, but I do. I know you better than anyone. Even your beloved brother and sister.



Ash: Stop… I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Shel: You’ve forgotten everything. …Two long years and you’ve erased it from your mind.

Ash: …I remember being a monster. And that’s not what I want to be anymore.

Shel: …Then you shall perish.

No more motivations-talking! Let's do it!


Ash can be Erased by Shel in only 2 hits, but with the Abyss tome, he can deal a lot of damage in return.


In the end, both sides are significantly weakened.


More shamans! Well, hopefully, I can kill Shel before they become a problem.

Next: Alicia!


Shel: I can hear your soul crying out. Is it in pain, Alicia?

Alicia: … …

Shel: I gave him a chance. I gave him plenty, in fact. I even pushed him to the brink of death so that he



Shel: And yet, he has chosen to die.

Alicia: You just don’t understand. You’ll never understand, Shel. There are just some things that have more value to people than their lives.

Shel: …You’re right. I will never understand that. But I will not simply accept death, like the others who were put down here.

Shel is quite the sociopath! And he's the one making us go through all these character deaths! He needs to die!


Go! Hurricane!


Being a Reaver tome, I'd bet on Alicia actually being able to beat Shel in single combat here.

Okay, now it's Val's turn!


Shel: We finally meet, face to face. Such a pure soul… You are his sister, no?

Val: And you’re the one who wants to take my brother away from me. You cannot have him. I won’t allow it.

Shel: Whether he would be taken away from you was always in his hands. He is the one who has thrown away that opportunity.

Val: What are you… What is that supposed to mean?

Shel: You are a fool to think that killing me will save him.

Val: What? … No, you’re lying.

I certainly hope so!

Shel: Now, you’d do well not to stand in my way.


Val can't hurt him too bad. Out of all the lords, she stands the least chance, mostly because she just stopped gaining strength after her promotion. Either way, he's weakened just enough for...


The final blow.


And it ends.


Shel: Fools…


The Last Level.



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Sorry about the long wait, guys. I've been busy with other stuff, and recording all of the last dialogue took a LONG time. But it's all finished now, so we're going to wrap this thing up!


THE END: Part 1



Ash: Could it really be…



Shel is really, finally dead. That's all the villains gone, save this magic.

Ash: … …



The door above the group cracks open, revealing a black hallway...



Ash: It looks like it’s not


Val: What? But Shel is gone.

Andrei: Yeah, exactly. What’s there to be sorry abo-


Woah, wait, what? What did Ash do?

Ash: I hope you can forgive me, Val. It’s all on you now.

All on Val... does that mean what I think it does?? Don't die, Ash!

Val: Forgive you? Ash… why…

And then Valentine collapses too...



Josie: What did you do to them!?



It's because they would have stopped Ash, isn't it?

Ash: I need you to get them out of here, Aunt Josie.

Josie: Don’t just bark orders at me, Ash! What’s going on!?



Ash: The source of this dark magic must be destroyed. But only I can do this. I know that Val and Andrei would never have let things go that way, though.

Josie: You’ve got to be kidding me… What are you going to do?

Ash: I’m… not sure just yet.

Josie: You’ve got to give me a better answer than that. And what if I say no, huh? Are you going to knock me out too, then?

Ash: … …

I mean, I'd assume yes, but at that rate Ash would have to beat half the army.


Rayden: Lead anyone else we brought in out as well. I’ll stay here, as will Alicia.

Josie: … Fine! But… Ash. You have to survive. And I don’t mean that just for our sake. Can you promise me that, at least?

Ash: …I’m afraid that I can’t.


Dangit, Ash! Don't pull an Athos on us!

Ash: Now, please, Aunt Josie, get them out of here.

Josie: …Understood.


Ash: But you should leave here too.

Alicia: Ash… there’s something you should know.

Ash: I already know, Alicia.

Alicia: Y-You do?

Is this a love confession or is it about what's about to happen?


Ash: The emptiness that I felt inside me all became clear to me, back then. That’s why I wanted to find another way. A way to destroy the source and finally break free.

Rayden: …I see.

Ash: Shel wanted the same thing, it would seem. But I could never have gone along with his plans. I needed to find my own way.

Alicia: So… what will you do, Ash?


This is looking worse and worse. Once again, I'm having a harder and harder time seeing Ash getting out of this alive.

Ash: Once it tries to take possession of me, that will be my only chance.

Alicia: …



Ash: There’s a lot of things I’d like to say, but time is running short. So I’ll just say…


Alicia: …Goodbye, Ash. I wish that we could have spent more time together.



Rayden: Words need not be said, Ash.

Ash: …I know. I just want to give you this. …Could you give it to Valentine and Andrei? I had hoped to tell them all of this in person, but I had prepared this, just in case.


Oh no. He gave someone a written note, "just in case" he dies.

I've been trying to deny it, but this basically confirms it. Ash isn't making it out alive.

Rayden: … …

Ash heads into the final door...


Matthias: Useless… You’ll never accomplish anything like that.

Wait, what? Matthias?



Oh, I see. Everyone's here, trying to dissuade him.


Ash: I know what I have to do.


And now YOU'RE here again. It has been a while since we've seen the darkness voice.

Dark magic: Even longer, since we met like this.

Ash: …I didn’t come here to catch up with you. I think it’s clear what our motives are.

I hope I'm right in assuming that the... THING talking with the dark voice is the spiritual embodiment of the dark magic that wants to escape. 

Dark magic: It’s funny that you’ve convinced yourself that you can do this alone. You should have taken Shel’s offer. At least then, you might have had a chance of victory over me.

Ash: …I don’t need him. I’m going to take care of all the power that’s going to be gathered here.

Dark magic: You really must think a lot of yourself.

Alright, I'll shut up here. Let's watch the ending scene!


Ash: This isn’t like anything I’ve dealt with before.

Dark magic: Can you feel it, Ash? The power coursing through your body? Can you see the souls screaming out in agony? This is your true nature. This is what you know.

Ash: This isn’t… This can’t be real…

Dark magic: Closing your eyes won’t hide the truth.


Dark magic: I can make it all disappear.

Ash: … …

Dark magic: Be still…

Ash: Not… like this. I can’t afford to lose like this…

Dark magic: What?!



Ash: I molded it using the essence of mine found amongst the sea of souls in here. …How is it?

Dark magic: You! This isn’t possible!

Ash: This body… or at least this shell of what once was one now has all the power. It… won’t be able to handle this much power for long, but





Alright, I'll start talking again. If you don't understand what just happened, essentially, the Dark Magic tried to take control of Ash, but Ash had him take control of a weaker body he made, then he destroyed him. However, without dark magic to sustain Ash...


Alicia: It looks like you did it.


Alicia: Ash!


It looks like Ash is in bad shape, but he is still talking...

Alicia: …Did you think that poor excuse for a goodbye was good enough?

Ash: Ha…

Alicia: You don’t need to say anything. Just lie here, in my arms. That’s enough for me. You’ve done so well, after all.

Ash: For so long… I thought… I’d be able to come back… to this


Ash: The Ash they knew… never made it home…

Alicia: No, Ash. That isn’t true. It wasn’t just a dream. It might have been for a short time, but you were there with them. And they


Alicia: I saw that much.

Ash: Thank you… Alicia. Aaaah…


Ash: It looks like… the people… will be saved…

That's one bit of a good news, at least...



Alicia: Ash? Ash…



Is... he really...


Rayden: Is it…

Alicia: Yeah… it’s done.

Rayden: Then as one final step… Let us destroy this accursed place.


So... Ash really is dead. I was emotionally prepared for it after all the build-up, and it was expected since Florence didn't make it out alive either, but it's still not a good thing.

Alicia: …Alright.


Josie: What was all that noise about?

Alicia: …We caved in the deepest part of the prison.

Josie: Then… Ash…

Alicia: Whatever it is that he did, had put him in such a state that he could hardly talk, or move a muscle. But he was able to destroy the source of dark magic and free the souls that had been gathered in this place. …When I found him, in there,


Don't give me that image!



Val: That’s why he knocked us out with that magic, isn’t it?

Alicia: V-Valentine…

Val: Please, Alicia… continue.



Alicia: None of us knew what awaited us in there, but Ash was the only one who would be able to do anything about it. I guess he just figured that he wouldn’t be able to convince you to let him go in there.

Andrei: …But he convinced you? Both of you?

Alicia: I already knew that he would have to die, one way or another. I had told Lord Rayden just before our fight against Shel.

Rayden: Alic-

Alicia: If he didn’t die there and then, I would have had to kill him myself…

Andrei: You what!? You… knew of all that, and you just hid it from us? What right did you have to-

To be honest, I'd be a little mad too.

Alicia: I had none. I just… made a decision. You can be as angry as you like, but someday, I hope you’ll understand that I was just doing what I thought was best for you. Just like Ash had always done. …He had always been trying to protect you, in his own way, even if it meant doing disagreeable things.

Andrei: Gragh!


Val: Look at me.

Alicia: …Y-Yes?

Val: …It’s alright. I’m not angry at you. Andrei isn’t either, I’m sure.

Alicia: R-Really?

Val: No, I’m not. I… obviously never wanted any of this to happen, but… somewhere, deep down in my heart, I had expected this to be a possibility. I… don’t know if he told you, but there was a time where we had lost him, beforehand. He came back to us, that time.

The two-year absence...


Alicia: Valentine…

Val: …I could soon tell that he wasn’t the Ash that I had known. But despite that, I tried to make him feel as welcome as possible. Like you said, he was always trying to act in the best interests of our family. He continually put himself on the line to help us. And getting rid of this dark magic was his final way of redeeming how he thought he’d let us down, in his own mind.

Alicia: Yeah… I think you’re right about that.

Val: So, Alicia… I cannot thank you enough for finally letting my brother’s soul rest at ease.

QxQVmP6.png  0d7XkEj.png

Rayden: It’s time for us to go. It’s a long road back home and there’s a lot that she needs to think about.

Alicia: …Didn’t Ash give you something for her?

Rayden: …I’ll give it to her later.

A lot later.



Alicia: Why couldn’t there have been some other way? You should be here too. And now that it’s over, what do I do now?

Well... that's the end of the final scene. Things didn't exactly end on a high note. The world is saved, but our lord unit is dead. Still, it looks like it was inevitable. In fact, I even recall someone saying at the very start of the LP that it was incredibly unlikely Ash would make it out alive. Looks like they were right.

Still, all the sadness is over. Let's not drag it on any more. Now, the happy ending scenes!




Looks like Valentine got some sweet new digs in those two months! She's looking quite queenly.

Val: …Nothing. And I thought you’d have stopped calling me that by now.

Josie: You can throw whatever titles, power, or clothing – which I might add I contributed – onto you, and you’ll still be “Red” in my eyes.

Val: Don’t make me regret making you my guardian, Aunt Josie. Mother might have tolerated you, but I’ll not have you bossing me around, or making fun of me all day.

Josie: Pfah! I’ll keep that in mind. But in turn, you’ll have to make me regret not ever having given you the crest of Olva in the first place.


I'm not sure that would have worked out too well.

Val: …You wouldn’t have dared.

Josie: Maybe not… Now seriously, what’s the matter with you?

Val: She still hasn’t come back…


Val: Yeah… It’s been two months, you know? Yet… nothing. I’d thought that she might have headed back to Egardia, but the soldiers I sent said no one had seen her at all.

Hey, at least it's only been two months and not two years. Still, it's disturbing to hear Alicia went away for such a long time.

Josie: I’m sure she’s fine. …Maybe she was just a little bit worried that you blamed her for… Ash. She’s a strong girl, but everyone needs some time to grieve their losses. And some prefer to be alone.

Val: …Mm. But I didn’t want things to end like that.


Val: So I know that she was hurting just as much, if not even more than I was. And who knows if we’ll ever see her again? I just want to know that she’s safe, at least.

Josie: …Valentine, you have to try not to focus on that today.


Josie: everyone will be meeting again. We can’t have our figurehead looking so glum and distant.

That's two bombshells! So, the war we just fought was called the Dark War(fitting!) and will probably be a major history event, and everybody's meeting up again for drinks and orderves!

Val: …You’re right.


Josie: It sounds like someone’s arrived early. Shall we?

Val: All right.

Must have been pretty loud...



Josie: We should have expected as much. W-Wait a minute now… Oh no… I-Is that… his wife?


Rayden has a wife??

Val: I’m glad that she could come.

Josie: T-That makes one of us.

Josie doesn't like Faram? Is this a support thing?

Val: What?


Rayden: How are things?

Val: It couldn’t be better, Uncle. Even though the people of Olva have suffered so much, since we’ve been back, everyone’s been in high spirits. And just like Mother and Father would have wanted, they believe in me.

Rayden: That’s great. I’m sorry that I couldn’t come back with you, but well-

Val: No, no, I understand. You gave us a real scare


Yikes! What happened?

Val: I’m just glad that you’re feeling better.

Rayden: Well, actually…


That must suck. I'd be pretty upset if I had magical powers and then lost them when I saved the world. What caused it, though?

Val: Uncle…

Rayden: Don’t worry. I might not have my magic, but I’ve retained all of my knowledge on the subject of magic. A great sage does not need to be the most powerful one. And perhaps this is the world’s way of telling me that I should retire to more lordly duties.



I guess that's Faram. Her portrait looks pretty good.

Faram: Besides… I think you’ve been stealing my husband’s attention for a bit too long now, haven’t you, Lady Valentine? Putting him in all kinds of danger, stress, and the like. It took everything I had to bring back the cheer in him.

Rayden: Faram…

Val: I’m sorry for all of that… But it seems to have worked! You’re smiling, Uncle. It feels like so long since you have.

Josie: …I could have kept waiting…

Sheesh, Josie...

Faram: Come on, Josephine, you’re being harsh. Can’t you be happy to see your brother happy.

Josie: I can feel how I want to feel about it.

Faram: …

Rayden: Let it go… She’s just being stubborn.

Val: U-Um… Yes, let’s leave it at that, shall we? We’re both glad to see you here, smiling or not.

Faram: …You’ve grown quite a lot in these last ten years, Val—Ah, excuse me, Lady Valentine. You’re as beautiful and elegant as your mother was.

Val: You flatter me too much.

Faram: Yes, I suppose you’re used to it by now. Shall we head inside?

Val: Yes, we should. Everyone else will be arriving soon.

Rayden: …Speaking of which, where’s Andrei?

Val: Hmm, I don’t know. He’ll… show up somewhere, I guess.



Okay, we're going to stop here, and START on this image next time. I know it's rather abrupt, but the last scene's dialogue had tons of images... TONS... so we're probably going to need another update to finish the text, and then a third one for the final stats. I can't put the final thoughts in that one, though, because I still need to do Alicia mode! Anyways, I'll try to finish this up over the next few days.

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You remember that Rayden had tested the magic seal to see how much it could contain?

That's what happened to him pretty much. Caving in the place was probably the last bit he had left in him.

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On 1/31/2017 at 2:07 PM, TheNiddo said:

You remember that Rayden had tested the magic seal to see how much it could contain?

That's what happened to him pretty much. Caving in the place was probably the last bit he had left in him.

Wow, it must have taken more of a toll on him than it initially looked like.


Let's read a lot in...


THE END: Part 2


Val: For those who don’t know who I am, my name is Valentine Olva, the newly appointed ruler of this country. Nearly twenty years ago, The long-lasting Great War ended and my Father, Ricard Olva, gathered you – or perhaps your late relatives – in the Greathall of Treyn. And now, I have called you noblemen and women again, in the present day, because another war has ended.



Val: But also to decide upon our futures. …I can’t make that decision for anyone here except myself. But what I want you all to remember is that the war that raged across the land is not solely the fault of Egardia, or even the men that worked from the shadows of it. We, too, were partly at fault. We assumed that with the Emperor gone, our problems would disappear too. We thought we had become strong just because we had won. But when war came again, we were proven to be weak, as individuals. We cannot afford to make that mistake again, now. We are strongest when we are together and we can only continue to become stronger if we continue to stand together. By the end of today, I hope I can convince you of that truth.


That was a pretty good speech!



Josie: What’s the matter?

Val: I’m just a little bit overwhelmed. I’ve attended gatherings like this before, but never as a ruler. What’s more, I’m hosting this one. I can see how differently everybody looks at me. That being said, I’m glad that so many people turned up like this.

Josie: …Well, don’t worry about it. You’re doing just fine.

Rayden: That you are. The people have a very high opinion of you, from what I’ve gathered.

Val: …I’m glad to hear that.


Rayden: The continent is at its strongest when we stand together. But in order to do that, we would need a unanimously approved leader.

Wait, a leader?

Josie: R-Ray… Surely you aren’t suggesting what I think you are?

Val: …What?

Faram: He’s saying that perhaps


Val: Huh? And… wait a minute, are you suggesting that I should be the one to lead that? Uncle, that’s ridiculous.


Woah, sheesh! That didn't go so well last time!



Josie: I can’t believe that you, Ray, of all people would talk of having another Emperor.

Rayden: … …

Faram: It was actually my Father’s idea. …Apparently, he discussed the same sort of thing with your Father after the end of the Great War, as well.

Val: Then… Father turned that offer down. …Why?

Faram: That, I do not know.

Val: Oh… …Well, why does the High Lord want it so badly?

Faram: For the past few months, we people of the Northern Isles have been doing everything we could to assist the countries in the mainland. …But the truth is, they won’t be able to restore them to what they were anytime soon. There simply aren’t enough resources available.

Val: But… With everything that happened in the past… I don’t think anyone should be trusted with that kind of control.

Faram: … … I won’t deny that.

Rayden: …Easy now, Valentine. That is not who you are, you know that.

Josie: …And I know that you would never let yourself become like that, or raise any children you have to be like that.

Val: Aunt Josie… Don’t tell me that you’re supporting this as well?

Josie: I’m just saying… Don’t dismiss the idea in fear of that. Besides, it’s not like Faram’s saying for you to make this decision, here and now. Right?


So, the game doesn't end with Val being crowned queen of the continent, but it might happen at some point in the future. We don't know. Maybe a sequel?(????)

Faram: …But I would ask that you give it some consideration.

Val: Empress… I would never have expected an opportunity like this. And I’m flattered that he’d even think I’m worthy. But… Please, give me some time to consider it. I’m sorry.



Faram: I hope that hasn’t upset her.

Josie: …Do you really think that she’s ready for that?

Rayden: Ready? I’d say… not yet. But she’s certainly able, if we give it a few years. Think about it… After the Great War, we formed alliances, and yet we never really joined together until it was far too late. But Valentine’s resistance brought everyone together as one force and not just because we were desperate, as the previous Emperor did. She brought us real Unity. Is that not what a real Empress should do?

Josie: …Well, for one. I hope she makes the right decision for herself.



Presumably the big gathering is winding down now. 

Val: Are you hearing all of this, I wonder? They want me to be the Empress… Me. If you were here, what would you say to that? Oh, who am I kidding, I know what you’d say. I’m just a little in awe. I had only ever planned to inherit the rule of Olva.



Val: Andrei?


Finally, someone says something! Andrei hasn't changed a bit, of course.

Val: What are you talking about?

Andrei: You look like… our Mother. It’s weird for me.

Val: Get used to it. Anyway, where have you been? I haven’t seen you all day.


Andrei: …I, um… I’m sorry?

Val: I’ll accept that… apology, if you can call it that. What have you been doing?

Andrei: That’s what I came to show you. Everyone’s waiting, so follow me.





Val: By the Goddess… This is…

Tell us!

Andrei: Heh… I’m guessing that you like it, right?

Val: Andrei, of course I do.


Oh, that's neat! I guess after all the fighting, we totally deserve a statue.

Andrei: Well… originally, it was just going to be a bigger version of you, in order to celebrate your new rulership, but then I thought we should do something to commemorate Ash as well.


Val: Either way, Andrei, it’s amazing. I can’t believe it.

Andrei: I should hope so. I’ve been working on this myself for almost a week now. Trying to hide it from you was the most difficult part. A lot of it had to get done today, because I knew you were busy and wouldn’t bother me.

Oh, wow, he sculpted it himself rather than having it commissioned. That's some dedication!

Val: Oh, Andrei…

Andrei: No, I know that face…


Val: Come here, you!


...Well now I'm really questioning their relationship.


 Luckily, Josie breaks it up.

Josie: A day like this and you’re rolling around on the floor acting like a pair of children. …Shameful.

Rayden: The house of Olva would look very low if it were known that their heads of house behaved in such an unbefitting manner.


Josie: I don’t even want to hear it.

Andrei: I’m sorry… I tried to stop he-

Josie: I said shut up! Where’s my statue, hm? Like I didn’t do anything for you two.

Andrei: …I think it’s best to just shut my mouth.

He's finally learning.

Rayden: Anyway, Valentine, there are some others who want to speak to you as well.

By "some others" she means, all the characters from the game. Let's have those last conversations! Prepare yourselves, because it's a lot of reading.


Laraya: You did well earlier today, Valentine. Your words lit a fire in everyone. You will surely make a fine ruler for your people.

Val: Thank you. But I know that I couldn’t have come this far without your help, and without your mercy either. You’ve been an invaluable ally and friend to me.

Laraya: As have you. I’m just sorry that I didn’t come to your aid sooner.

Val: …Well, it could have been worse. I’d hate to have had you as my enemy.

Laraya: …Yes, we can agree on that. I hope this can be the start of a new, flourishing relationship between our kingdoms.

Val: Of course, Lady Laraya. It would be my pleasure. Although, speaking of that, is Tiomare on its way to recovery?

Laraya: …Well, we’re doing the best we can. Ordanze and my soldiers have been working tirelessly to rebuild what little we have. …Now, I think that’s enough talk from me.

Glad to hear Tiomare is doing well...


Gah! Rydell! I thought he was dead? Or trying to kill us??

Val: Thelma!

Thelma: It’s good to see you again. I see that you have really settled into your position nicely.

Val: And you have, too?

Thelma: Sort of…

Rydell: It could be better.

Thelma: R-Rydell!


Okay, I'm starting to like Rydell. He should have had more lines.

Thelma: I’m even newer to the idea of such a responsibility than you are and Megelar is such a large place. But the people are accepting of me for the most part and after seeing you today, I’m inspired and – at best – hopeful I can match the high standards you’ve set. Even though it might be difficult.

Val: I’m sorry for putting this pressure on you, then. But I believe in you too. And if you need anything, I’d be happy to help, however I can.

Thelma: That goes both ways. My house may have fallen, but Megelar’s strength is always at your disposal, should you need it. …With that said, let’s just enjoy the rest of this night for now, shall we?


Rydell: …My lady.


Isaac: me yet again, Valentine. Today, you’ve truly proved you are a born leader.

Val: I think you give me too much credit. My father simply taught me very well.

Isaac: …Time shall tell.

Val: That is true. But Isaac, I can’t even begin to thank you enough for what you’ve done for me.

Isaac: I’m glad that all of that is over, finally.

Val: And you too, Kane. I know that you took quite a big risk in taking me to meet Isaac, but I don’t know where we’d be if you hadn’t.

Kane: Think nothing of it. I was just doing what anyone would do, I assure you.

Val: …With your existence now exposed to the world, what plans do you have?

Kane: We’ve begun developing a small town for our people to live together, as of now.

Isaac: As for what comes next, we shall see. I think, when the time comes, and I have everyone’s blessings, I might attempt to be a true leader for the people that live in our territory.

That sounds like a small, achievable ambition that will probably happen. Good luck to them.

Val: …Well, if that time does come, I’ll be right there to support you, Isaac.

Isaac: Thank you, Valentine.


Kieran! Start confessing your love! I got the requisite supports!

Val: Kieran? …I think that’s the first time you’ve actually addressed me at all. I’m glad you’ve shown up.

Kieran: Why?

Val: After everything we’ve been through, don’t you think that I’d consider you a friend? Although I had my doubts about you when we first met, you turned out to be very dependable. Even if I can’t claim to understand you at all, I’m glad that you were here for us, thick and thin.

Kieran: You’re welcome for that.

Val: Now that everything’s over, what exactly do you plan to do? I wouldn’t be against you being one of my knights.

Kieran: Hmph.


Hey, we actually know what this means! Because we got the supports! Finally, a random backstory thing I understand!

Val: Is that… a no?

Kieran: I told you already. I fought for my survival. With that accomplished,


 Aww, man, looks like Kieran's leaving... but we won't see for sure until the endings.

Val: I see… That’s fair enough. But there’s no need to hide yourself from us anymore, Kieran. Why don’t you take that mask off?

Yes, do it!


 ...Maybe he's horribly disfigured? Or secretly Legato in disguise? I guess we'll never know.


Oh no, it's the other mind-controlled boss! I guess she really was related to Linda.

Linda: U-Umm… well…

Sniper lady: Linda, when the ruler of a country asks you a question, you’re supposed to answer it, you know?

Linda: O-Oh, well, I-I just thought that- maybe… now that you ARE the ruler, I should be more respectful.

Val: Linda… regardless of what I might be now, you’re a good friend of mine, and I’ll never forget that.

Linda: R-Really?

Val: Are you forgetting all that we’ve been through? And everything you’ve done for me?

Sniper lady: Really now, Linda? I’d love to hear about all of that.


Linda: Thanks, Valentine!

Val: “Lady” Valentine.

Linda: Eeek! I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I’ll just g-go over t-there now!

*Linda leaves*

Sniper lady: Hahahaha…


Sniper lady: I know that she can be quite a handful.

She might have been a huge help if I'd trained her, but I decided to use Skye instead.

Val: No, not at all. Make sure to tell her that I’m not angry at her.

Sniper lady: Of course.

Val: Oh, and um, Danielle is it?

Danielle: Yes?

(I totally didn't forget her name until right now)

Val: After what happened in Treyn, what will you do? Do you and Linda have somewhere to go?

Danielle: Oh, it’s no worry. I’m from Olva originally. She’s staying at my mother’s place for now.

Val: You’re from Olva?

Danielle: …I fought under your Father’s command when I was just a little bit younger than you.

Josie: Yeah. You should think of this woman here as one of the unsung heroes of the Great War, at least on Olva’s side. Her keen eyes saved us from a lot of danger, back then.

Val: …Really?

Danielle: Heh, Lady Josephine gives me too much credit.

Josie: Be glad for it. You gave me a lot of trouble during this war. I plan on


Come on, Josie. We took her out easy, and... oh, right, the ballista in the Laraya chapter! Well, she can hardly be blamed for that.

Danielle: …Perhaps when I’m feeling a little bit more rusty.

Val: U-Umm… Let’s try to keep the tension here a little lower now.

Josie: …We’re just joking, Red.

Danielle: …Of course. Your father was such a great man. I know that you’ll do fine as well, Lady Valentine.

Val: I promise you that I will.



Katarina, and it looks like Zara got out safe too! I imagine someone had to fetch her from that fort.

Katarina: Lady Valentine.

Val: I know that I couldn’t have done it without your blessings, Sister Katarina. I likely wouldn’t even be alive, had you not taken care of me.

Katarina: it is the Goddess’ will that guides me, milady.

Zara: Do not be so modest, Sister. She is your friend, is she not? Just admit that you care for her.

Katarina: …Alright. I am happy to have been of service to such a dear friend.

Val: Be it by divine guidance or not, you were there for us at the very beginning. What’s more, journeying with you taught me a lot about faith and selflessness, amongst other things. I now gold those values close to my heart.

Katarina: I’m glad to hear of it.

Val: If I may ask, what are you two planning to do about your church order?

Zara: There are very few of us left, but we will do our utmost to bring the Pure One’s name back to the people of the land.

Rayden: …It will surely take some doing, but the outcome of this was clearly shows that the Goddess’s protection was, in fact, with us the whole time.

Zara: Very well said, my lord.

Val: If you ever need anything, you only need to ask me.

Zara: Thank you, my lady.

*Rayden and Zara leave*

Val: Katarina, wait.

Katarina: Milady, you called me by my name alone.

Val: I know. I recognize your devotion to your church’s ways, but I would be happy if we could be normal friends as well, with no titles. Is that at all possible?

Katarina: I… If that is what you wish, then yes, I would be glad to. Until next time, Valentine.

And they're gone.


No kidding. I'm wondering how many more people will come to talk to Val...

Val: Heheh… yeah, you could say that.

Emilia: Lady Valentine, ruler of Olva. Saying it to myself still makes me chuckle a little bit, on the inside.

Val: Hm?

Andrei: Jealous, Em?

Emilia: It would be odd if I wasn’t, don’t you think? But don’t you worry about it, Val. I really am happy for you. Not only do you deserve it, but you’ve really taken on the role. The people in the east are the happiest I’ve ever seen in a while. You two… and Ash are the ones to thank for that, more than anything else. Because you didn’t give up on trying to win us back from Egardia.

Andrei: …We’d never have done something like that. Right, Val?

Val: Of course not.


Kenrick! Even though cutscenes set you up as a badass, I literally never used you!

Kenrick: Without your aid, the sacrifice of my Father and his knights might all have been for naught. What’s more, it allowed me to keep my promise to Emilia.

Val: Speaking of which, when is the big day?

Emilia: Well, we didn’t want to steal your thunder, so we held it off for a little bit. But you can expect it to be sometime soon, I assure you.

Val: I look forward to it.

Andrei: …Don’t worry about it, Em. If there’s one thing she’s jealous of you for, it’s that.

Val: A-Andrei! Emilia… that’s really not true.

Emilia: Ha! Well, pretending that I is might make me feel a little bit better. Although I’m sure things will change on that front quite soon, won’t they, Val?


Don't worry Val, you have Kieran! ...Hopefully!

Andrei: Gods… don’t make such a big deal out of it.


Val: I am truly blessed to have friends like you all.

Does that mean we're done?


Nope. It's Alyssa.

Val: Hm? Hey, wait a minute, don’t I know you from somewhere?

Dancer: …Perhaps.

Andrei: …Val, she had been travelling with us since after we came back to retake Olva.

Val: Oh… really? But I thought-

Andrei: She also was the one who came to us and told us that Ash had gone to Egardia with Alicia.

Pretty bad memory, Val. Almost as bad as me since I couldn't remember her name when typing all this up.

Val: Yes… Yes, that, I remember! Thank you for that, by the way.

Dancer: …You’re welcome.

Val: There’s something about you, you know… Looking at you, I just feel that there’s the strongest resemblance to someone…

Dancer: Hmm…

Val: Alicia, that’s it! You know, you look a lot like her.

Andrei: …Yeah, you’re right, actually.

Alyssa: Is that so? Now, may I get to what I wanted to say?


Alyssa: the city gates.

Alicia: A friend? Who?

It's Alicia.

Alyssa: … That’s all I came to say. You can go and meet her before she leaves, if you want.

*Alyssa leaves*

Val: Hmm…

Andrei: Val, she said “her”. Do you think she might mean-

Val: Alicia! Come on, Andrei, let’s go.


Alyssa: What exactly did you say about your family for everyone to be so oblivious?

So, this lady is Alicia's mother, right?


It is! It's Alicia, and she also has a new outfit, similar to Andrei's!

Actually, looking a little closer, did she take inspiration from FE7's "Bern Traveler" getup?

Val: Alicia, where have you been?

Alicia: I’m sorry for the disappearing act. It’s just… after we left that place, I had a lot of thoughts going through my head, as I’m sure you did as well.

Val: I’m sorry if the things I said made you feel like you had to leave, Alicia.

Alicia: …Oh, no, it wasn’t anything like that.


 Well, at least you only needed 1/12 the time Ash did.

Alicia: With Egardia gone, and the things that we’d done, I started re-evaluating my goals and all of that.

Andrei: So, what are you going to do now, then?

Alicia: …I’m still not sure yet. But firstly, I came to give you this.

Val: …The crest of House Egarde?

If we still had gameplay left, would this be a T3 promotion?

Alicia: It’s not much use other than for sentimental value. But with that, even the most intolerant remnants of Egardia might just lend an ear to your voice. You can avoid any repeats of the events after the end of the Great War with activist third parties.


 Things happened really fast, and Egardian military units might still be around. Who knows?

Val: Of course I won’t.

Alicia: Secondly, congratulations on the new title and everything. I heard that things have been going quite smoothly. And that’s an interesting new look for you.



Andrei: Told you it was weird.

Val: There is nothing odd about this at all! I’ve always liked what she wore, and I’ll wear it proudly. Besides, you’ve changed your style too!

Alicia: I… only did that because I was coming to visit you at a formal event.

Val: Oh, please!

Alicia: Alright, alright… …Anyway, I guess the the last thing I’ll tell you is that I’m going to be going off for a while. I don’t know when I’ll come back.

But, where is she going?

Val: You’re leaving? So soon? But… we’ve not seen each other in so long, now. Can’t you stay just a while longer?

Alicia: Sorry, but no. I can’t say that I’ve ever been one much for all of this. And I didn’t spend those two months preparing, only to get involved in something that will make me want to change my mind. Despite how things begun,


Alicia: And I’ll admit, meeting you two, Ash, and everyone else has changed my life for the better. But I’ve never really found my place here in Emire. So I’m just going to travel for a bit…

Val: But… you’ll come back, won’t you? We’ll see you again?

Alicia: Of course you will. No matter what happens, this place will always be my home. It’s where all the memories are, good and bad.

Val: …Well, if that’s your reasoning, then I can understand. But just make sure that you do come back, Alicia, or there’ll be hell to pay.

Alicia: Ha… Of course. Now… Lady Valentine, Lord Andrei.


Aww, she really is leaving... oh well. It was nice using you as an incredibly powerful unit, Alicia!

Alicia: Now go on, get back to your celebrations and whatever.



Val: Andrei? Come on, let’s head back.

Andrei: O-Oh… Hold on. Uncle Rayden said that we should have a look at this.

Val: A… letter? Who from?

Ash's letter!

Andrei: Ash. She handed it to him before he entered that room. I don’t know what it’s about.

Let's read it...

Val: Ash? A-Alright then. “Valentine, Andrei… If you’re having to read to this, then I suppose that I didn’t make it out of this in some way or another. I’m sorry for getting your hopes up only to fail you at the last hurdle, but I will rest easily knowing that you are now safe. I don’t really have much to say in terms of anything else, but I know that even if the road ahead of rebuilding everything we’ve lost is a hard one, you two will be able to handle anything that it throws at you. …We were raised in the same family after all, and I know that giving up isn’t something that we’ve ever been fond of. Remember, the hard part is over now. I know that you’ll do great in ruling our country, Val, or what’s left of it, at least. As for you, Andrei, I’ll say… be a little bit responsible, alright? Don’t forget that what you do will directly reflect upon our houses name now.”

That's pretty cute. A nice post-death letter.

Andrei: …Gee, thanks, Ash.

Val: I hope you do remember that.

Andrei: Hey, there’s another bit there.

Val: Just hold on…


Val: When you two went off to take Fort Anara, I went to build her a more fitting gravestone. Because of how busy we were at the time, I didn’t get a chance to show you two. If you want to visit it, its just past the grove outside where the castle in Vamar once stood. Aunt and Uncle will know it. I thought she might have liked to be remembered near her first home, considering how much we’d heard about it.” Ash…


Well, we've finally gotten closure for everything. Is that the end?

Andrei: …We never properly mourned for her, did we?

Val: We’ll visit soon, Andrei. We’ll go together… Aunt Josie and Uncle Ray too.

Andrei: Right.

Val: It might make a good parting gift.

Andrei: Parting gift? Who’s leaving?

Val: You are.

Andrei: W-What?

Val: I know that you’ve been staying here the past two months for my sake, in the most part. But after seeing Alicia, I remember now that you have your own life to live as well. And I know that – for you – it


Andrei: Val, I don’t have problem with being here. I’m glad to-

Val: Look… I’ll be alright. For the first time in so long, I’m almost certain that I don’t have to worry about my family and friends dying around me. I’ve accomplished the goals that Mother and Father set out for me too. I couldn’t be more happy right now, even though Ash isn’t here to share in it with us.

Andrei: Are you sure?

Val: Yes, Andrei. I’ve been dragging you along with me for almost a year now, haven’t I? It’s time for you to find your own way as well.

So Andrei and Alicia are leaving? Hopefully Val can find plenty of new people by her side, and all that.

Andrei: … …

Val: Don’t tell me that you’ve gotten too used to following me around, now? Whatever happened to the old Andrei? You never used to like coddling you as much as I do.

Andrei: H-He’s still there… somewhere I guess. Maybe I did let this responsibility get to my head.

Val: Like Ash said though, there are some things you have to remember…

Andrei: Great, tell me all about it later, then!


And... this is the last line! That's the end! It's a little abrupt, but I think everything was wrapped up pretty nicely. Finally... it's all done.

Of course, I haven't forgotten about Alicia mode, but that can wait a little bit. I'll probably post my final thoughts beforehand.


It goes through all the hard-to-remove CGs...


Don't worry, all the dialogue was at the end of the Final. The Epilogue is just credits and everything else.


(Inset joke about credit names being different fro, hack creator names)

Though, I guess these guys do deserve some credit for designing the game engine.

We need a Fire Emblem Maker. I'd happily play created chapters from random people online, but it would probably be a lot more complicated and reach a lot less wide audience than Super Mario Maker.


My turn counts.

Once again... an LTCer I am not. 756 Turn is less high than I was expecting, but that's only because I forgot to support grind for half the campaign.


Anyways, next update is the ending, final stats, and final thoughts. Then, I'll come back later with Alicia mode. See you all then!

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First up, the endings for the characters I didn't use/used a little then abandoned:


The ways of the desert did finally change? Well, hopefully Nala can have a good life with her terrible stats.


Looking at their stats, it looks like they don't count Val mode fights. I would've used them if I could, but better people just came along.


Glad they got a peaceful life, considering they never got in any fights.


(Almer doens't count as a unit I used!)

Wow, that's a surprising amount of influence for a merchant! 


(I was having my emulator run at 1500% speed, so I messed up a few of these screenshots. Just ignore it.)

lLEcnEO.png gH2bqlW.png

Our rulers!


(Wow, I REALLY messed that one up...)


All our crutch characters.


And Alyssa, the dancer-I-should-have-made-room-for-for-story-reasons-but-never-did.


Now that that's out the way, the characters we did use and their final stats!


It's sad that Drake disappeared, but while he was with us, he was an excellent tank. Hit hard, crit sometimes, and took as many hits as I needed him to.


Clare barely got any oppotyunities to fight, but if I hadn't needed to constantly use her for healing, she would have pulled ahead very quickly. She was incredibly powerful.


(Did they ever officially get together, though?)

Edward's strength and defenses were just too crappy to let him be of any help in the endgame. He couldn't even use Rogue powers properly, like opening doors and chests without lockpicks. I needed him for his utility purposes, but he couldn't help much aside from that.


Gemma, on the other hand, was an excellent pegasus knight. Definitely not tanky but not TOO restrictively fragile, and plenty of offense to go with that 8 movement. I'm happy I decided to use both her and her sister.


(Displaced? Do they mean "deposed", or...)

Which one was the one who was supposed to be awesome, Hawke or sky? Hawke's entertaining in that every stat gets lower as you go down the list. He had surprisingly good skill and might have capped both that and strength if given the opportunity. He did his job of hitting things hard well enough, but never truly excelled.


Skye, on the other hand, was great. With maxed strength and oodles of skill and speed, by the end of the game he could just run around with that 8 MOV and double any enemy I wanted into oblivion. It was great having him.


Katarina was a very archetypical "healer who pulls ahead of everyone else due to different exp pool but can't be use in combat for those reasons". As I said earlier, if I had to pick a unit to face Shel solo, I probably would have picked her. She actually capped 2 of her stats!


Kane was just an all-around solid unit. Solid defenses. Above-average offenses. A solid "good" in every category.


(Aww, he and Laraya DID get together, even without supports!)

Ordanze wasn't the best swordsmaster. He never fell behind too far, and he's certainly probably better than Nala would have been, but he just didn't excel enough in speed or power. Still, he did his part like everyone else.


Andrei started off as an archetypical mercenary, but as time went by, he gained levels, and differentiated himself. By the end, he was an archetypical hero.

Jokes aside, he was a good lord and never needed to be babied.


(I kind of feel bad for getting their paired ending, canon as it may be. Maybe I should have done Alicia x Drake...)

Ash was great to have as the main lord, mostly because he hit hard and didn't let his low cap discourage him from gaining plenty of speed. His levels ultimately didn't save him, though...


Alicia, on the other hand... was by and large the MVP. There's a reason she's level 14 while everyone else is lower. Almost-capped magic, inanely fast and skillful, and she even pulled well ahead in the defenses department! All-around, she was just the best.

TY9st7L.png   w54i3Xj.png

Wait... Val x Kieran, Valkyrie... NEVER CAME TO BE!? NOOOOOO! Why must you sink my ship, game...

Val was an excellent lord. The only reason she didn't do even better was because her strength and swords prevented her from becoming a reliable damage-dealer. If it wasn't for that, consdering she excelns in literally every other area, she would might have even been able to challenge Alicia for top spot on the team.


Kieran did his part and was a great aid to Val, but he was just never as good as Gemma. His extra defenses were made up for by his weakness to magic, and he didn't quite enough offense to keep up. He wasn't bad, just not as great as my other flier.


One last FE7 CG...


And that is all. Fire Emblem: Requiem is finished.



Requiem was a great hack, and a joy to play. The story was more on the wordy side, but it was a good story, and well worth the extra typing effort. It felt almost exactly like a shorter version of a standard FE game. Remember at the start, when I said this hack more-or-less came out of nowehere? I can see why it was finished, when so many other projects are left totally unfinished. It kept to a simple vision rather than going for anything too grand, and managed to succeed and create the solid final product you all just saw. I think it was a good hack to end on, and I hope to see more projects like it out of the Fire emblem fangame community in the future.


The Alicia Mode bonus episode is coming... eventually. Depending on how much exposition it contains, it will be a while to record it.

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Sky was the better of the two, as you mentioned yourself.

Also that ending with Kieran? Only one where he doesn't vanish!

If you're planning on doing any type of support grinding in Alicia Mode, the original Requiem topic has a link that includes paired supports. Won't be able to see the ending screen shots, but you can see how those supports go.

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Godspeed and thanks for the memories, Moniker! I've enjoyed reading your LPs. More importantly, thank you for playing DDOP and GhebFE so I never had to.

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Ooh, let's compare final stats!  I posted this in the Requiem topic months ago:

  Reveal hidden contents


Don't mind Andrei, he and Isaac got bit by a bug that maxed out their res when I got them back in Ash's story.

Edited by Baby Bonnie Hood

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Hello, everyone! I'm sorry this took so terribly, terribly long. I thought I'd take short break before finishing things up, but little did I know that the break would quickly turn into a very big break. This is entirely my fault due to mismanaging my own motivation. Now, let's finish up!


On 2/4/2017 at 0:36 PM, TheNiddo said:

Sky was the better of the two, as you mentioned yourself.

Also that ending with Kieran? Only one where he doesn't vanish!

If you're planning on doing any type of support grinding in Alicia Mode, the original Requiem topic has a link that includes paired supports. Won't be able to see the ending screen shots, but you can see how those supports go.

Kieran's ending was the only one where he doesn't vanish to history? That actually makes me feel a bit better!

On 2/4/2017 at 3:19 PM, Alusq said:

Godspeed and thanks for the memories, Moniker! I've enjoyed reading your LPs. More importantly, thank you for playing DDOP and GhebFE so I never had to.

And thank you! Not just you specifically, Alusq, but everyone who read my LPs and enjoy them, for helping motivate me to continue. It's been a good run!


The end comes in...


TheMoniker plays: Requiem: Bonus Episode: Text Walls



Alright, 100% file in place. My FE7 ROM is a little... wonky... and it won't let me do Mode Select without a 100% save. So, yes, this is a different save than what I was using previously, but it should work fine. Enjoy the mismatched sprites!


The Chronicle?

This episode is going to be just Requiem history. Nothing too special.



We're both in the Northern Isles, and SPECIFICALLY Gallion Port Town. I guess the second header was needed so we could differentiate it from Badon port.

(It'll make sense in a minute!)


This takes place 2 years after the game we just played ended. I sort of thought it would be in the past from how everyone was talking about it.

Alicia: It’s good to be back after so long. …Now, first thing’s first. Let’s pay the kid a visit.


"The Kid" in question here is, in fact...

Alicia: Hey!


Layla! And she's grown older! How old is she now? I'd estimate 15 at the youngest.

Alicia: You’re getting bigger and bigger every year, I swear. What is it, twelve years old now?


 Wait, TWELVE? What! She was only ten when she fought in the war? That's younger than Nino! Sheesh! That means we're almost as bad as the Bloodlines PCs in terms of making children brutally murder people!

Layla: But err… what are you doing here? How did you find me?

Alicia: …All these questions, Layla. Aren’t you at all happy to just see me here? If not, then maybe I should just get going.

Layla: N-No, I didn’t mean! …Of course I’m happy to see you.

Moving on from age-related revelations. What is this going to be about?

Alicia: Good.

Layla: But you’re usually away for much longer than this. I was just surprised, is all.

Alicia: …Yeah, you’re right about that. My reason for coming back, to cut a long story short, is that I’ve got some important news to deliver to her majesty. But I figured I’d stop off here to check up on you.

Layla: I see.

Alicia: So, what’s new with you?

Layla: Well… I’m actually working on something quite big at the moment.

Alicia: Yeah?

Layla: I’m making a chronicle of the


The title was The Chronicle, and Layla's chronicle of all the backstory is what we'll be reading today. Remember how I was always wondering what exactly happened before the hack started, with the story making all these allusions to past events? Now we finally get to have them filled in!

Layla: …Or at least, I’m trying to anyway.

Alicia: Really now?

Layla: I’m not going to take credit for the whole idea myself, but it is something I think is important. A lot of the history of this era has been lost to time. We figured that out the hard way during the Dark War. People like Legato or Shel… The people of the world might not have been so vulnerable to their plans if they had known more about them. As Lord Rayden said to me “if we could understand what made the villains of our past, then we might be able to stop



Take it to heart, readers. A valuable lesson on the importance of history, delivered to you by Layla. Who's 12.

Alicia: … That sounds very like him. And it’s not a bad idea, either.

Layla: You think so, too? And that shouldn’t just apply to our “villains”, I think. There were a lot of people on the good side of the Great War and the Dark War, and yet their stories may never be known.

Alicia: …You can’t go making martyrs or painting everyone as heroes though.

Layla: Of course not. But there are those that are worthy of those titles. …Take Lord Ash, for example. He might not have been a true hero, but he deserves to be remembered by the people of Emire going forward, at least a little, don’t you think? …Yet people outside of Olva might not even know he was.

Alicia: … …


Alicia: He came back to civilization to be with his family again. He didn’t care much for anyone else’s recognition of who he was.

Layla: Oh… I’m sorry, Miss Alicia.

Alicia: It’s no big deal.

No, no! Layla, you need to gather as much info as you can on Ash, bound it up in a big book titled "SECRET FORBIDDEN HISTORY", hide it in some random library, and make historians research him like he's the biggest mystery ever.


Alicia: Lord Rayden seems much better suited to the job than you. He has been around much longer… He even experienced some of the events of the past for himself.

Layla: “A young mind like yours will be able to interpret people’s accounts with less bias than mine”, he said. What’s more, I’m interested in what I find as well.

...Are you SURE about the first sentence? It might not be so much a young mind though, as her being someone who hadn't lived through the events themselves.

Alicia: Well, you’re right, that is something big. So, is there anything I can do to help whilst I’m here?

Layla: Now that you mention it, you could help me review the stuff I’ve got so far. …But only if you want to.

Technically, we the chapter is set up so you can just end things immediately if you don't want to read words. But why would anyone do that?

Alicia: Come on, Layla, I’d never say no to you. Now, let’s see what you’ve got, huh?

Layla: Okay!


Looks like units have spawned everywhere! What's happening?


(The Fourth Wall is going to come down for a bit, just ignore it.)

Layla: The information they’ll give goes chronologically as you move clockwise through them. When you’re done, just talk to me.

Talk to all seven of them, chronologically. Hopefully they won't be too long.


We aren't going to be doing that. I don't have the time. But, if you want to, you can do it here!


Alright, this whole thing is all pretty clearly a construct designed to serve its purpose of exposition and support delivery, and nothing more.

Let's check everyone's stats and explore the map anyway, since I'm the sort of person who won't just accept that and ignore any weirdness!


It's Port Badon's map, but we can't visit any of the houses. Also, every single playable unit from the campaign is here, plus the current Alicia.


Little detail: Layla and Alicia have new descriptions.


Also, two Alicias!

There isn't anything else interesting, so let's get started.


Citizen 1: The Era of Endless Wars


I don't have too much to say about all of this. I'll just let you all read.

Layla: Yes, exactly… Mister Almer told me a little about this part. For a long time, and it’s pretty unclear how long, this continent was completely divided under small-time leaders. There was no peace back then. The people fought constantly to gain more land and resources and the very idea of alliance was foreign to the people. The people of the time would



Layla: Of course, that name isn’t to be taken literally, but it’s not very far off, either.

Alicia: I’m glad I wasn’t around then.

Layla: Me too. It must have been horrible. But anyway, around forty years ago, one of these leaders, a man named Logan – or was we know him, the Emperor -, would bring several leaders under his command in order to unify the land under one banner. It took some doing, but in just five years, he was able to destroy or force out any who opposed him. At this point, he established himself as Emperor, and the commanders of his army were appointed as nobility, thus bringing about the rise of our noble houses, some of which have survived to this very day.

Alicia: …And I imagine this is when things started going downhill?

Layla: In a manner of speaking, yes. Some say he was a corrupted man to begin with… others think that the five year struggle changed him. Either way, he was not equipped to take care of the country in the way that people wanted. In order to maintain his control over the lands, he was willing to violently stomp out anything that might threaten his rule of the continent. Threats… imprisonment… execution… You name it.


Layla: Exactly… Discontent grew amongst the people of the land and although nobody wanted the war to return to the land, they had to put a stop to him before he went too far. Some of the nobles closest to him had been plotting to have him killed and replaced by his


Alicia: …Lord Bran’s father?

Layla: Yes, if my information is correct. The people saw him as the true hero that brought an end to the endless wars. His skill in battle was apparently unmatched by all. But he was also loyal to his brother, the Emperor, and as such the plot could not go ahead in such a way. The rebels were caught and punishment was enacted upon them all.


Layla: And one member of that house was the Emperor’s wife at that time, Lady Kristina Caine.

Alicia: That… couldn’t have ended well, I’m guessing.

Layla: No… after he had enacted punishment on the rebels from her house, he had her killed as well. And the son that they had disappeared from the world. This all sent the Emperor into something of a rage, and in the wake of it, several other noble houses were also rooted out and destroyed from having misgivings about his rule.

Alicia: Mm… after hearing all that, I can see how the Great War had to come about at that point.

Layla: Yep. Well… that about covers everything up to the beginning of the Great War, thirty-three years ago.

And that's the end of the first bit of info. Now we know how the Emperor became who he is. That was a lot of words, though, phew...

 Anyways, after ending my turn so Alicia could move again, the game moves on to its next bit of dialogue all on its own...


Alicia: …I really can’t give you a solid answer on that one. As long as it takes to get Valentine’s answer, I guess.

Layla: Her answer? What do you mean by that?

Alicia: …I’m not really at liberty to divulge that, I’m afraid.


Another continent? Even now, we're still getting new mysteries? Sequel hook?

Layla: Hmm…

Alicia: What is it, anyways? You miss me, or something?

Layla: It kind of hurts that you say that like it’s a surprise. …You were my first real tutor, you know? I’ll always remember the first year we spent together training ourselves in the West.

Alicia: …Look, we both knew we couldn’t stay together forever like that. I said it to you myself that I would only take care of you for a while longer. After that first year, it was time you found yourself a more compatible partner to better yourself with.

Layla: But… even still…

Alicia: I know. I get it, Layla. And the truth is, I always miss you when I’m gone. That’s why, this time, I’ve made sure you were the first person I visited. You’ll always be my very first magic student.

Layla: Miss Alicia…

Aww, their relationship is kind of cute!


Alright, let's continue into history...

Citizen 2: The Great War Begins


Layla: Yes… So, although the Emperor had thought that he’d quelled the discontent amongst the people, that obviously wasn’t the case. There were still several nobles – most of whom operated in the Northern Isles – plotting the end of the Emperor, but they did it in more localized ways. Instead of going straight for his head, they simply worked to turn those loyal to him away. Slowly but surely, the Emperor began losing the trust of some of his most loyal subjects.

Alicia: So, the people of the Northern Isles started it all, huh?

Layla: Yes. Although their lands did not give them much in the way of military strength, the isles were disjointed enough from the mainland to give them space to plot in secret. Sadly for them, the most powerful and royal houses in the land at this time were not willing to give up their positions for the sake of rebellion just yet. It wasn’t until two years later that a more influential noble house would step in and decide to join with the rebels. And it all started when the three



Layla: Correct. You see, only a few years prior the previous leader of House Olva, Carson Olva had passed away and left it to his first son, Richard. Unlike his father, Richard Olva was not completely subservient to the man the Emperor had become. So, upon hearing the plight of the three siblings and taking them in, he took to action, with his first being to lift the bounty that had been put on their heads. His second action was to begin reaching out to those who had been plotting against the Emperor. He travelled to the Northern Isles to meet with the lords himself and sent his associates out to the lords if the land that he felt he might share his opinions.

Alicia: So, the Great War was more of a political thing at this time. …Honestly though, Valentine’s Father was clearly a more powerful man than I’d ever imagined him to be.

Layla: Well, I never knew him, but yes, he probably was. It’s why the name of Olva carries so much weight in the lands. And speaking of Lady Valentine and her father, it was around the end of this time, twenty-eight years ago that our very own Empress came into this world.

Alicia: Yeah, but little did she know of the world she was about to be brought into…

And now we know how Valentine's father came to be the man he was! It's a pity he died so early into the story. That was another huge word dump. These take a while to write down!

And of course, there's another Alicia/Layla conversation after that.


Alicia: to do with magic, but why the sudden interest in history?

Layla: …It’s not really that sudden, in my opinion. It’s always been a secondary interest of mine, I’d say.

Alicia: Well, alright. But what you’re planning to do is the work of a professional, you know? I guess I just didn’t realize you were on this level.

That's a good point... twelve year olds should still be learning about history, not chronicling more of it. Layla's basically a miniature adult.

Layla: There’s another reason why I kind of want to do this.

Alicia: Hm?

Layla: Mister Almer – the merchant – remember? He… passed away this year.



Wow, I'm surprised Almer died so soon. He was such a sturdy wagon!

Alicia: I know that he was a good friend of yours.

Layla: …Yeah, he was. But I’m not really upset about it anymore, it’s okay. True to his words, he didn’t let the idea of death weigh on him, even as his time grew shorter and shorter.

Alicia: The old man was definitely a tough one, that’s for sure. Yet somehow he was still one of the kindest people around.

Layla: Mm-hm… But, anyway… Whilst we traveled together during the war, and even during these past three years, I learned a lot about the world and how it’s changed over the years. He used to tell me all kinds of stories of how some things used to be and the experiences he had. I really learned a lot from him and think others should know his experiences as well.

Alicia: That, I can agree with. For someone to live as long as he did in the world we lived in is a grand feat, no matter which way you look at it.


...Onto the third civilian, and... well, I'm afraid I have some very bad news for all of you. Go back and skim over the text up there. Wall after wall after wall, right? It might take a little while for you to read it, but it takes a LONG time for me to type that all up. So, in the interests of time, I'm going to have to give a bullet point list summarizing the important points for each of the remaining civilians.

I really don't like to do this. One of the things I was frustrated with when reading other LPs was them skimming right over the story so they could get straight to the gameplay. I wanted to properly transcribe the dialogue, and I've done so throughout all of my LPs. And I don't want to do this, particularly for the last update, but... to be frank... if I DIDN'T, this episode could take YEARS to come out. So please bear with me here while I summarize all the backstory we get. Don't worry, you aren't missing too much. If you're super curious, you can go ahead and play the hack yourself.


Citizen 3: The Great War Escalates

*Emire entered a state of civil war for 4 years

*The nobles made their own private armies, but some lost courage and turned back to the Emperor’s side

*The rebels staked their claim and made their territories officially separate from the Emeperor’s

*For several months, nothing happened

*This was around the time Alicia was born.

*The people lived in fear that a war was coming.


(Ignore me using some of the images twice, I forgot to take the extra pictures, I did remember to get all the civilians)

Citizen 4: The Great War's Battles Begin

*After the political and civil war, the actual war began

*The Emperor raised a huge army, scaring off some of the rebels

*Many nobles made pledges and offerings to each other to show their dedication

*The rebels and the Emperor fought for 3 years

*The rebels were almost defeated, but the Emperor had to return to the capital with his army because there was rebellion there too

*The rebels had captured the Emperor’s wife Elana and Prince Isaac

*As the war was nearing a close, Berran was torn about from the inside suddenly (by Legato)

*The Emperor lost many of his supporters

*Finally, the rebels won, and the Emperor and his brother were sentenced to death

*Andrei was born shortly after, as order was being restored


Citizen 5: The aftermath

*A summit was held in Treyn with all the noble leaders

*Three decisions were made: The nobles would meet in a summit every year, they decided how the land would be split up (making each country how we saw it in the game), and to let the prisoners of war who cooperated go.

*Lord Bran was the only blood relative of the Emperor, so most kept an eye on him.


Citizen 6: How Egardia came to be

*Bran and the other released prisoners had no land for themselves

*An uprising called the “Royalist Rebellion” began

*They wanted to restore the original Empire under Prince Isaac

*They wanted to weaken the power of those in control through plots, but were less scrupulous than the first rebels

*They assassinated several leaders in Tiomare, including Laraya’s father

*Bran learned where the Royalists were operating from and destroyed the uprising

*That was when Bran and Alicia met

*Alicia knew that Bran’s real reason of going was to join the royalists, but he changed his mind

*Bran requested lands for himself, and was given some out of gratitude. Valentine’s father was among the givers. (So that's why they were saying that Alicia's father had helped Bran at the start of the game...)

*For ten years, there was peace

*It ended when Legato reappeared at Bran’s side, and the Dark War began shortly after


Last one!

Citizen 7: After the Dark War/Ash

*After the Dark War, Rayden started to look into how Ash was affected with the dark magic. They ended up giving up, but Layla started to research anew

*For the two years Ash was gone, he originally left to study magic independently, leaving Rayden’s tutorship

*During that time, he met Shel

*Shel and Ash may have found the dark magic, or Shel may have taught Ash – we don’t know

*Layla gave up after that too

*Alicia asked her not to look into it any further


 And... we're done! Let's wrap it up!


Alicia: It’s been a pretty long day, hasn’t it?

No kidding...

Layla: …All of that information that I’d logged didn’t seem like that much when I gathered it.


I almost feel like the hack was trying to apologize for all those words... it's okay, I forgive you.

Alicia: I’m not complaining. The devotion you have to the things you’re interested in is part of your charm, you know? That’s why I’m glad to have you not only as my student but as my friend, Layla.

Layla: Heehee… Thanks, Miss Alicia.

Alicia: Tomorrow, I leave for Olva. Where will you be off to?

Layla: I’m not sure yet… but I think it might be time to head home for a little bit. I haven’t seen my family in quite some time, after all.

Alicia: Then… I guess we’ll be parting ways again. Give your mother and sisters my regards when you see them. As for you and I, well, hopefully we’ll be seeing each other again, before long.

Layla: Of course. And I’ll look forward to it. Tell Lady Valentine and the others that I’m doing well. Oh!


Alicia: “Congratulations”? For what?

Layla: …You’ll know what I mean. Anyway, see you around.

Alicia: …Is that right?

...We'll never know why. Maybe Val is getting married to a foreign prince for economic reasons or something.

Still, that was a nice, cozy conclusion to things!


The next chapter is just the same thing again, so we really are all done! Hope you all enjoyed!


I've gone and edited the "list" topic (or I will have, shortly after this post) with the stuff to finish everything up, have my last message, and make sure everything's in order for any future readers. Go take a look.

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And that's that.

Man, I should really get back into playing FE Requiem...
Ah well, I can do that later.
It has been a good ride reading your lps Moniker! Godspeed friend, I hope your future is bright.

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