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Lunatic Runs, and Skills, and Children, Oh My!

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Hello everyone, so today I'm trying to do some planning for my Fire Emblems plans over the next few months. Currently, I'm still working on getting all the skills for the Gen 1 units that I'd like for them to have in my Hard Revelation run. Eventually, I'd like to be able to complete each route on the Lunatic difficulty, which made me do some thinking.

In my current Revelation run, should I actually skip getting the children this run, finish getting the skills I want to get for each unit, complete the final chapter as many times as I need to to get the skills moved from my Hard run to my Lunatic run (Which after completing the game once on Hard, I can simply bump down the difficulty for the remaining times), and then in my Lunatic run go for the 100% recruitment of all characters. (I can't in this run as I chose to marry Hinoka, and in my final run of Revelation, I'll probably marry Anna.)

I'd like some thoughts on what I should do, and I'm happy to take anyone's opinions on the matter. As far as completing Lunatic Birthright and Conquest, those I can handle on my own; however, I would like some thoughts on my plan for Revelation.

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Depends entirely on if you feel like playing out revelations hard as your endgame file with lunatic as a challenge when you feel like it, or if you want your endgame to be a lunatic file and want to make clearing it easier

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