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Feedback for Fire Emblem Blood of the Dragon Story Concept

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I saw this, and figured I could help.

Country names: Gemran(Western Nation), Juiyo(Eastern Nation), Yeashuo(Central Theocracy)

Bandits: Amatar Freeblades- The sons of nobles who are among the last in line for their thrones. Often attack commercial cities or other nobles on the road.

Recruits: Sham and Scim

Sham, son of Shir is known for infiltrating and pilfering from the less scrupulous lords of Gemran. Though good natured, his habits have forced him to ally with the Amatar Freeblades in order to avoid being executed extrajudicially, for his habits could not be exposed to a magistrate without his victims admitting their own unforgivable sins.

Scim of house Itar is an accomplished swordsman, trained by one of the best bladesman in Juiyo. He has won many official duels, and perhaps far more unofficial ones, which led him to challenge Amatar himself. Amatar fought Scim to a stalemate, and was accepted into the Freeblades, and although no reasonable magistrate would order his arrest for fear of the safety of the constables, he doesn't enjoy watching the Freeblades accost random nobles and tax collectors.

The first introduction to the Freeblades is in a remote village, where most people wear animal fur and hunt. A woodsman named Sylvan returns from collecting firewood, carrying an axe and wearing a helmet likened to that of a giant beaver.

Paralogue 1: The Wrong Kind of Monk

As Rose pursues Amatar across the plains, the group runs out of provisions in a town renowned for it's combat festivals.

Paralogue 2: Bird in Golden Cage

Rose grows ever closer to finding the final ingredient for Lady Josephine, they edge ever closer to Lasharing, where a notorious cult has a large following. Rumors of them cowing the local magistrate seem to be proven true once they are met by his daughter and two paladins of the Church of Draco.

As soon as you have other ideas, I'll give you ideas to build upon them.

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Thank you! I'll make sure to credit you.

BTW, the only Rose Merchants are known to work for charity. That makes the people love them.

And you may have forgotten the lance wielding river fisher.

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Thanks again. BTW, I have updated the profiles of the characters in the previous post. You might want to check it out.

Also, due to being mercenaries, they might run to various ragtag bunch of characters. I have a few rough ideas needs polishing.

A "Free Knight" girl and her Blacksmith father (who makes the shoes of her horse)

A mercenary who breaks the fourth wall. Yeah, you read that right

Two genius stepbrothers who builds crazy contraptions, one talkative "magic knight" and one silent "hammer wielder". Get it. Oh, they have a giant pet who plays a lot

and is secretly a shapeshifter

A female street magician (a thief class) with a talent for entertainment and misdirection.

And I'm looking for the best timing to introduce Anna, Jake and the cipher trio.

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could i join?

I'd be very glad to. Now we have three writers!

Now, what is the best way to build up to where

a new charismatic leader arises in the fourth nation. He is a very nationalistic Wyvern Lord and harbors great hate to dragons due to their participation in the last war it lost.

Hey, the rough outline is now complete! Now we need to complete the lore.

Here's the checklist:

  • Some classes are more numerous in some regions in the continent and has more variety: Yeshuo has more mages and shield wielding and light armored foot soldiers, Juiyo has more martial arts inspired classes and their swordsmen promotes into horse archers, Gemran has more variety of cavalry and heavily armored units, the Trade Archipelago (which I decided to name Kalaklan) will only have classes that adapts very well to the shores, hills and forests.
  • Naming the legendary weapons. This includes: The Rosas Family's Roseblade (resembles a sword used in Arnis/Kali/Escrima), Kenji's Silverlight etc.
  • Naming the chosen twelve: Sheena Jade Rosas, Shifu (a title for master) Long, Princess Cello of Gemran, Rex, the secret prince, Kenji,

    The black-cloaked swordsman

    , etc.

  • Inserting more characters to balance out the game.
  • The game would hypothetically feature the Rose Merchants' merchandising businesses like: Sheena's Cusina (a mess hall), Andy's Smithy and Mechanics (blacksmith), Anika's Pharmacy and Shop (item and staff shop), Gyms (this is where you pit your playable units against your other playable units or challengers, unlocked after a paralogue which features it) etc.
  • A blacksmith character in some paralogues where Andy Narra is not available, like Guerrero in Cello's Paralogue.
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From now on, elements which are not part of the main story shall be posted here.

I haven't conceptualized the classes in Juiyo yet. I want to add Chinese and Korean inspired classes.

Now for the mercenaries:

Akagi - A mercenary leader. A village volunteer. Has serious anger issues. (His stats are meant to be balanced all around)

Base Class: Mercenary -> Hero*

Secondary: Ninja

Skill: Wrath

Baku - A member of Akagi's mercenaries. The teams brains. Has explosive power

Base Class: An axe weilding foot soldier -> An axe-tome magic knight* (suggestions please)

Skill: Similar to Saizo

Hayate - A member of Akagi's mercenaries. The groups clown and the fastest

Base Class: Mage -> Mage Fighter*

Secondary: Myrmidon

*mercenaries may join promoted when recruited later in game. Unit's Luck% chance of having "Heart Seal" in their inventory.

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