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I began FE4 Translation,kanji problem

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I changed the font of FE4 ,and i began the translation.

But,the text are show bad.

How fix this?

The Kanji is not listed is the hex editor.

View my attach png files.


I fixed the problem.View File 3.png




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you're gonna need to modify the width table if you want to make the text look nicer, it's located at $119B71, and it goes in order from the first text block (control code 09: 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, etc) all the way to the end

each byte in the table lines up with the font, and for each one you put in an amount equal to the number of pixels in width that each letter has (but add 02 so that they space properly)

additionally, in my FE4 resource topic, consult twilkitri's fe4hackdocs, in the scripting folder, the controlcodes.txt will help you find and code dialogue properly

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I am currently translating the intro of the prologue.

View Uno.png in attach files.

Its OK

Now see,dos.png.


How delete that word?.

I use as a base to translate the rom in English

View Tres.png.

The word does not appear!!





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