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Team that can Counter Ninjas?

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Every time I think I know just about everything, another anomaly appears in 5 vs 5 wifi battles.

I was doing extremely well and had only lost once in the past month and a half. Then along comes a team full of Midori's.... All of them ninjas with maxed out speed and skill.
Actually, 4 Midori's and 1 Shigure with all rally skills. The maxed out speed + the rallies were only able to, at best, match my own speed. Here was my team:

-Avatar, Nohr noble. Supporting Hinoka as a swordmaster with a maxed hagakure blade.

-Setsuna as a ninja, supporting Midori as a ninja.

-Xander as a paladin with 57 defense.

  • Hinoka had an avoid of 137, plus "shuriken breaker". That gave her 187 avoid in total against the midoris.
  • Hinokas Hit was 213.

Hinoka, supported by MU, gets ready to obliterate one of the midoris who was finally in range. I go to preview my attack, and discover that Hinoka only has a 37% hit rate against midori. The opposing midori does not have swordbreaker.

And if this isnt swell enough already, I discover that the opposing midori has a full 100% hit rate against hinoka!!!

My own Midori and Setsuna were able to match the opposing team on the battlefield.
Xander had like, a 15% Hit rate against them. His defense was very good, but it didnt do any good against midoris Lethality.

Heres my question:
-I understand that shuriken beats swords in the weapon triangle. Does this really add THAT much to their Hit and Avo in battles????
-What build would you suggest to be able to counter one of these teams?

-Would equipping Hinoka with a maxed Dual Katana completely obliterate ninjas?

Im thinking of swapping out Xander for kinshi knight takumi with a surefire yumi. Triangle advantage + Movement/attack range. Thoughts?

Keep in mind that this was not a castle battle. They didnt have Avo or Hit bonuses from buildings.

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I don't have much experience with PvP but here goes nothing:

- From what you've told it really seems like it was all the weapon's triangle factoring in; did you check the opposing Midori's hit/dodge rates? I'm as lost as you are, to be honest.

- The only thing I can think of is to increase your own army's offensive pressure as bulkier builts are insta-lose against All-out-attackers. Perhaps try something with Replicate+Galeforce+Shurikenbreaker and high mobility to take the ninjas out? As I said, haven't really tried PvP yet so sorry if this wasn't of much help.

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Thanks for all of your replies! Yes I have max speed, skill, and defense statues on the revelation route. Im wondering if I should switch defense with strength. Also, very good points were made. Certain blow will def help. Their hit/avo rates were truly nothing special when compared to mine. 180 hit and about 170 avo compared to my 200 of both. Im currently utilizing takumi with a surefire yumi, shurikenbreaker, and certain blow among some offensive skills.

I wonder what benefits you get from having weapon advantage, like exactly how much hit/avo you get.

Against ninjas, which class do you think will do better?

-Dragon units with axes
-Kinshi Knights


-Vanguard with an axe?

Once again, thanks for all of your help!

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