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Is Orochi good in Revelation?

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The problem there is the possibility you don't have the Ebon Wings to spare either due to using them on two someone elses for some reason or not having bought all 3 paths on one cart/Royal Royale. That or in Birthright you could just use Rhajat over Hayato and Orochi (hell, make Rhajat Orochi's kid) and in Revelations you have a lot more options for magic users (Elise anyone?), even if yeah one of them has some of the worst availability tied only with the unpromoteds that join alongside him (seriously what was the logic behind that???).

You could say it's a P2W solution, but then again I'm one of those people who bought all 3 paths and Map Pack 1 the same day I bought the actual game as soon as the game would let me, so...

Honestly, though, whatever is available to the player is fair game. If necessary you could just as easily Spd tonic her through her early usefulness -- she's better than Mozu on Lunatic Birthright 8 easily, even without the switch (assuming you didn't just grind them both, in which case who cares). The thing about both of those paths is that you have the grinding option, so unless you're explicitly going for no-grind, which units you pick doesn't really matter.

Point being, not every unit needs to be endgame worthy, they just need to serve some purpose at some point.

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