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My first ever forum...

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Hello there! I'm Nohrian Exalt, an avid Fire Emblem fan... Very recently. I only got Sacred Stones and Awakening in November 2015! I got hooked on Awakening, and ended up purchasing all three versions of Fates (although I haven't had time to play Revelations).

Ah well, I guess I'll use that copy paste intro thing I found!

Online name: I go by Nohrian_Exalt here, and Nohrian.Exalt on Instagram. Feel free to follow!

Real name: Matt.

DoB: I won't say the date, but I'm 15.

Favourite FE Game: Awakening for nostalgia, Conquest for... Actually being amazing.

Favourite Game (other than FE): I'm a Smash Wii U player (I play Corrin, Villager, and Mewtwo), and Earthbound, Super Mario Galaxy, and Mega Man X are some other favorites.

Favourite FE Character: Sumia from Awakening.

Least Favourite game: In the FE series? I'm not sure. In general? Metroid: Other M.

Sports: ...Does Smash count as an esport?

Online friends: most of them are just on IG.

Favourite music: Anything. And yes, I do listen to FE music sometimes.

Favourite artist/band: I don't really know.

Favourite song: uuuuuuhhhh.

Country: USA, in southern Massachusetts.

MSN/Yahoo/AIM: Does anyone even use AIM anymore?

Hobbies: Playing the Pokemon TCG, drawing, cleaning, watching Game Grumps.

Good Point: Huh?

Bad Point: What?

Anything else?: Nah.


Now if you need me, I'll be browsing. Adios!

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Welcome to the Forest, Nohrian Exalt!

Sports: ...Does Smash count as an esport?

Palsambleu! Of course it counts as one!

Have a nice day and enjoy your stay!

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