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Final pairings for main Revelations file

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So after about a LONG time, I have finally come up with my pairings for my main Revelations file (not including second gen)


Avatar x Kaden

Azura x Keaton

Jakob x Mozu

Kzae x Camilla

Silas x Selena


Ryoma x Hana

Takumi x Oboro

Subaki x Hinoka

Hayoto x Sakura

Saizo x Kagero

Azama x Setsuna

Hinata x Rinkah


Xander x Charlotte

Leo x Nyx

Odin x Elise

Arthur x Felicia

Benny x Effie

Niles x Beruka

Laslow x Peri

Yes, I realize that a good amount of these pairings are not optimal by any means (*cough* Arthur x Felica *cough) but I pair more for story than gameplay

I'll probably do a run with optimal pairings eventually though.

Thoughts or suggestions?

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As nice as Kaze/Camilla is, I'd definitely try out the reverse with Beruka/Niles. Kaze/Beruka have an adorable support, definitely a fave for her. Natural progression and all that. I'd understand if you didn't want Camilla/Niles though. I personally enjoy it, but it's quirky and definitely not for everyone.

Just one suggestion. Also, you may want to check out Orochi or Effie for Azama? I found them a lot cuter than his with Setsuna, personally.

Otherwise, pretty solid story pairs for the most part. We share quite a few ships.

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I've seen Beruka/Kaze and Camilla/Niles

I agree that Kaze and Beruka is really cute

I'm doing Beruka/Niles because they have pretty intersting supports and an amazing S-support

Also, most of Beruka's dialouge in her supports Nina is completely different

Camilla/Niles is pretty good too and the A-support is amazing development for Camilla, but I feel like the romance is kinda sudden (though most are in this game) and I wish there was a support before the S

I kinda prefer Kaze and Camilla just slightly though

I really love Azama x Effie, but I'm trying to avoid Revelations exclusive pairings so I can do these pairings in Conquest and Birthroght runs

I totally plan to do that pairing eventually

I'd do Orochi, but I like Setsuna as a unit and she has an awesome voice in my opinion, so I wanted to pair her with someone

I like her supports with Azama the most, so I decided to do that

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Cool, yeah I can respect all that. :) Hm, I'll definitely have to check out Beruka and Nina's supports now. There hadn't been much variation in the ones I've looked into so far, aside from a few lines here and there. Sounds interesting.

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