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FE: Fates Damage Calculator

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Alright, 1st thread coming in hot n slimy. I have programmed a really REALLY rudimentary damage calculator for Fire Emblem: Fates. It's currently in Alpha, and hardly so. It only works on chrome. You can use it here: http://bit.ly/24iK1gL

Jsjsjsjs It's not a rom, but a resource.

I know you may have the question: "Well it's slick but what's it good for?" So I compiled a list of uses.

a. Predict one of your units survival

b. Check to make sure you can kill the boss before potentially sacrificing a unit to do so.

c. Win debates by using an unreliable (it works but may be null in debates lol) calculator.

Any concerns? Lemme know. Any questions? Lemme know. Any suggestions? Lemme know. You like the calc? Yay lemme know.

I hope you enjoy!

Edit: Fixed a bug that said you dealt NaN damage

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