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Bond Unit runthrough - the play log

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Hello everyone of Serenes Forest! After completing Fates in it's entirety, I decided to do a run through of Fates with a twist: Bond units only.


Before we get into the meat of things, a few things to note. I started this on Reddit, were I posted by rules I would be using for this run. Here are the rules:

  • Lunatic Mode.

  • I would use a Corrin chosen in the style of a PMU: first poster would get to create the Corrin.

    • The First poster would choose the route.

  • I would also use Anna’s Gift, a free DLC that gives the player either a Sighting Lens or a Witches Mark.

  • All units are free until the accessory shop is built and on the chapter they are recruited in.

This does mean that I will use Battle/Visit gifts, and will use Shimishes and DLC to grind Bond Units, as Bond Units are born at level 1.

I would like to thank Reddit User Mr. Duddles for the creation of this run’s Corrin: Cordigoth (+Luck/-Resistance), Male, tale, and with messy Pink Hair. In addition Mr. Duddles also chose Anna’s Gift: The Witch’s Mark.

I would also like to thank Reddit User /u/NautilusMain for choosing the route, as Duddles deferred to him. He choose Birthright.

Now lets get to the good part: the run itself.

Prologue: Ties That Bind

Our story begins in a perfectly peaceful war tron and bloody battlefield filled with death and destruction.

How quaint.

Anywho, as this is the prologue chapter, there is nothing much to note as the game tells me things I already know. Cordigoth the Mighty Pink One goes to town and makes all the people fall down.

Turn Count: 2

Total: 2

Chapter 1: Nohr

Our families start fighting because what else would you expect them to do? Thankfully it was all just a dream. We have important things to do, like train with the mighty Xander!

Yea its a pretty easy chapter due to still being in tutorial mode. Nothing much to say besides stick a fork in it we're done

Turn count: 5

Total: 7

Chapter 2: Gift of Ganglari

We pay a visit to Evil Adopted Dad in Castle Doombad and learn that the EVIL HOSHIDAN SCUM must die horrible deaths because.

Also lets overact because why not.

I first have Cordigoth and Felicia take the right with Gunter on the right, and then just flip flop their positions until victory.

Turn count: 7

Total: 14

Chapter 3: Journey Begins

After failing to kill the Hoshidans due to this strange thing called Mercy, Cordigoth, plucky maid, aging meatshield, and the totally not evil Hans the Evil-Berserker-That-Always-Appears-At-Some-Point-In-A-Fire-Emblem-Game head to the Bottomless Canyon, which I hear has no bottom.

After doing nefarious things, Hans starts the fight, and off we go. Using a quick pair up Cordigoth and Felecia swoop in and take out the two samurai on the bridge. After taking one look at the very fortified position on the other side of the bridge, we decide to make our own using Dragon Veins. We use the first one to make the bridge and sneak behind the fort that way.

However..that attracts the attention of the bridge guards. We decided that retreat is the better part of valor and run back from wince we came.

After making the second bridge, Gunter shelters Cordigoth and acts as bait. Then, we switch and let Cordigoth do the work while Felecia takes a quick run away before running to the nearby fort and letting Gunter meatshield there.

As Felecia runs, she stays in range of an Archer and finishes him off.

After taking care of the remaining troops, its turn 11 and we are wounded. We finish the last Archer off, his squad now dead, and we heal up and charge in, Cordigoth taking the charge to the boss Ozomu. On Enemy Phase, Cordigoth takes down the boss and the two remaining archers swooping in to take pot shots at Cordigoth.

And then the three Sky Knight reinforcements arrive.

Well, no time like the present. Cordigoth gets in one last kill before Felecia seizes the fort for the win.

Turn Count: 15

Total: 29

Also surprise Saizo and stuff.

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Best of luck to your run! I wonder what bond units you'd come up with.

Wonder if you'd have better luck than I did with getting a Fiery Blood bond unit.

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Chapter 4: Hoshido

After being rescued from the *cough* bottomless canyon, we meet up Rinkah and Kaze again, and they take us to Castle Impossibly Big. There we meet Ryoma, High lobster prince of Hoshido, and Mikoto it's queen.

In a shocking and unforeseen twist, Cordigoth is actually Hoshidan, not Nohr.

And then we go save our two sisters from the Faceless. Kaze teams up with Cordigoth while Rinkah gets a Goddess Icon from the village. We then go to the mountain next to that and melt it down, with the plan being to give Cordigoth as much XP as possible since after the accessory shop everyone else is kinda useless anyway. Its probably a bad idea in the first place but eh, Cordigoth is our best unit so feed the strong.

At least thats the plan, but Ryoma has the strange habit of STEALING THE FIRST KILL.

We break off from Lord Lobster and go north, taking a few lumps for the greater good..

But then Cordigoth MISSES his followup on a 90% hit chance and well....Kaze bites it.

Usually at this point, I would reset. But I'm pretty sure Kaze will come back, so I forge ahead, giving Rinkah the kill.

At this time I realize that the Faceless are carrying Seal Strength and the like, so now we go into careful mode as Kaze was carrying the only Vulranary. Also Ryoma continues to stalk us, and I just go with it. He could help. Our only two remaining troops take it slow, and decide to let Ryoma and the sisters to handle the treats until we get to Sakura for healing. My plan to get some extra XP has seemed to be failing.

We approach Hinoka and Sakura with three faceless, one close to Hinoka, another on the mountain ready to pounce Sakura, and the third thunderstruck by Ryoma. However I forgot to math, and well...mistakes were made,


Learning from my errors, Cordigoth immediately gets the Vulnirary. Ryoma still stalks us - making up for lost time I guess - and we try to get some kills before Ryoma kill steals it.

That does not happen. Though Ryoma does miss once on 90% so I feel a little better. An error in judgment causes Cordigoth to get Rinkah instead of Kaze, and the two take on two of the northern Faceless with Ryoma closing in. Kaze gets a kill while Cordigoth wounds the other, and Kaze killing it on counter.

We melt the northern mountain, getting closer to the sisters as the Faceless close in, the boss and this three flunkies staring down on us from on high. Kaze and Cordigoth down the last two drops of Vulnarary, just in case, and as the Faceless close in on the sisters. Kaze takes RIKNAHS PLACE, Ready to wreck face. Then the faceless...attack Ryoma, at least those close enough to do so.

Ryoma, I love you really but come on, let your little bro get that delicious nutritious XPs so I can grow big and strong like my big brother.

Ah well. Cordigoth takes the chance to use the goddess Icon. THEN ONCE faceless dares to strike Sakura. Ryoma's big bro instincts kick in, and the last of the assaulting Faceless die.

Now how to handle the four Faceless sitting on the mountain. How indeed.

Talking to Hinoka gets us a Concoction, yay us, and I would love to talk to Sakura only Ryoma is standing in the middle. Protective mode still on i guess. We melt that mountain and go talk to her. For fun.

Now back to the problem at hand. We put Rinkah on Cordigoth and try to lure one of the Faceless to Kaze. Naturally they don't take the bait and go for Cordigoth. Thankfully they seem to miss.

Ryoma doesn't seem to understand that the strongest enemies are now free and just stands there. Kaze goes in to take out one of them but guess what? Cordigoth misses on a 90 again.

Cordi...why u no hit? we take out that enemy with Cordigoth, building up a full Dual Guard and hope for the best.

The Boss takes its best shot, and the second comes in. He...hits on 64 and we are not in a good spot. The last one also has 64 and ....

Shoryukened to death. Crossing that one off the bucket list.

Take 3.

Mistakes learned from again, and putting the meds and booster back on Cordigoth, we got for it again. This time, I just want to clear the chapter, Ryoma kill stealing now the plan. We melt the first mountain, Cordigoth misses on a 92 (again). This time not difference happens, though we play it safe.

When we make it round the mountain five Faceless hunt down the girls and once aims for us, soon killed by Ryoma . Same as before, we try to lure as many faceless away from the girls.

Two of them try to gang up on the Cordigoth/Kaze power team, one killed by Ryoma as Hinoka handles the rest. Switching to Kaze to finish the charge for Dual Guard and Rinkah to finish off the Faceless in question., the one Faceless that always goes for Sakura makes it to her.

We melt that mountain, hoping to get there i time.

We do not.

At least its not me this time. Hopefully there wast a reward for getting to both in time..

Cordigoth sits on the last Dragon Vein healing up. Then triggers it with only 6 charges of the m10 charge meter full. He then procs the vein, and hopes for the best.

The best is getting jumped on by enough Faceless to actually kill me...if it wasn't for a Miraculous Save by Kaze.


Getting the Concoction from Hinoka and drinking it , we prepare for the worst. One of the faceless make it to us, but we are able to charge dual guard. the rest do not follow. Rinkah goes into bait mode while Cordigoth downs the last of the Concoction.

Rinkah and Cordigoth then proceed to take on two of the Faceless and take them down. Rinkah running and healing.

Thankfully Cordigoth is able to DODGE and kills it (it was the boss btw) and hits level 7. Rinkah goes back to bait the last Faceless and well, chapter closed. Finally.

Seriously Ryoma you can see that your long lost little brother and his two friends need that broken ass thunder sword and you just sit by your sisters and do nothing!?

Turn Count: 16

Total: 45

We have a teary reunion with the sisters, and Cordigoth is told how much Nohr sucks. I'm with them on this one: using Faceless - which are kinda like zombies - is never good.

EVER. There is a thing called the Evil Overlord List guys, read it! It is there for a reason!

After returning home, Cordigoth goes on a walk and finds our local mysterious blue haired lady (no, she is not Marth.)

Now I regret saying that Azura is free before this started. Anywho the two have a chat about how one was raised In Nohr while being Hoshidan while the other was raised in Hoshido while being born Nohr.


Moving on to the finale of the prologue...

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Best of luck to your run! I wonder what bond units you'd come up with.

Wonder if you'd have better luck than I did with getting a Fiery Blood bond unit.

First Bond Unit actually, but don't say that yet: We're not at that part in the log.


Chapter 5: Mother

Its a beautiful day! The sun is shining, the Hoshidans are having a blast showing Cordigoth around, giving him the full treatment and getting him to eat tasty japan food, and a mysterious hooded invisible man steals Cordigoth's sword and blows it up, killing Mikoto and hundreds of NPCS!

War is hell people.

Naturally this is capable of making anyone pissed off, and Cordigoth unleashes his rage and unveils his true power. Once they called him Prince of Nohr, the little prince, but now on the eve of disaster he takes a new name: Dovahkin, Dragon Lord.

Fus Roh DAH!

Is it just me or is Cordigoth's Dragon transformation in this cutscene kinda like any transformation In Dragon Ball Z Anywho Sakura joins us on this one, so now he have heals.

I miscalculate and Thanks to the evils of magic Rinkah bites it quickly....why do i do this kind of thing? Ryoma on the other hand and ??? go at it, while Cordigoth handles the left side. We beat a quick retreat to Cordigoth to try and regroup.

With a timely dodge from Kaze he is able to shuriken the merc with Wyrmslayer and the mage. Cordigoth finishes the job with a sing boost from Azura.

Meanwhile the duel between Ryoma and??? takes a turn for the worst when ??? lands a hit on enemy phase. we kick up our pace and use Kaze to bait out mages. ??? takes down Ryoma but not before Ryoma gets a pot shot in via Vantage. Now only four remain.

Two mages come in and beat up on Kaze, who has the best Resistance, but even that is not enough. He is taken down, and retreats.

My planning is horrid for some reason today.

also four more mages because why the hell not!?

Azura dies next, and Sakura follows next. I decide that the battle is lost and just restarts./

*TAKE 2*

Cordigoth still goes to the left side and takes down a merc while the others ready themselves for the merc and mage. However that seems to be a poor decision as Cordigoth cannot reach the merc and mage in the same turn with song due to bad positioning. the last merc attacks AZURA, but she misses, and that makes me happy.

At this point its seems to me to be that the plan is to just have Cordigoth roflstomp everyone.

Hats a good plan. So we do that. We get an HP Tonic with plans to use it on Cordigoth.

Ryoma duel with ??? takes a turn for the worst, as ??? takes him down on ally phase, but thankfully he only has 13 HP left. Getting to him is the hard part, with four mages on the way soon.

We get Kaze and His partner Rinkah into position to start hitting things with shurikens, and he is left at 1 hp with a full dual guard.

The mages that reinforce show up, and Kaze takes down a mage and Cordigoth takes down another. Azura then uses "Sing and Cordigoth then takes down the third. That leaves the double Merc Team. PREDUICABLY they go for Kaze but he's got a full change and hes saved.

Cordigoth takes down one of the mercs, and Kaze takes shots at the other. He gets sung at by Azura and finishes the job with a full Dual Guard to boot. HE GETS gets attacked by one of the reinforcements while Cordigoth gets hit by the other. Thankfully its just a matter of sicing Cordigoth on two of the remaining Mages and having Kaze/Rinkah take out the third, leaving one left.

Oh and Kaze is at level 5 now.

The last mage rushes to her death, and we being to set up for the assault on ???. Cordigoth is the only one who stands a chance, so in he goes.

Fitting that Cordigoth lands a crit in my opinion.

The battle is once, but the damage is done.

Turn Count:10

Total: 55

Calmed down by the best song in the game and almost killing Azura by our own hand, Cordigoth is returned to human form. Now with his own dragonstone he can turn into a dragon, and that totally beats riding one in my opinion.

THOUGH THERE IS NO TIME TO GRIEVE. Yato, the mighty legendary weapon of plot advancement, chooses Cordigoth to be its master, and word soon comes to us that Nohr's welcoming committee is at our doorstep, ready to say hi in their trademark violent style.

And thus, fate itself begins to form, three paths that lay beyond virgin eyes. Only one has the power to choose the true path, the path that they will not walk alone in.

For whatever path is chosen, know that the world will walk with them.

Chapter 6: The Path is Yours.

Three paths stand before you.

One with a song of birthrights and love.

One with a song of conquest and fate.

One with a song of madness and rage.

Staring down the precipice of fate, family on both sides, Cordigoth stands to Xander and Ryoma, Yato in hand and a decision in his heart...

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Chapter 6: In the White Light

And asks Xander to withdraw his troops.

It goes about as well as you would think.

Run1 ends badly on turn 1 as Xander goes for Cordigoth, as I tried to get some extra XP by personally taking out Leo.

Run 2 goes better. We clear out the enemies and Leo, but Takumi gets double teamed by a cavalier and Xander. Camilla heads for Cordigoth, and with some help from Hinoka, Kaze, and Azura song he takes down Camilla.

We can't let the fight go on for long, so we finish of Xander with Ryoma and end the chapter.

Turn Count: 2

Total: 57

Chapter 7 : A Vow Upheld.

We head out to our next stop: Fort Jinya. There Sakura is healing the wounded, and it's pretty bad. Hopefully things don't get any worse.

Naturally things get worse as Nohrians say hi, lead by Silas.

We start by using Cordigoth with Rinkah as his stat boosting backpack to take out the closest Knight while Kaze snags the Seraph Robe. Troops close in, so Cordigoth switches to his Dragonstone, strikes a fighter, gets a song, and takes out the fighter in the next attack while blocking the path, switching back to the Yato for that extra damage. Sakura uses the Dragon Vein to turn on the heal zone for extra tanking.

An Archer takes a pot shot, but it's not that big of a deal. Cordigoth continues to stand guard, hitting level 10 and getting Dragon Fang! This is going to help out a lot!

As we tank, we get ready for the swarm that approaches. At the first choke point where we are now, there is an Archer that cannot move with two Lancers and a Knight behind them and an archer to our left. Several more Knights and Lancers are moving in soon, so it's go time. Kaze swoops in and takes out the immovable archer, and Cordigoth leaves the safety of the heal tile to Dragonstone tank. He misses on a 89, but with the defense boost he's fine. Kaze moves in behind Cordigoth and takes out the last archer with a crit, and we continue to gain momentum. Felecia gets in on the dagger game, helping out with debuffs.

Kaze takes out one of the lancers while Cordigoth harasses the Knight. Then getting a song from Azura Kaze swoops in and takes out the last Lancer. We go to enemy phase, and our position couldn't have been made at a better time: The horde of two each of Knights, Lancers, and Fighters are in range of us, and they swoop in. Their attacks are mere potshots really, taking out the wounded Knight and getting a Fighter into kill range.

We decided to just sit tight and let the inevitable happen. The enemy dog piles Cordigoth, surrounding him, but with the Dragonstone and Rinkah providing a rather nice Defense bonus there is not much they can do to Cordigoth.

However, it's turn 7, and a Locktouch Outlaw arrives, intending to steal everything left! We use Kaze and Cordigoth to clean up, taking out the last two Knights and a Lancer. With Sakura's ranged healing rod we are really set. The last Lancer and Fighter get hurt trying to kill us, and we get ready to get past the second Pair UP wall. Subaki with Hana backpack take out the Lancer while Kaze takes down the Fighter. With a song Kaze takes the the Fighter down to about half and Cordigoth finishes the job. Then on enemy phase the Outlaw shoots at it's only legal target: Kaze

It is a foolish decision and he pays for it with his life.

The Locktoucher is getting farther away. Cordigoth with Dragonstone ready lures the four nearest targets: A Knight, two Outlaws and a Fighter, and it goes very well. Everything is set up for our assault: the plan is for Subaki swooping in, and with Cordigoth takes out a Outlaw. Hana then goes next and takes out the Fighter. Kaze then follows up with killing the Knight and Cordigoth finishes the last Outlaw. After that Kaze gets a song and then rushes to the Locktoucher who just so happens to be near a wall and thus in range for death by shuriken and kills him.

Everything immediately goes straight to hell because Cordigoth missed on a 95.

I'm gonna take a moment and jump on my soapbox of mine. Cordigoth, why are you so horrible at this? Why? WHYYYY? I think you have misses on a 90 or greater chance more times than my entire army has in my last run (Revelation Hard btw), and we're only on chapter 7 with you!

Okay, I'm good. I'm calm. Back to recounting my tale. Our backup is similar to our plan 1: Kaze goes next and kills the Knight while Cordigoth takes out an Outlaw. After that, Felecia runs in, and teams up with Cordigoth to take out the one that Subaki and him fluffed. Hana then takes out the Fighter as per the original plan. and then Azura sings to Kaze to kill the Locktouch Outlaw...but math rears it ugly head: I hadn't bothered to check if Kaze was strong enough to kill the Outlaw. Said outlaw would only be with 2 hp if we go with it, and Kaze would be in range of another Outlaw.

We go for it.

Kaze misses one of his two hits. The Outlaw makes it to the chest and gets the Armorslayer within while the other outlaw gets hit by Kaze. To make things worse, Silas and his three Cavilers start to move in. We use Subaki to take out the Outlaw, heal up Kaze and have Kaze team up with Subaki. Then race in and switch to Kaze, despite sitting next to a Knight. We hope for the best.

The Knight attacks and hits, and the Outlaw will probably finish the job. In the meantime Silas arrives and forces Cordigoth to use his just now charged Dual Guard. Another Cavalier moves in to harass, and a third attacks Sakura, only to miss. The fourth Cavalier takes his buddies place and Cordigoth is down to 11 HP.

Now the important part. The Outlaw...kills Kaze.

Now, normally it'd be eh for me, but he was carrying the Seraph Robe, and I kinda need that. So I chalk it up as a loss and start over


We learn from out mistakes, and rectify it. We give the HP tonic we got from chapter 5 and give it to Kaze as he will need it. It goes similar, only we position Kaze (paired up with Felecia) in a way to lure that Outlaw to wound him as we get the Seraph Robe It works, taking the Outlaw down to 6 HP. Cordigoth however is using the Yato and that...is probably not good for defense as he is down to 3 HP though he has a full Dual Guard (paired with Rinkah again). Thankfully Sakura gets to him in time and can heal him as he takes out the Fighter. The Fighter/Outlaw teams forces the Dual Guard use though. Shame.

At this time, Kaze finishes off the outlaw, brought down to 9 HP. So that's done.

Cordigoth continues to tank, killing the DG Fighter and leaving behind an Outlaw while hitting level 10. Kaze and his backpack harass a Lancer while Azura uses the Dragon Vein to get the heal zone up

Outlaw hits Kaze but that was the plan, getting him weaker and weaker. However the enemy gets smart and moves to let the last one in to kill Kaze.

Thank god for Dual Guard. And double thank god for CRITS!.

Kaze and Cordigoth continue to wreck face and get ready for the horde, clearing out the first wave to prepare for the second. Sakura takes Subaki, and Kaze goes in to finish off a Lancer. This lets the Knight in to get hit and get us ready to kill him on our turn.

It is now turn 5. The Horde is approaching, and we get ready to do something a little risk. We take out the Knight with Kaze, use a song to get him to kill the lancer with help from Cordigoth (and the Lancer misses). Then Cordigoth goes in to meet the horde head on, attacking the closes Fighter. Thankfully Felecia comes to save the day and the servant and dragon kill it, with Felecia and Kaze both out of range and safe.

The second pair up wall switches to Outlaw, and with that attack charges up Cordigoths Dual Guard. I find that funny. The Knights come in next and get softened up. On our turn, Felecia and Cordigoth take out a Knight. Kaze and his backpack finish off the other knight, and Cordigoth runs up to a Lancer and beats on him, killing him once Azura sings, Dual Guard at the ready.

Subaki hides behind Felecia, who is targeted. Shame really. Thankfully nothing happens that wrecks us up.

Its now turn 7 and that Outlaw shows up. We need to kick it up and kill the fighter, DG Outlaw, and Lancer, leaving the DG Fighter. On our turn, we let Subaki get the kill and send in two pair up teams: Kaze/Rinkah and Cordigoth/Hana. It does the job perfectly: Attention is gathered and the enemies get closer. We then finish them off and get ready for the Locktouch Outlaw to get into position.

Once he does, Kaze takes him down real easy, and we move in to go grab that chest. Of the two Knights in that room, the one that can move comes closer, but it's a bad omen as Silas and his team decide now is a good time to get to know us better.

Using Kaze to take down the knight and both Kaze and Cordigoth to finish off the second, we get ready to hole up on that room, Dragon Vein now freed from the Knight. We trigger it, snag the treasure, and get ready to face the last four enemies.

One Cavalier comes in, and gets hit by the mighty dragon Cordigoth as the others prepare for their assault. One ranger bites it as Cordigoth attained Dragonstone rank C, and roadblocks the Cavaliers. Slowly but surely the attacks are thrown at Cordigoth, only surviving thanks to the Dragonstone. When it's our turn Kaze attacks Silas. Then, to finish it off, Cordigoth runs in, swinging the mighty Yato and claiming victory!

Silas then turns coat and joins the army. Shame he's gonna get benched soon.

Turn Count: 14

Total: 71

Also apparently my favorite food is surf and turn. Swore it was spicy coleslaw.

Yet more bad new happens: Saizo and Orochi come by, and tell us that the bad things are happening. Ryoma and Takumi have for strange and mysteriously mysterious reasons gone missing. So that only means one thing.



Before we go on our road trip, we gain the ability to build the Rod Shop and decide to go shopping, getting a better shuriken for Saizo and getting the only Heart Seal available to us at this moment. I remember there being an awful lot of Knights in the next chapter (which I remember incorrectly, that's Chapter 9), so as much as I want to get Cordigoth a dragon to ride, we sit on it due to no hammer yet. We do however buy some tonics, because on Lunatic mode we can and will use every stat boost we can.

We also get some rewards for Visits and Battles (rules didn't say I couldn't!) and we get the 100 and 120 rewards for Battles and Visits. We give the three we have – Seraph Robe, Energy Drop, and Dracoshield to Cordigoth to make him sturdier.

Chapter 8: Fierce Winds

We start to head to Ryoma and Takumi's last known location: Izumo the local Switzerland stand in. Along the way, we climb the Eternal Stairway, right next to the stairs leading to Infinity (bonus points to anyone who gets that reference). However 'faceless' attack us, actually innocents made to look like Faceless thanks to that arse Iago's magic, and then that leads us to the next fight, which is the infamous once-a-game tradition: The desert level.

Thank god for dragon veins.

Our game plan is thus: Wreck face and go to the left, for on the left is Hinoka and her two retainers: Setsuna, who I swear is stoned about fifty percent of the time, and Azama, who is a troll worthy of 4chan. We get Sakura to trigger the first Dragon Vein, turning all the nearby sand into plains for ease of transport. We sic our forces on the two samurai smucks nearby, rendering their threat moot. Rinkah goes after the DG pair of Oni Savage and Diviner and Felecia joins her to harass.

Thankfully Hinoka and company get closer to Cordigoth, and he is able to talk to her and get them on our side, and Cordigoth charges ahead with a boost from Hinoka.

Thankfully once of the rewards was a Nohrian Blade, and the Defense boost is helpful. Kaze pairs up with Setsuna to take on a lone Oni savage while the others go take on an approaching archer near the DG team. They are easily dispatched, and we can rest easy as a horde comes for Cordigoth.

The enemy however sends a magic user to harass Cordigoth, but it's no problem. We slowly take out the enemy one by one using key pair ups and the power of ninjas.

Seriously ninjas rock. Anyone who says otherwise knows not what they speak.

In any case Cordigoth proves to be as accurate as a blind man, missing a key double attack on 74, and we need to use our backup plan: Trigger the center Dragon Vein early. It doesn't bode well though, and we seem to be in panic mode. We then get Cordigoth to use the Yato instead of the Dual Katana (the reason why me missed: We attacked an archer, bows are Green Weapons and thus the Dual Katana is weak to it) and we hope for the best.

However, the second Dual Guard enemy had no move...until we used the Dragon Vein. Silly us. Thankfully, we come out smelling like roses. We give Kaze to Azama to speed past the sand and take out the nearby healer, and start to clean up.

It however seems to me that Hana is as bad as dodging as Cordigoth is as at hitting. She has Duelist's Blow, a skill that gives her +30 Avoid when she attacks, but those Axe users keep hitting on their now 30ish hit chance.

Just food for thought.

We start attacking the last DQ enemy, though a healer heals, but it's not that big of a deal. As we attack that pair Kaze moves in to lure the last two Diviners into attacking the magic proof ninja. They take the bait, along with a Samurai, and all but the Samurai die. He follows suit quickly and then the DQ Archer, and all that remains is Fuga.

He bears Seal Strength, Vantage, and Duelist's Blow, so he's gonna try and tank us. However, Kaze wear him down at a distance, hitting level 10 at the end of his attack, get's Poison Strike and thus free damage. Cordigoth then goes in for the kill and takes him down.


Turn Count: 10

Total: 81


Having bested chapter 8, we now get what we have hunted for: the accessory shop! This means that all units save Corrin and Bond Units are now off limits except on the chapter they arrive in.

I would love some hands in this, so if you wish, help a friend out. Code in my Sig, down below.

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Do you still need help with bond units? I'm doing my own Lunatic Conquest Bond unit run and would like to help out as well. If you have trouble finding people just put Bond somewhere in your castle name and you'll get some random a online as well.

Be warned that my Avatar has Def/HP boon bane - did it before I knew how bond unit inheritance works. Troubadour as talent for healers. Also Nobility as inherit skill because I only have the child paralouges for grinding.

My Castle Code 13619-09962-45762-74636

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Do you still need help with bond units? I'm doing my own Lunatic Conquest Bond unit run and would like to help out as well. If you have trouble finding people just put Bond somewhere in your castle name and you'll get some random a online as well.

Be warned that my Avatar has Def/HP boon bane - did it before I knew how bond unit inheritance works. Troubadour as talent for healers. Also Nobility as inherit skill because I only have the child paralouges for grinding.

My Castle Code 13619-09962-45762-74636

I actually forgot I was doing this run. Honestly, i'm gonna shelve it and go for it again maybe another time.

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